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FACE OFF does the “Monster Twist” not the “Monster Mash”

Posted on September 28 2012 by Hollywood Junket

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FACE OFF does the “Monster Twist” not the “Monster Mash”

Season Three
Episode Seven Preview
Monster Twist – Promo Clip


Alana Is Blessed – Bonus Scene from Episode Six
Dishonorable Proportions Morphs – Clip from Episode Six
Talking Shop – Bonus Scene from Episode Six

Monster Twist preview clip – The contestants enter the steampunk world of Bethesda’s hotly.

Alana Is Blessed bonus scene – Alana talks about how blessed she feels in the competition.

Dishonorable Proportions Morphs clip – Watch the contestants models morph from human to characters from ‘Dishonored’ in this montage from the ‘Dishonorable Proportions episode of ‘Face Off.’

Talking Shop bonus scene – While back at the house, Roy, Rod, Tommy, & Derek talk about constructing their characters.


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