Alicia Keys Drops the Mic on THE VOICE Season 11 Premiere Recap

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Alicia Keys Drops the Mic on THE VOICE Season 11 Premiere Recap

NBC’s “The Voice” singing competition show which won the Emmy this year for Reality Competition Program, introduces one more female added to it’s coaching pool. This season, the solo female chair usually occupied by either Christina Aguilera, or Gwen Stefani is replaced by R&B singer Alicia Keys. The chair previously occupied by Pharrell Williams is taken by pop star Miley Cyrus.

Some of the memorable premiere episode blind audition contestants are recapped below.



The Voice season 11 premiere, Jason Warrior

First up was 21-year-old Jason Warrior who is a self-taught singer. Jason sung “Living For the City” for his Blind Audition.

Jason picked Alicia over Adam for his coach.


The Voice season 11 premiere, Dave Moisan

Dave is 22-years-old and also has no past professional singing experience. Dave surprised with his unique voice and style.

Dave picked Alicia.


The Voice season 11 premiere, Sundance Head

Sundance is a cowboy who has competed on “American Idol” in the past. He chose Blake as his coach.


The Voice season 11 premiere, Dana Harper

Dana has been singing for fifteen years and her father is NBA star Derek Harper. Dana sang Nick Jonas song “Jealous” and got Alicia and Blake to turn at the same time. Adam also pushed his button towards the end of her audition.

Alicia told Dana “I feel like I hear your life coming through.” Blake tried to woo Dana over by warning her about “how weird Hollywood is” that included Adam! Ultimately Dana chose Blake after he said “no girl has that lower that you have.” He said he’d like to explore that and people would recognize her instantly on the radio.



The Voice season 11 premiere, Christian Cuevas

Christian is an ex-football player in high school. He started singing after a football injury. His dad is famous singer Julio Cuevas who passed away from liver cancer.

Christian chose Alicia for his coach.



The Voice season 11 premiere, We McDonald

We’ is a 17-year-old who happens to sing deeper than her speaking voice. Needless to say, “The Voice” coaches were fascinated by her. We’ sang “Feeling Good” and got a four-chair-turn as a result.

Button Pushers: Adam, Alicia, Miley, Blake

Blake told We’ “you’re the kind of person we learn from I would like to be your coach. My job is to find an artist and win this thing. You’ll get a record deal, you’ll get everything.” He then promised to introduce her to The Staples Center. Adam said he’d “throw a party” if she picked him. Miley connected with We’ when she talked about being bullied with her experience of being bullied through social media.

Alica got We’ when she told her, “you came here to meet me,” and said “I don’t want YOU to be like anything else. You have a solid strong family that’s behind you.” Then her family came out onto the stage upon Alicia’s request. Adam said Alicia “dropped the mic on all of us.” Then added that he’s really good at being a coach on the show.

She picked Alicia because “everything felt honest and real when she was talking to me.”


The Voice season 11 premiere Andrew DeMuro

Andrew is a teacher who’s in a folk sound music band and is a huge Billy Joel fan. The fist song he sang was “The Longest Time” and got to sing onstage with Billy Joel when he visited his school. Andrew sang “Vienna” for his Blind Audition.

Button Pushers: Adam, Blake

Adam told Andrew he “has a lot of character in his voice.” Adam and Andrew have both sang with Billy Joel. Blake said he knows Billy Joel’s hits and “winning this show is very important to me, and getting you to where you need to be.”

Andrew picked Adam.


The Voice season 11 premiere Billy Gilman

Billy experienced fame early on as a child. He was nominated for 2 Grammys and is the youngest person to have a song in the Top 10. Billy explained that Sony dropped him when his voice changed. Billy also “had to come to grips with being gay,” and
“there’s only one shot to reinvent myself.” He sang “When We Were Young.”

Button Pushers: Adam, Miley, Blake, Miley, Alicia

Miley and Blake both remembered Billy from the past. Miley realized that Billy opened for her father Billy Ray Cyrus. Adam said “you really can be the guy” while standing and said he’s not sitting down until Billy picks him as his coach.

Listen to Billy’s INTERVIEW Below:

Miley said she’d like to help him “be clear to people about who you are.” Adam told Billy “you need to get people to root for the new you.”

Billy picked Adam. Adam thinks Billy can win “The Voice.”


Nathalie said she’s shy. She didn’t start singing in front of people until her sister’s funeral. Nathalie sang “Hold Back the River.” Unfortunately no coaches pushed their buttons for Nathalie Miley an Adam went on the stage to hug her.


The Voice season 11 premiere Sophia Urista

Sophia works in a 1920s themed burlesque show. She said she wants to come to “The Voice” to see if she’s “got it.”

Button Pushers: Miley, Alicia

Listen to Sophia’s INTERVIEW Below:

Blake was actually intimidated by Sophia’s voice. Alicia said Sophia is Janice Joplin, Tina Turner combined in one body. Miley said Sophia sounded like a rock-in-roll Dolly Parton. Then Dolly came on a screen behind Sophia to tell her to pick Miley because she’s her Goddaughter.

Sophia picked Miley


The Voice season 11 premiere Brendan Fletcher

Brendan is a bartender. He’s been in 12 bands from country to soul music. He sang “Jolene” for his Blind Audition.

Button pushers: Adam, Alicia, Miley

Alicia told Brendan, “I’m about classic music that lives forever. That’s what I see in you and can bring it out. I can get you to reach the pinnacle.” Miley thinks Brandan is “radical.” Adam said it’s not about someone who can sing a thousand notes,” he explained it’s about genuinely conveying a feeling.

Brandan picked Adam. Adam said Brandon is a true artist and will sell records. Brandan said he thinks Adam has a great understanding of all types of music and Adam was the first one to push his button.


The Voice season 11 premiere Dan Shafer

Dan is the oldest one auditioning for “The Voice” at 56 years old. When his son got Crohn’s Disease, he got a regular sales job. Now his son is in remission. Dan is in a cover band and now and ready to become a solo artist. He looks at “The Voice” as his last chance. Dan sang “Marry Me” for his Blind Audition.

Button Pusher: Blake

Adam said he liked that he was tender and had some strong moments. Adam said Dan is fantastic. Miley got teary when Dan told the coaches that he stopped singing to take care of his family because her Dad did the same thing.

Listen to Dan & Brendan’s INTERVIEW Below:

Blake said Dan’s voice sounded like a 19-year-old and he’s what he loves about “The Voice.”


The Voice season 11 premiere Lauren Diaz

Lauren is a private voice coach who has a family. She’s also a die-hard Alicia Keys fan. Lauren won a talent show title singing an Alicia Keys song. Lauren did it again – she sang “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys for her Blind Audition.

Button Pushers: Alicia, Miley, Blake

When she was done singing, Lauren cried and Alicia hugged her. Blake was upset Alicia hugged her and called it a “foul”. Adam told Miley and Blake that when Alicia turned around first, “it’s over.” Miley said if Lauren goes with her, it would be so confusing. Blake said when someone is so talented, it’s just disrespectful not to turn. Alicia said they were meant to be together. Then Alicia sang to Lauren that “some people want everything, but if I ain’t got Lauren…”

Lauren picked Alicia. Alicia called her “special” and told her she “can not believe her voice.” Alicia said she thought Lauren sang the song better than her!

Then, backstage, Lauren’s boyfriend proposed marriage. Lauren accepted.

Listen to Lauren’s INTERVIEW Below:



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