A Chronicle of Christina Grimmie on THE VOICE Season 6

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A Chronicle of Christina Grimmie on THE VOICE Season 6

It all started with a four-chair turn on “The Voice” season six in 2014. Christina Grimmie was 19-years-old at the time of her Blind Audition on the NBC singing reality competition show. The coaches that season were Shakira, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Usher.

On Friday, June 10, 2015, Grimmie lost her life after being shot during a meet-and-greet after performing as the opening act for “Before You Exit” concert in Orlando, Florida.

‘Voice fans know and love Grimmie as a tremendous talent and loving spirit. Her time on “The Voice” is chronicled below from past Hollywood Junket articles about the show.


A Real Chair-Turner:
Christina Grimmie – Team Adam

Christina is 19 years old. She put her first video up on YouTube at age fifteen. She said she currently has two million subscribers on YouTube.

Button-pushers: Christina got all four coaches to turn their chairs for her (first by Usher and Shakira, then Adam. Finally, Blake). Adam was the first to comment, “I see how engaging and passionate you are. You are more comfortable than I am up there! When you realize that this person can be a big star. No one fights better than me.”

Shakira chimed-in about Adam, “He’s tired. In season four, I might have been hormonal. But I’m focused. Usher’s argument was that she needs “someone who will understand who you are as an artist.” Shakira remarked, “who better to understand you than a woman?” Usher fought back, “I plan on winning this entire thing with you.” Blake had that last word, “This isn’t about me, or about them. This is about you and figuring out what you need to win.”

Christina chose Adam


Christina Grimmie vs. Joshua Howard – TEAM ADAM
“Trouble” by Taylor Swift
Battle Winner: Christina Grimmie

Adam said that he chose Christina because he’s not sure if he’s seen everything that Christina can do.


Star-Struck by Chris Martin
Christina Grimmie vs. Sam Behymer – TEAM ADAM

Adam said he wants Sam and Christina to get better and make his decision really hard. When she saw adviser Chris Martin, Christina got star-struck and told him she liked his song ‘Violet Hill.’

They chose to sing “Counting Stars” by One Republic. “Certain melodies are so good, I don’t think you should mess with them” said Martin. Adam told Christina not to go over the top. Adam said, “The key to Christina winning this has to do with pocket and control.”

Singing “Counting Stars” by One Republic.

Blake said, “Christina she’s so little, she’s like a little ball of fire. Your voice really cuts through. Sam has a lot of finesse and very dramatic vocal approach . It’s a complicated sound, but you mastered it. For that reason, I’d go with Sam. Usher said, “They both were really amazing.”

Usher told Christina, “as a young vocalist, you seem like you’ve been here before. You’re comfortable and that can’t be taught. Sam, I’m looking to the right and you have a movie going on. You’re still in the moment. They were both really amazing.”
Shakira said, “Sam , you have a really unique sound, but you’re still searching. You haven’t really completely found your sound. Christina, you display a little more confidence and more maturity. I don’t know.”

Coach Adam said, “I’m equally proud of both of you guys. The biggest note we discussed is rhythm. It can’t be super impactful if it’s not in the pocket. There’s no way for me to make a right decision. I don’t want to decide. I think I’m going to have to go with something …I’m going to go with a gut decision. The winner of this battle is Christina.”

Battle Winner: Christina Grimmie

After the battle, Adam said, “I have to go with Christina because she is more prime and ready.” He said Sam had some vocal mistakes.


Little Person, Big Voice:
Christina Grimmie

Christina got all four chairs to turn in her Blind Audition and was making YouTube videos before going onto “The Voice”. Blake said she is like a stick of dynamite, but needs to woe.

“I Won’t Give Up” By Jason Mraz’s. I want her to have a set idea of what she’s going to do. Make a plan and stick to it. Said “we haven’t seen her best yet, but I think we will.”

Blake said “How does such a big voice come out of such a little person. What’s cool is it can be as soft and tender as you want it to be or it can be as powerful and pointed as you want it to be.”

Usher said, “You are a ball of fire”, and said there was no flaw. “You are like baby Celine Dion.” This comparison made her very happy. Shakira was in awe – “I didn’t know you could do those falsettos and do them so well. It was delightful. It was great.”

Coach Adam reacted, “This song was an excellent choice. I would have never thought of that (song). Here we are seeing the person we’ve been waiting to see.” He said she is “getting the mastery” of what she does under control.

NEW TEAM ADAM – Kat Perkins, Delvin Choice, Christina Grimmie

Adam stated that they all did so well. “It’s not easy. I feel let-down by no one.” He said his decision is based on who’s furthest along right now. The first person is Christina Grimmie. Delvin Choice is the second person Adam chose for the live shows. Adam said he has to make the best decision for “the team”. His last pick was Kat Perkins. Adam said about his final team, “I have three of the best singers in the competition. Three of the best and they’re all on my team!.”


Cristina Grimmie – TEAM ADAM

In her last performance, Adam said he’s been waiting for Christina to blossom for a while. Finally she’s arrived. She chose to take-on the Katy Perry song called “Dark Horse”. This song paints the picture of how she wants to paint her real life. She said “Dark Horse” combines her love for Pop, electronic and R&B perfectly.

Blake said, “Christina you are one hundred percent proof that dynamite comes in small packages! You’re the artist to beat on Adam’s team.” Shakira said, “I was wondering how you were going to tackle it. It’s a complicated song. I didn’t know you can do the falsettos so well. You nailed it girl.”

Coach Adam said, “I continue to be more and more impressed and surprised what you’re capable of. You’re doing other people’s songs right now. But I might as well been watching the VMA’s – it was so yours. You owned it.” Usher stated, “She completely gave her interpretation so well that people can see how she will be as an artist.”


From Singer To Artist!

Adam told Christina, “It’s time to find a contemporary song that you can claim ownership of it.” Adam introduced her other mentor Graham Nash from legendary folk-rock band “Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.”

The Voice Christina Grimmie, Drake

“Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Drake is the song Adam gave her. “I want her to pick a unique song that no one else would pick and do it in a different way” said Adam. Nash said she’ll be able to convince people that she wrote it herself. “I’m amazed at the range, control and depth of her voice. At twenty years old, that’s insane” said Nash.

Coaches Performance Comments: Blake said to Adam about how good Christina was, “I think you just got even with me for the phone number thing. You did the thing that we all hope we can accomplish as artists. You go from the moment of being a singer to being an artist. It sounded like it was your song and that you created it.”

Usher said, “the acoustic version is always more impressive. The fact that you made it your own is going to make Drake proud, but also earn you a spot on the finals.” Shakira said it was the “best by far. Your personality is starting to cut through and there’s so much of it. You showed us another facade of your artistry.” Adam told her “I’m a fan because a 20-year-old fearlessly doing something up here that she wanted to do. It’s 100 percent her own. This was a moment that gave me the goosebumps. There’s no ceiling of how proud I am of you.”

Watch Christina Grimmie Sings “Hold On, We’re Going Home” below:


Sign Of Success

Christina was sad that her two best friends – Tess Boyer and Bria Kelly went home last week. She said she wanted to top her performance last week, and she scored with her rendition of a Lil Wayne song. Adam said no one has ever heard Lil Wayne sound like that!

Adam told Christina that she had a top iTunes performance last week when she sang Drake song “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” This week, Adam chose “How To Love’ by Lil Wayne for Christina to sing. She was reluctant about doing the song. “There is so much pressure. I want to top last week,” said Christina. Adviser, James said “Christina has an amazing talent of taking a song and making it her own. That’s a sign of success.”

Blake noted her talent “I love to see you get that excited and that emotional. You look and sound like a super-star up there!” Usher secretly want’s Christina to come to his team. “No doubt you have an incredible voice. I’m trying to find out if you really want to be a hip-hop artist. Definitely a great performance,” Usher stated. He also noted that his team was part of that family – Tess Boyer and Bria Kelly. Shakira stated, “Making it your own shows so much artistry. Your voice is insane. Your high register is out of this world.”

Coach Adam was proud, “I don t think anyone’s ever heard Lil Wayne sound like this before. The one thing that you have going for you – there’s no other version of that song. If someone wants that version, they have to download it.”


Injecting Something Different

Adam told Christina, “The thing that people love about you is you go above and beyond to be unique and stand out. You are not taking the safe route here. You’re fearless.” He picked the song “Hide and Seek” for her to sing. Christina said about the song “It’s a huge risk doing this. But it’s going to take America by surprise. The chorus in this song it just punches you in the face”. She said if she’s off in the chorus, it’s going to fall flat. She said this song is the biggest risk that she’s ever taken and hopes that it will pay off.

Coach’s Comments: Usher reacted, “How dare I not recognize what an incredible vocalist you are because you’re here. In the beginning, I was big disconnected. It was a great risk. I wasn’t as connected as much until you started to sing without the volcore.”

Shakira said, “I was a bit hesitant of the volcore at first. I’m rooting for you because you represent all the little people like me that have a lot of power!”
Adam responded, “we’re sick of the things that people do all the time on the show. As an artist myself, I enjoy and like to try to push things with my team. We want to surprise people, we want to impress people, we want people to feel a little uncomfortable. We are injecting something refreshing and different into the show and I stand behind it.”

The Voice Christina Grimmie, Some Nights


Christina pays a tribute to her home town Marlton New Jersey. She said it’s a family-oriented town. When she was ten years old, she got a keyboard which changed her life. Her mom moved to California to support Christina’s dream of singing. She said she heard that her old high school is playing her songs in the hall ways!

During her performance, a large amount of balloons were released onto the stage.

Coach’s Comments: Blake said, “I think you just won ‘The Voice.’ This is the biggest departure in my opinion of anything that you’ve done. I liked the hell out of that.” Usher said “Happy Birthday! That was an amazing moment for you. It’s these make or break moments that defines you as artist. This is an indicator of what one of your concerts might be like.”

Usher also added, “You should continue to do what you are doing. You are so creative and independent as an artist.” Adam said, “Blake’s trying to figure out how to get drunk on those balloons. My focus and our focus…sometimes when you’re on the show, you can lose focus of who you are as an artist.” He told Christina, “Never lose sight. You are bringing people on your journey. You always blow me away. You always impress me.”

Carson Daly said “the coaches have NEVER seen balloons before apparently,” as the camera pans over to them having a balloon fight!


America’s Pick: “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus.

The Voice season 6 Christina Grimmie Wrecking Ball

Coaches Comments: Blake said, “I’m not surprised that America picked that song because it’s an opportunity for you to hit all those big notes.” Usher reminisced, “that song takes me back to the beginning when I was trying to fight to have you on my team… When you’ve been on the bottom, you constantly fight to stay on top.”

Shakira told Christina, her skill is her upper register. She said “it’s insane” and she knocked it out of the park.” Coach Adam said, “I’m so proud of you, you came out today and even though you did the same song I think you did it better, if that’s even possible. I was totally taken away from the competition aspect of it.”


The Voice season 6 final three

(l-r) Josh Kaufman, Christina Grimmie, and Jake Worthington

The winner of season 6 of “The Voice” was Josh Kaufman. Runners-up were Jake Worthington, and Christina Grimmie.


Team Adam’s Christina Grimmie from season six returned to open the show. Grimmie announced that she will be going on tour very soon and has been busy writing. Watch out for some new material soon from her.



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