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DEAL OR NO DEAL: Prime Time Returns with a Change of Luck!

Posted on July 09 2008 by Set News

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DEAL OR NO DEAL: Prime Time Returns with a Change of Luck!

Spoiler Alert! This just in from the set of DEAL’.

Filming just wrapped about an hour ago on their first day back of filming, prime time version of “Deal or No Deal”, now in season four. A Hollywood Junket host reported back that the game finally had it’s first million dollar winner!

Yes, that’s right! It happened during the second half of taping on the first day back from hiatus.

Howie Mandel fake money.

Howie Mandel fake money.

After the contestant opened the million dollar case, confetti fell down, along with fake Howie Mandel $100 bills. All of the DEAL’ models joined them on stage as publicity photos were shot along with an interview of the winner. When Howie asked the contestant, what they are going to do with the money they said one of the things on the list is to buy a second-hand car. Howie reacted in surprise.

Watch our video interview with “Deal or No Deal” model, Marisa Petroro (#18) backstage last season below:


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