AGT Fans May Not Be Happy About AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: ALL-STARS Sneak-Peek!

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December 14, 2022
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AGT Fans May Not Be Happy About AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: ALL-STARS Sneak-Peek!

“America’s Got Talent” (AGT) is back again…but in a new way!  Similar to “America’s Got Talent: The Champions,” the biggest talent show in the world is bringing back some of its best acts (including past winners) from around the world who’ve competed in other Got Talent franchises and having them compete against each other on the same stage in “America’s Got Talent: All Stars.”  Unlike ‘The Champions’, the ‘All Stars’ is staying true to its AGT roots and has also included some of its silliest acts.

Pictured: Terry Fator — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

That being said, Sethward makes a comeback in ‘All Stars, along with “Human Fountains.”  There’s no shortage of some of “America’s Got Talent” biggest and brightest stars from recent past seasons. Some fan favorites include: Terry Fator, Jimmie Herrod, Bello Sisters, Archie Williams, Alan Silva, Robert Finley.    Plus, winners and popular acts from other countries join in the ‘All-Stars’ competition.  

Put all these acts on one stage to compete against each other, and the outcome is completely different from their original seasons.  It’s interesting to wonder if AGT Creator and Executive Producer, Simon Cowell is doing a sort of talent experiment of his own by mixing up various batches of acts to witness various outcomes.  

The end result of some of the acts who make the finals, will be surprising for super-fans.  Ironically, voted by “super-fans.”  The judges and host still each have their own Golden Buzzers in “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars.”  Also, just like on AGT, there’s an extra Golden Buzzer, one that they all push.  The three judges helming the panel are from “America’s Got Talent” – Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel.  Sofia Vergara who is also part of that panel did not return for ‘All-Stars.  Hosted by Terry Crews.

Hollywood Junket was on the set of “All-Stars” for several of the tapings.  We don’t know who will ultimately win the show, but we do know which acts made it to the finale episode.


Out of the 10 acts per episode, the Super Fans have to pick only one to move on to the Finals.  

How the acts get moved to the finals is something that perhaps will be up for debate once the series airs.  It’s a similar process as The Champions.  What’s a little different is that out of groups of 10 acts, only one act per group is voted by Super-Fans to move onto the finals.  The second act to go through is a Golden Buzzer act from the judges and host.  

This makes for a total of 11 acts in the show’s Finals.  The acts don’t get voted on as a whole, but it appears that the voting is based on the groups that they were placed in.  So, it’s probably a safe bet that if you mix the combination of acts up to create a different set of groups, what you most likely would get is a different outcome each time. There are 60 acts total.  So, according to those numbers, that would mean in the last episode, only one act will go through!

SPOILER ALERT!! There will be a comedian in the finale.  And, he’s a comedian who just competed on this past season of “America’s Got Talent.”  He was also the recipient of Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer on ‘All-Stars.  Howie Mandel said the acts are the most compelling and such a wild card of acts.  For example, Dancers, comedians, etc.  Simon said he felt good about his Golden Buzzer because they need a comedian in the finale.  

Simon always acts as if he’s never seen some of these acts before.  We’re wondering how often that is true since he’s the show creator, and would think he has seen some of them on other Got Talent shows.  There is a good amount of acts on ‘All-Stars’ that came from other countries to compete.  

Howie said this is the epitome of national talent.  Simon said this group shows how generous Americans are.  It’s great that people can track around the world and have a platform here.  Simon and Howie had seen some of the acts before.  Whereas, Heidi had not.  Heidi said she was looking forward to seeing acts from around the world and meeting people she hasn’t met before.


Pictured: Light Balance Kids — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

“Light Balance Kids” returned to AGT.  They are from Ukraine, and said where they come from darkness and they bring light.  Howie joked that some of the members have gone “through puberty” since he last saw them.   They explained that not all of the kids were able to travel from Ukraine.  They asked for the help of “Light Balance,” and they said “yes” they would perform with them on AGT All-Stars.  Only a few were there as part of the Kids group. They also added that they were not able to practice in Ukraine.  So, they rehearsed for 5 days after arriving, before the show.

Aidan McCann, a young magician, came to All-Stars from “Ireland’s Got Talent” where he competed in 2020.   Howie and Heidi had not seen him before this episode.  Aidan is a big comic book fan and that was the theme of his trick.  He had the judges color separate parts of a superhero print-out.  He revealed that he and Terry Crews were wearing matching colors to the drawing in their Superhero costumes.

Pictured: Jeanick Fournier — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

The winner of “Canada’s Got Talent,” 2022, Jeanick Fournier, is a 50-year-old singer.  After her performance, Simon told her that if she goes through, to not pick a “safe” song.


Ndlovu Youth Choir are young children from South Africa (Johannesburg).  Their choir director talked about how their lives changed after competing on AGT the last time.  He said that while they were competing, they were in an AGT bubble. When they arrived back home and landed on the plane, there was a huge crowd of people from all over to welcome them home.  He said he couldn’t believe the amount of support they had from fans.  They performed an original song on ‘All-Stars.’  Howie reacted that normally he doesn’t have an affinity for choirs and thinks that they sound like a school assembly.  But, this was like a Broadway show.

Ana Maria Margean is a young ventriloquist at the age of 13.  She won “Romania’s Got Talent” season 11 (2021).  Ana told her intriguing backstory to how she learned ventriloquism while in lock-down during 2020.   She said she learned by watching Terry Fator and Darci Lynn. 

For her performance on ‘All-Stars’ Ana did a clever act with a dog puppet which she revealed that her mother made. As part of her act, she sang “You Don’t Own Me” the dog puppet sang, and she said “yes I do.”  Howie told her that it will be a tough decision for the Super Fans who are voting.  Simon said he loves tonight because it reminded him of AGT Champions when all the best came back.

The next act to perform was animal act Lukas & Falko.  They competed on AGT season 14.  Lukas is from Austria and also competed in “Germany’s Got Talent.”  He said in season 14 when Falko was 10 years old, it was sort of a retirement send-off for Falko.  Now, he’s 13, and will be retiring after this.  

Lukas & Falko was a little bittersweet because it was going to be Falko’s grand send-off into retirement. But, due to Flako’s age, Lukas had to bring two other younger dogs on the stage as part of their show.  These dogs looked exactly like Falko, and Heidi said it was too confusing.  Before they performed, Lukas did mention that he had to change-up his act due to Falko not being able to perform certain stunts.  So, these other dogs, which were siblings of Falko’s, had more energy and jumped up higher, they were more balanced.  

Lukas said Howie didn’t like him last time.  Howie didn’t remember why.  Then after the act, he said he liked it and he loves animals.  Heidi observed (as did the whole audience) that Lukas was in some “interesting positions.”  However, Simon said it wasn’t as good as last time, and thought it looked like a guy in the park playing with his dogs  (which actually, it did). 

Dancetown Family competed from Miami in 2020 from their home.  They said they missed being in-person on the stage.  Part of Dancetown Family, Ruby, was also on AGT when she was nine-years-old and is now 19.  She said the dance troupe is bigger with 35 members.  Heidi said if she had the Golden Buzzer to give, she would have pushed it for them.  Then she yelled at Simon for only giving the judges one Golden Buzzer each!  She pressed the button, and nothing happened.  At this point, all of the judges had already pressed their buttons.  Terry Crews still had his Golden Buzzer, but was not pressured by the audience to give in.

Jamie Leahey is a 13-year-old boy ventriloquist who competed on “Britain’s Got Talent.” Simon said Jamie almost won.  He came in second.  Jamie’s act was very funny.  He had a chicken puppet who made corny, yet funny jokes.  Jamie also sang during his act.  Howie said his act reminded him of someone you would see on the Ed Sullivan show.  It was like an old time variety, wholesome type of act that was nostalgic.  Jamie reacted that that was actually what he was going for.

Robert Finley, who is 67-years-old from AGT season 14 in 2019,  said he felt like he would have gone further in the show if he had followed his gut instinct to go with a different song choice.  He was back for redemption.  The song he sang was so incredible.  Simon called his voice ‘brilliant” and said had he sung that song, he would have advanced.  Simon also said he wished he had a “Platinum button.”  That’s how good he was.

Vitoria Bueno is a ballerina from Brazil.  She has no arms, and competed on “Germany’s Got Talent,” 2021.  Vitoria told the judges that there’s no Got Talent in Brazil which is why she competed in Germany and came in second place.   On ‘All-Stars’, Vitoria performed against a waterfall backdrop and had an interpreter with her who was also the daughter of her dance instructor.  Simon said he was still stuck on that there’s no Brazil’s Got Talent and wants to make it happen.  He offered her a job hosting if she helps to get it going.

Pictured: Jimmie Herrod — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Super talented singer Jimmie Herrod, Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer, came back!  He first competed on AGT in 2021.  Simon said if super fans don’t put him through, there’s something wrong with the Superfans.  Simon also noted that Jimmie was better than the last time.  Jimmie got emotional as Simon talked about how he could tell how much Jimmie wants this.  Jimmie said he’s back to win.  Simon asked Jimmie what he wanted the most.  What does he think about when he closes his eyes at night, and imagines what he wants the most.  Jimmie closed his eyes and responded that he wanted to be the biggest star possible.  

Self-taught aerial artist Aidan Bryant returned from “America’s Got Talent.”  He was 16-years-old when he competed the first time.  He’s now 18-years-old, and wow, has he improved tremendously!   The judges were amazed and impressed how Aidan used his body to balance up above the stage without any support or harness.  It was just him and a triangle.

Simon commented on how Aidan has gotten better and said he remembered watching Aidan’s reaction when he came in second place and how he looked like he was gut wrenched.  Aidan said he wasn’t and he was happy to have made it that far. 

Pictured: Bello Sisters — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

SPOILER ALERT!!  After the voting results, Simon told Bello Sisters that they just beat one of the best.  He said, that says a lot and he was surprised at the results, stating that two to three acts just left that normally would have gone to the finals. 


At the end of the show, Simon stood up and faced the audience to tell them that they were the best audience and he loves every one of them.

Some things that won’t make the cut include Howie Mandel said an inappropriate comment that everyone tried to ignore.  Simon Cowell gave Howie the finger when Howie said he’s older than Simon.  The camera happened to be on Simon at the exact moment he held up his middle finger.  Simon saw himself on the large stage monitors and was so embarrassed that he put his face in his hands.  

“America’s Got Talent: All Stars” premieres on January 2, 2023, on NBC network. 



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