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1 VS 100: Premieres on GSN with Dancing Host Carrie Ann Inaba!

Posted on November 15 2010 by Editor

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Attention game show fans, get ready for another revised version of an old time favorite! Tonight GSN will premiere a “new version” of originally NBC’s “1 vs 100” at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT. The show will air Mondays through Fridays at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Carrie Ann Inaba (“Dancing with the Stars” judge) replaces Bob Saget as the host. This will be Inaba’s first official “game show” as a host, although “Dancing with the Stars” is practically a game show with dancing.

How the game, which is seen in 38 countries, is traditionally played according to “wikipedia” is the following: After having the opportunity to select a difficulty level or a category in some versions, a multiple-choice question with three options is revealed (on some versions, such as the U.S. and Australia, the player is given only the question, with no opportunity to select a difficulty and a category). The Mob is given a short amount of time (15 seconds on the US show) to lock in their answer before The One (contestant) is given the opportunity to answer the question.

In the 2006 version of “1 VS 100”, The One played for the top prize of $1 million. In the new version, players can win a maximum prize of $50,000.

Another change, this one rumored, is that The Mob is present on stage via video monitors. Watchers of tonight’s premiere episode will get to see if they like the updated changes GSN has made to the show.


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  1. Rafaela Randles Says:


  2. Sharlene Morgan Says:

    I dont know anything about Dancing with the stars but I do know about 1 vs 100 and this lady (Carrie Ann Inaba) looks like a porno star with her skirts or dresses so short it is an embarassment. I for one will not watch that show anymore. It is really wierd that she would even be allowed to stay there as host of the program. It is really bad!!!!

  3. Sally Says:

    I agree that Carrie Ann’s short, ill-fitting wardrobe is a distraction to the game. She looks miserable in these clothes and is constantly yanking and pulling at them. I don’t see much success with this new version – new host plus the loss of one million down to $50,000. You would think with these savings, they could buy a wardrobe that fits and is appropriate for family viewing.

  4. Cliffy44 Says:

    Sharlene Morgan says: that Carrie Ann Inaba looks like a porno star with her skirts or dresses so short . . .

    Sally says: that Carrie Ann’s short, ill-fitting wardrobe is a distraction to the game.

    To both of you ladies, from a guy’s perspective (and a Neilson family member), I for one am ecstatic to see Carie Ann, in all her desirable quality.

    I would love to be a contestant on that program; as if I went to the $50,000 level, I’d not be upset, in the slightest, because the prize ceiling was reduced.

    $50,000 would be just fine. Even $5,000 would be fine. It’s a game show and just because a few “Jenny Craig Rejects” are jealous of Carrie Ann’s physique, they should remember the old saying that my mother strummed into me, as a kid: “If you cant say something nice about someone, then, don’t say anything at all”.

    And, I bet that both of those women’s Moms told them separately, in the same loving manor: “Put that drumstick down; as you’re starting to look like a house”

    Seeing Carrie Ann in person would be so so exhilarating and exciting, although I’d love to be a winning contestant on the show, IF I were to get an incorrect answer, and lose it all, just having met Carrie Ann would have made the whole experience VERY worthwhile.

  5. Monica Says:

    I hate the new show…they ruined all of it.First of all they don,t have the mob there in person,secondly they drastically dropped the top prize amount,thirdly Carrie Ann’s clothing looks terrible and she does look terribly uncomfortable.And last but not least,I’m really sorry,but Carrie Ann is NOT FUNNY…at all.I used to think Bob Saget was not funny…changed my mind.

  6. Jan May Says:

    I do not like Carrie Ann as the new host. She is not funny and she is not my idea of a game show host. I miss the mob in person. I watched 1 vs 100 quite frequently, but now, I change the station when it comes on.

  7. lori Says:

    carrie ann looks like she has never been behind a camera..she needs to stick with dwts…shes def.not a game show host….

  8. Gene Kraus Says:

    I will not watch the new version of 1 vs 100 as I think Carrie Anne is not a good host and her clothing ismuch too tight and her belly sticks out in front. Looks like the program could buy her some decent clothes. It looks like to me she is trying to act like she is 16. This show is not for me anymore.

  9. joyce Says:

    I will not watch her, she is tacky looking, she looks good on DWTS, she needs to stay behind the desk. Bring Bob back! Sherry is terrible on newlywed, but so was the other one.

  10. Becky Says:

    All i have to say is SPANKS! She looks extremely tacky, unprofessional, and low class.

  11. kymagirl Says:

    Have to agree with the comments regarding Carrie Ann’s inappropriate wardrobe. Can’t stand watching the behind shots of her or the side shots. Really not looking for a large rear end or belly paunch in my game show host – sorry, not being catty, because I too have both of these issues. Get the woman some appropriate clothing that doesn’t look like it would be in danger of splitting if she sits down.

  12. Clem Hopper Says:

    I am a guy who tries to watch 1 vs.100, and I’m sorry but Carrie Ann is certainly unattractive in her plus size booty, belly and short dress. She needs to drop 50 lbs. if she is going to continue this attire.Or finding a new host wouldn’t be so bad. If Carrie Ann is to remain, please change her clothing choice to not exaggerate her weight gain.

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