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A Taste of Stardom on THE VOICE Battles 4 Recap

Posted on October 21 2014 by Editor

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A Taste of Stardom on THE VOICE Battles 4 Recap

The last night of season 7 “The Voice” battles had Blake commenting, “these battles are like none we’ve seen before on The Voice.” Adam stated that the battles “have been vast improvements in the artists” and said “you can see them move to the next level,” which is a coach’s dream. Gwen is the only coach left with only one steal to complete her team. One of the contestants said being on “The Voice” is like “a taste of stardom” and she doesn’t want it to end.


Before the last night of Battle, Blake advised Gwen that she’ll be upset either way if she uses her steal too soon, or too late. #FinalBattles


Brittany Butler vs. Ricky Manning

Brittany Butler vs. Ricky Manning

Pharrell told them he put them together because Ricky is major R&B scary and Brittany is major jazzy scary. He gave them “On Broadway” song by George Benson. Their adviser Alicia Keys pointed-out a whole layering of the song that is about life and recommended for them to relate to the song.

Coaches Comments: Gwen said You guys have such strong character personalities on-stage. She said Brittany was “tasteful” and Ricky’s voice is “beautiful.” Adam said he saw “a huge leap from then to now,” and commented on how much Ricky looks like Joaquin Phoenix. Blake said they are both “knowledgeable vocalists,” and Ricky let it fly and shined the spotlight on Ricky’s approach. Coach Pharrell said Ricky being soulful in his own way is okay. He said Brittany was reserved but let it fly at the end. Ultimately, Pharrell picked Ricky. Pharrell said he chose Ricky because he saw so much improvement, and a lot of potential and being comfortable within himself.

Battle Winner: Ricky Manning

When Pharrell saw that Brittany was upset and crying.  He told her that it only goes up from here.


Kensington Moore vs Reagan James

Kensington Moore vs. Reagan James

Blake said he paired Kensington and Reagan because “they occupy the same artistic space on my team and I have to see which one is the best.” He gave them “Team” to sing. Kensington had kidney stones and missed the first band rehearsal. Blake said her and Reagan are “neck-and-neck” He said he’s sad because he sees two of his best together and now he’ll have to go to the hospital.

Coaches Comments: Pharrell told Blake “I have no idea what you’re going to do.” Gwen said she thought that Reagan’s voice is better than she thought, and Kensington had great “dynamic” with her voice. Adam said Kensington’s voice “cut so well “and Reagan was like an experienced pop star at only 15 years old. He also said there’s tons of “rawablity.” Pharrell complimented Reagan on her “swaggar.” Blake said they both have “hunger” and that is why he does “The Voice.” He selected Reagan as the battle winner.

Battle Winner: Reagan James

Another Team Blake battle was Allison Bray vs. Fernanda Bosch. Blake chose Allison Bray as the winner.

Allison Bray, Bryana Salaz, Anita Antoinette


Anita Antoinette vs. Mayra Alvarez. The battle winner is Anita Antoinette.

Allison Bray vs. Fernanda Bosch

Bryana Salaz vs. Gianna Salvato. Gwen chose Bryana Salaz as the winner because of her “stage presence” told her, “you have the voice.”


Beth Spangler vs. Mia Pfirrman

Beth Spangler vs. Mia Pfirrman

Beth is an X-ray technician and Mia is from a musical family. During their rehearsals with coach Adam Levine and adviser Stevie Nicks, Adam said right out of the gate he wanted to “challenge the crap out of them” because they both got all the coaches chairs to turn during their blind auditions. He gave them Christina Aguilera song “I Turn to You”. Adam advised them that less is more and compared them to sports cars -that they have to learn how to control their power. Adviser Stevie Nicks advised them to try not to BE Christina Aguilera because they will never be her.

Coaches Comments: Blake said Beth and Mia were “divas” giving it all they have. He also said could still see some Country in Beth. Pharrell said it was a “good pairing” and voted for Beth. Gwen said Beth kept surprising her and has some potential. Gwen chose Mia. Adam said “anytime you approach a Christina Aguilera song, it’s really rough.” He said Mia really delivered. “Beth you have the most holly, molly moment,” and that they were both so great, it’s really hard to decide. Adam said it has to be a coin toss. He chose Mia. Adam said with the right coaching and more songs, “this girl is powerful.”

Battle Winner: Mia Phirrman

Beth Spangler steal

Steal: Gwen pushed her button at the last minute for Beth Spangler as she was saying her good-byes. Gwen said “she showed her range…has a real presence” and that she’ll go far.

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NEXT WEEK: Taylor Swift will come in to help advise the contestants during the Knock-Out Rounds.








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