A Dark Horse Winner on THE VOICE Season 22 Finale Recap

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December 6, 2022
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A Dark Horse Winner on THE VOICE Season 22 Finale Recap

Pictured: (l-r) Bryce Leatherwood, Brodie, Morgan Myles -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The five finalist artists on “The Voice” season 22 Monday night’s performances had the task of singing two different songs.  One song was a special dedication “thank you” song to people and places.  Their second song had to be an uptempo one that showed who they are as artists.  Coach Blake Shelton said about his 16-year-old artist Brayden Lape that he’s glad that they had the uptempo rules on Monday because Brayden’s done so many ballads.

The Top five were: Morgan Myles on Team Camila, Brayden Lape, Bryce Leatherwood, and Bodie from Team Blake, and Omar Jose Cardona on Team Legend.  Gwen lost her one and only last artist Justin Aaron last week when he didn’t win the Instant Save vote.  Justin got beat out by Omar who won the Instant Save.  Parijita, and Kim Cruse also went home last week.  

On Monday’s show, each artist got a brief recap of their time on “The Voice” while talking to their coaches and being interviewed by host Carson Daly.  For the dedication songs, each of the Top 5 had to write letters to the person or place they were dedicating their song to. 

Tuesday’s Finale Results show was the traditional performance show where the artists got to perform with their coaches with celebrity singer performances sprinkled-in throughout the show.  Last season’s ‘Voice winners “Girl Named Tom” returned, as well as Kelly Clarkson who’ll be returning as a coach for season 23.    

First up this week was Bodie from Team Blake who was a four-chair-turn in his Blind Audition.


BODIE (Team Blake)

Bodie talked with his coach Blake Shelton in a look back at his time on the show.l  Bodie said he originally planned to go for Gwen.  But, he said Blake had a vision for me and that’s why he chose Blake.  Blake raved over Bodie, pointing out that he pulled off that rap song “Golden Hour” on live TV.  No one’s ever done that before.

Bodie said last week he sang Halsey because he hadn’t sung a female song yet.   This week, Bodie chose “Late Night Talking” by Harry Styles.  Blake said it was a good choice for Bodie.  It’s a brand new song that just came out and Bodie’s “going to blow people’s minds,” Blake said.  Bodie said he hasn’t done a “happy upbeat” song yet.  Blake said, “Bodie is the most original artist that I’ve ever worked with on the show.”  He added that “the sky’s the limit for this guy.”

After Bodie’s Top 5 performance, Camila told Bodie to sign her up for the Bodie tour and she loves how he’s also a producer.  She stated that that’s why the coaches stand up every time.  Gwen was impressed by the final note he held at the end.   She said it’s cool to see him blossom.John said he feels Bodie’s vision and it’s very “real and very compelling.”  Blake said he also waits at the end when Bodied hits a big note ‘wows’ all of them. He called Bodie a great vocalist.

MORGAN MYLES (Team Camila)

Coach Camila Cabello said she got lucky with being in the finale with Morgan who sang the Hallelujah song for her Blind Audition.  Most people would consider that a finale song.  Morgan said she sang “If I Were a Boy” a couple of weeks ago because females have a way harder time in Country music.    

This week, Morgan chose to sang “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”  Camila said it’s perfect for Morgan’s voice because of the rasp.  Morgan is a Country girl, but loves soul and loves telling a story.  Camila said Morgan deserves to win “The Voice.”  

After Morgan’s Top 5 performance, the crowd was yelling “Morgan…Morgan!!” Gwen reacted to Morgan’s performance by stating it’s the perfect song to explain who you are in the show and your voice was beautiful. John said Morgan has that crackle at the top of her range and she “sells every performance.  You sold it.!  Camila said Morgan made her want to cry at the end of that performance.  “You deserve to win ‘The Voice'” Camila told her and Morgan got emotional.

BRAYDEN LAPE (Team Blake) – Dedication Song

Brayden said for the past 16 years being surrounded by family, teachers, and growing up there made him fall in love with fishing and music.  He’s had so many great memories playing for his high school football team.  He said the best thing has been the support from his family.  He dedicated his first performance to his hometown of Grass Lake.

After his performance, Blake told Brayden by following his heart up to that point, led him to “The Voice.”  

OMAR JOSE CARDONA (Team Legend) –  Dedication Song

Pictured: Omar Jose Cardona — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Omar read a letter talking about why he dedicated his performance to his family.  Omar said his fans are his parents, and they’ve shown him unconditional love.  He also thanked his brother for showing him musical theater.  Omar included his sister who taught him how to Latin dance. 
Omar sang “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson.    After that performance, Camila said she loved seeing him get “jiggy with it.”  John said Gwen started a rumor about lip syncing (jokingly).  But, he would believe he was lip syncing because he was doing perfect dance moves “and sounded incredible” without getting out of breath.

BRYCE LEATHERWOOD (Team Blake) – Dedication Song

Pictured: Bryce Leatherwood –Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Bryce chose his hometown of Georgia for his dedication song.  He said Georgia is all he’s known.  While his time in California has been a lifetime experience, he yearns to go home.  “My passion in music is to make people happy, dance..and make people cry.”  Bryce called it his home and happy place.  Bryce ended his letter with “Georgia is always on my mind.”

After his performance, Gwen reacted that if Bryce doesn’t win “The Voice,” he just won a career.  Blake reacted “to deliver that performance the way you did with so much class…”  He added to do a Keith Whitley song, you ignited a fire in Country fans and just introduced Keith Whitley to a new generation.


Brayden said Kane Brown sings that newer Country and that’s something he wants to do.  Blake advised Brayden to NOT think of “The Voice” as a competition, but instead the “coolest thing” he’s done in 15 years.

Brayden’s song was “Wild As Her” by Corey Kent.  The song is written and performed by two ‘Voice’ guys.  Blake said Brayden’s worked really hard for this and deserves all he gets.  Brayden said he’s only been singing for two years. and here he is on “The Voice.”

Camila congratulated Brayden on his last solo performance on “The Voice.”  John told him he’s so young and he’s going to grow so much after this.  He said it’s been fun to watch.  Blake said he’s glad that the rules are that he had to do an uptempo song tonight because he’s done so many ballads before. 

MORGAN MYLES (Team Camila) – Dedication Song

Pictured: Morgan Myles — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Morgan wrote a letter to her parents.  She said when she’s breaking-down from exhaustion and feels like she’s not worthy, her parents lift her back up and a “thank you” isn’t enough.  Morgan sang the song “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town.  

Gwen called it such a great choice for Morgan and Country looks good on her.  “It’s really remarkable what you can do with your voice.”  John agreed, “that Country lane…I’m no expert.  But, I feel that she’s the best Country singer I’ve seen sing I’ve been on ‘The Voice”  Camila said Morgan has always been a unique artist, and “she’s HER type of Country.”  


Daly said Bryce is the only pure Country artist left on “The Voice.”  Bryce said when Blake turned at his Blind Audition, he “knew where to go.”  Blake called Bryce “Country as mud…that’s why we love him.”  

Bryce chos the song T-R-O-U-B-L-E by Elvis which is an uptempo song.  Camila reacted that his performance was so fun to watch and he was like a star up there.  John said he sounds such a rich and warm melody.  This performance showed them a different side to him.  John was super excited. Blake said Bryce just raised the roof vocally.

BODIE (Team Blake) – Dedication Song

Bodie wrote a letter to his three kids.  He thanked them for teaching him patience and selflessness.  He had a sweet note to each of his kids while fighting back tears.   “Thank you for being my dream come true…this is all for you,” Bodie told them.

Pictured: Bodie — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

John picked it up with “powerful” and Bodie seems like a leader.  ‘You can move people’ and he’s excited for whatever’s next for him.   Blake said that was “one of the most moving performances I’ve seen in a long time.”  Blake said he was speechless.  He loved that Bodie said he was dedicating every performance from here on out to his kids.


John said Omar kept stunning us week after week.  “The Name of Love” Omar said he was going thoguh hard times when that song came out.  John said that’s when he could see the switch in Omar.  Then, Omar sang “Foreigner” while playing the piano.  Omar called that his “John Legend moment.”  
Omar sang “Somebody to Love” by Queen.  John called if “a very daring choice.”  Omar said so many people wanted him to sing this song.  John said he’ slike a rock n roll evangelist.  “You’re trying to save souls here.”  John compared Omar to Bruno Mars. ‘ He’s going to make it abundantly clear that he should win “the Voice.”

Camila was careful with her words in talking about Omar’s talent.  She said he “so deserves to be here.”  John said he was so honored to have Omar as his artist and there’s nothing else Omar can do to show he deserves to win.



The finale show started off with coach Blake Shelton singing with his artist Bryce Leatherwood a song that Blake originally sang with Trace Adkins called “Hillbilly Bone.”    Then, “One Republic” performed “I Ain’t Worried” on “The Voice” stage.

Coach John Legend teased his artist Omar about how he can hit notes that he can’t.  John and Omar sang “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” by Stevie Wonder.

Pictured: Adam Lambert — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Adam Lambert appeared on “The Voice” season finale to sing “Ordinary World” by Duran Duran in dedication to the bar shooting.  Next, Maluma was there to perform two of his hits.  Last season’s winners “A Girl Named Tom” returned to “The Voice” stage to perform a Holiday song.  

Pictured: Girl Named Tom — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Blake Shelton returned to the stage to sing another song with artist Brayden Lape, “Chasin That Neon Rainbow” by Alan Jackson.

New coach Camila Cabello had her one artist left, Morgan Myles.  They sang “Never Be the Same” by Camila Cabello.  Camila said she loves Morgan because she’s real.   After that, singer Breland sang his single “For What It’s Worth.” 

Coaches John Legend and Blake Shelton did a funny skit where they were playing roommates in “The Oddest Couple.” 

Bodie is like a blend of Gwen and Blake.  Bodie was originally going to choose Gwen in his Blind Audition.   But, he chose Blake instead.  Blake asked Bodie about the audience shouting “Bodie.”  Blake asked if he pays those people?  Bodie said “no” and some of them are his family members.

Bodie said when he was sick, he listened to “God’s Country” by Blake Shelton so many times in the car. Blake said no one’s going to like hearing him sing that song again after hearing Bodie sing it!  The two sang the song together on “The Voice” stage.

Pictured: (l-r) Blake Shelton, Bodie — Photo by: Nicole Weingart/NBC

“The Voice” coach, who is returning for season 23, Kelly Clarkson sang “Santa Can You Hear Me.” 

After part 2 of “The Oddest Couple” concluded, Carson Daly brought out the Top 5 artists to find out who won.  


Bryce said the best advice that he’s gotten from Blake is “to be yourself.”  Bodie said Blake’s friendship means so much, and he’s felt so supported by Blake.  Brayden told Blake “thank you.  I’ve grown so much from the Blind Audition stage.”  He said he’s grown with his vocals and stage presence.  Morgan Myles told her coach Camila that she loves her and she feels like family.  Camila has empowered her and is grateful to call her a friend. 

Omar told John that he’s the coolest man ever and he’s such a genius.  He said he’s been so lucky to be part of Team Legend.

The artist who came in fifth place was Brayden Lape.  Coming in fourth place was Omar Jose Cardona.

That means, the top three finalists were: Bryce Leatherwood and Bodie (Team Blake), and Morgan Myles (Team Camila).


Pictured: (l-r) Bryce Leatherwood, Brodie, Morgan Myles — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Blake told Bryce that he’s already made it.  “You literally already made it.”  And he also told him that he has a career in front of him.  Blake said to Bodie that he doesn’t know his genre as well, but people love Bodie and he knew he’d end up there.

Camila told Morgan that it’s hard being a woman in this industry.  She has such an unbelievable talent and she’s moved everyone with how she sings. Camila ended by saying she loves and respects her so much.

THE VOICE 22 WINNER: Bryce Leatherwood from Team Blake!

Pictured: (l-r) Blake Shelton, Bryce Leatherwood — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC



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