Acts Missed the Mark on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 16 Quarterfinals Lives Week 3 Recap

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Acts Missed the Mark on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 16 Quarterfinals Lives Week 3 Recap

Pictured: (l-r) Keith Apicary, Lea Kyle -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

“It just took a long time to get there.  And it wasn’t a great ending.” – Simon Cowell

The last week of “America’s Got Talent” season 16 Quarter Finals left the judges disappointed in the twelve acts who said their audition performances were better than their Quarter Finals performances.   Acts who received high praises from the judges were singers Brooke Simpson, and Anica who performed better than their auditions.

The judges also loved martial arts act World Taekwondo Demonstration Group; dance group ChapKidz, and Rialcris.  The rest of the twelve acts who got negative criticism from the judges were: quick change artist Lea Kyle; The Curtis Family C-Notes band; comedy act Kieth Apicary; sound effects act Michael Winslow; Wild Card winner, singer Storm Large; magician Klek Entos.


UNICIRCLE FLOW (Unicycle Group)

Pictured: UniCircle Flow — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC


They like to combine unicycle and dance.  They are from Japan and said unicycling is popular in their country.  For their Quarterfinals performance, it was twelve of them instead of four.

Howie reacted “Wow for what you do”  He noticed a couple of mishaps , but they were able to get back on and ride. Heidi said they move “with such grace” and forgot that they were on unicycles.  Sofia called their act “mesmerizing” and unique and special.  Simon said “it was incredible and the fact  that someone fell over made it more exciting.”  He added that “this is what AGT the Las Vegas, Luxor show is going to be all about.”


ANICA (Singer)

Anica’s day job is a realtor. She said since her appearance on AGT, she’s had people who’ve called her just to meet her and hear her sing.  In her AGT audition,  Anica got three “yes” votes.  The “no” vote was from Simon. She wants to show him that she can put on a live Vegas show any day of the week.   Anica sang “Like a River” for her Quarterfinals performance.

Heidi called Anica one of her favorites. “I think you’re a gem,” she said, “fantastic job!”  Howie said he loves this lane – hardcore female rockers.  Sofia said she likes this performance much more than her first one.  She thinks people will vote because Anica didn’t give up her dreams.  Simon said it was “a million times better” than last time.  He asked what being on the show means to her.  She said it is “a dream of a lifetime” and she would give up everything she’s doing now to sing every day.


LEA KYLE (Quick-Change/Magician)

Lea Kyle is a “quick change” artist/magician.  All the judges except Simon stood up for her at the end of her Quarterfinals performance.  Heidi said she “loved it” and had many “wow” factors.  Sofia said he loved it and the outfits look high-end.  Simon said her audition was better than this performance.  He said he thought it was going to be better.  Howie disagreed with Simon and called Lea “amazing.”



The Curtis Family C-Notes is a family musical band made-up of mom, dad, and kids.  They live in San Francisco and have instruments in every part of the house.  They sang “Love Train” for their Quarter Finals performance.  Howie reacted that they remind him of a 70s cover band.  Simon said “here’s my advice.  I would suggest don’t let mom and dad make the decisions of what to sing next.”  Because he said it was a little bit of a wedding band and they need to be current.  He said the kids should make the decisions going forward.  Heidi disagreed with Simon and said she loved the “Love Train” and was on it with them.  She pointed out that this is a family show and they are perfect.  Sofia said their voices are spectacular and wondered where their show could go after AGT.


KEITH APICARY (Dance/Comedy Act)

Pictured: Keith Apicary — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC


Keith appeared on the stage in a guillotine shackled.  He jumped up because it was  a prank and then he started dancing and falling after sliding across the stage.  Simon hit his buzzer.  Howie said he’s funny.  “You can make people smile.  You’re authentic” and put a smile on everyone here and everyone in America.  Heidi said she thought it was dynamite.  “The talent is really, really good today,” and wished him luck.  Sofia said she was enjoying it and called him “amazing.”   Simon said “I don’t know what’s happening today…maybe when we kept saying yes to everyone who’s terrible.”



Michael said he came to California with $4 and a dream to be a voicetramentlist.  He used to sleep on the roof of a lifeguard hut on the beach.  After “Police Academy” movies, he had to raise his kids.  Michael said now at the AGT Live shows, he feels like he’s 19-years-old again.

Sofia reacted that Michael is such a unique human being and she’s glad he’s there.  Simon said “nobody seems to be doing better than their audition.”  He asked Michael what does doing well mean for him?  Michael responded that doing well for him is just being there and anyone being inspired by him and letting people forget about the rent for an hour.  Howie said all those sounds came out of Michael’s mouth and urged people to vote for him.


Brooke is from Hollister, North Carolina part of an indenginous tribe.  Brooke said she loves telling people where she’s from because she takes pride in  it.  Since her audition the entire tribe has rallied around her.  “It’s been the most beautiful reminder of who I am and where I come from,” said Brooke.  She sang a Billie Eilish song.

Sofia said Brooke elevated her performance from last time – her look, her confidence and thinks she has a “good chance to win this competition.”  Simon said “I think this was the best performance of the night so far.”  He said it felt like it was her and everything felt like it was her choice.  He said “it was a great performance.”  Heidi agreed and thought it was a great performance.  Howie told America that Brooke deserves to go through.  Brooke responded to Simon that she did put everything into her performance and thanked him for saying that.

Pictured: (l-r) Terry Crews, Brooke Simpson — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

RIALCRIS (Hand Balancing Act)

Pictured: Rialcris — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC


They are three brothers from Columbia.  They are best friends. When they were young, their parents separated.  Their mother ran away with them to the Circus.  That’s where they learned to perform. They said she’s their hero.  Being on AGT is a dream come true and the fight is not over.  It’s just begun.  They want to have their own Vegas show and are there to win.

Sofia said it kept getting better and better.  “You guys are amazing.”  Simon reacted “looks like we have a competition now.”  He liked the work that they put into it and said “this is a Vegas act.”  Heidi called them “so skilled.”  She said so many things can go wrong but they do it with such grace and ease.  Howie said “they are amazing” and saw unique tricks that they did that he’s never seen.

CHAPKIDZ (Dance Crew)

Chapkidz is a dance group made up of kids ages 12 to 18 from the Bay area.  They are part of the younger generation Chapkidz Dance.  Heidi reacted that the energy they give is amazing.  She loves how they use the entire stage and they think about overhead view and 360.  “Very well done.”  Sofia said “to be so synchronized is unbelievable.” She said dancing is her favorite part of AGT.  But, no dancer has ever won.  Maybe they will be the first.  Simon said the stage can make or break you. “Tonight, it made you” and called them the best act “by far.”  Howie said “amazing!”


The Wild Card winner was Storm Large.  Fans voted for her through the AGT app.  Simon called her to deliver the good news that she would be going to the AGT live shows.  Storm said she’s gotten close in the past to getting a record deal.  Storm chose to sing her own take on a huge hit song Ah Ha’s “Take On Me” from the 1980s.

Heidi said Storm looks amazing and she has an incredible voice, “well done.” Sofia called her the “perfect package.”  She thought it was not better than the audition song. Simon said he knows where Sofia is coming from.  Simon said there was a rawness about her in the first audition that was lost.  He said “everything was too soft tonight.”  Howie commented that he didn’t know if that was the best song choice to move her ahead.

KLEK ENTOS (Magician)

Klek said, “the last time I saw you, I entered your subconscious.”  He asked “who am I?  He said after an accident, he became scared, he became a monster…I became Klek.”  His act was based around the after-life.  He involved judge Sofia Vergara and host Terry Crews in the act.  Simon buzzed within a couple of minutes.  Klek used a flame to exaggerate a story about twenty victims of an apartment fire.  Last time Klek Entos brought out a tarantula on the stage to spook the judges and America.  This time he brought a woman made-up as a ghost from this fire to spook everyone.  After Sofia chose a number that Entos predicted she’d pick out of a victims book, It was somewhat of a confusing act that was not clear exactly what the trick was.

Simon reacted “it just took a long time to get there.  And it wasn’t a great ending.”  He compared it to ordering a cappuccino and it takes bloody forever to make it.  He said the outcome wasn’t worth it.

Howie disagreed and said it was worth waiting for.  He loved it and thinks it’s great magic.  Heidi said “it was super strange.  It was super creepy.”  Sofia reacted that she didn’t really enjoy it because she was afraid of what was going to happen.   But, by the end she liked it.


They have 24 members from South Korea and America.  They were Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer.   Simon loved them “I love your message, your talent, your ambition.”  He continued, “this is what AGT is all about,” and “we’ll see you in Vegas.”  Sofia said they are fascinating and amazing.  Heidi said it’s like “a beautiful controlled chaos” and she would buy tickets to see them in Vegas.  Howie said it’s like a Marvel movie musical.  He thought for his personal taste, “this was the best act of the night.”



Twelve different acts lined up on the stage to hear the results.  They’re all competing for $1 million and to star in a new Las Vegas show at the Luxor.  Five acts will go straight into the Semi-Finals.  The bottom two acts were up for the AGT Instant Save vote, and the Judges’ vote.

When host Terry Crews asked Simon about his reactions of disappointment to the acts on Tuesday’s Quarterfinals performance show, he responded, “I have no idea what was going on. Out of  twelve, three were better than the first time.  He said AGT is shown in 200 countries around the world.  “When you come on this stage, you have to bring your A-Game.”  Simon continued,  “I was frustrated for myself, for the acts.”

The first acts called forward were sound effects artist Michael Winslow, singer Storm Large, and unicycle group UniCircle Flow.  These were the bottom three acts that were up for the AGT Instant Save Vote.  Heidi responded that she was really sad to see them in the bottom.  “I wish all of you good luck.”

The first act to make it was announced next.  Hand balancing act Rialcris and magician Klek Entos were the two acts called forward.  Crews revealed that America voted for Rialcris who are moving to the Semi-Finals round.  Sofia reacted that the Rialcris act shouldn’t change anything going forward.

Pictured: (l-r) Rialcris, Klek Entos — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Next, comedy dance act Keith Apicray and quick-change artist Lea Kyle were called forward to hear their fates.  America voted for Lea Kyle to go through to the Semi-Finals.  Lea said, “I’m so happy.  It’s a dream come true.”  Heidi, who pushed her Golden Buzzer for Lea, said to Lea that she made her Golden Buzzer mama very proud!”

Pictured: (l-r) Keith Apicary, Lea Kyle — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Chapkidz and the Curtis Family Band C-Notes were next.  The act that got more of America’s votes were Chapkidz.  Howie said “I think America did the right thing.  As far as dancing goes, you guys are the best dance act we have this season.”  The Chapkidz said they are so excited and “we are definitely going to make you guys proud.”


There were three acts left.  They were: World Taekwondo Demonstration Team, Anica, and Brooke Simpson.  The act going to the Semi-Finals is Brooke Simpson!    She said “I am so humble and America, I’m not going to let you down.”  Simon said “Brooke, something has changed within you since we first saw you.”  He said he thinks she’s absolutely amazing.”


The acts remaining were – World Taekwondo Demonstration Team, and Anica.  The act with the most votes was Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer, World Taekwondo Demonstration Team.


Sofia said she wasn’t surprised because their act “is off the charts,” and “we will definitely see you in Vegas!”

The last three acts waiting for the results from America’s Instant Save Vote were: Michael Winslow, Large, UniCircle


Magician Shin Lim, and hip hop violinist Lindsey Stirling were the returning acts who performed on AGT’s Results show.  They combined their acts into one performance.

Pictured: (l-r) Shin Lim, Lindsey Stirling –Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

The acts going to the Semi-Finals so far are:  Brooke Simpson, Rialcris, ChapKidz, Lea Kyle, and World Taekwondo Demonstration Team.

The bottom three returned to the stage to hear the results – Storm Large, Michael Winslow, and UniCircle Flow.  The AGT Instant Save vote went to Michael Winslow.  He was visibly shocked,  Howie said Michael is a super star and, “you do you.”

Storm Large reacted that she just wants to bare her soul and be as authentic as she can.  UniCircle Flow said they deserve to be there and Unicycle is not well-known to the world and they want to show more people.



Sofia chose UniCircle Flow over Storm she said “because of what happened last night.”  She was referring to how the judges commented that Storm’s performance was not as good as her audition performance.  Heidi said that she liked when Storm said she didn’t know that she was “allowed to have this dream.”  Heidi voted for Storm Large.  Simon said “let’s go back to last night.  Which act had the most originality, and has the chance to do better going forward.”  He chose UniCircle Flow.  Howie agreed that UniCircle is original and something that they’ve never seen before.  But, two of them fell. Even though America chose Storm Large as the Wild Card act in the Peacock app, Howie said for him, it’s about originality.  So, he chose UniCircle Flow!

NEXT WEEK – It’s the SEMI-FINALS! These acts will perform:

Jimmie Herrod
Aidan Bryant
Peter Rosalita
Gina Brillon
Korean Soul
Tory Vagasy
Dustin Tavella
Madilyn Bailey
World Taekwondo Demonstration Team
Michael Winslow
Unicycle Flow



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