Alicia’s Fallin’ on THE VOICE Season 14 Knockouts Week 2 Recap

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April 6, 2018
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Alicia’s Fallin’ on THE VOICE Season 14 Knockouts Week 2 Recap

The final and second week of “The Voice” Knockouts had some powerful powerhouse pairings which namingly came from Team Kelly, and Team Alicia. The coaches had one last chance to use their “Steals” and “Save” buttons to round-out their teams for the Live Playoffs which start next week.

For the first time in ‘Voice history, the coaches had the help of past winners from “The Voice” to advise their artists navigate through the Knockouts. The returning aritsts included: Jordan Smith (Team Adam), Cassadee Pope from Team Blake to help Team Kelly, Chris Blue (Team Alicia), and Chloe Kohanski (Team Blake).

Some memorable Knockout pairings of the night came from D.R. King vs. Tish Haynes (Team Kelly), Gary Edwards vs. Rayshun LaMarr (Team Adam), and Kelsea vs. Sharane (Team Alicia). The first Knockout pairing of the night came from Team Alicia with two younger artists compeiting – Brittion and Dallas.

BRITTON vs. DALLAS (Team Alicia / Chris Blue)

The Voice 14, Knockouts week 2, Britton vs Dallas

Pictured: Britton Buchanan (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Alicia placed Britton and Dallas together because they are both folksy singers. At 18-years old, Alicia said Brittion has the ability to “wow.” Britton sang “New York State of Mind” while playing the piano. Dallas said, being the only Country singer on Team Alicia gives her, her own lane. Chris Blue commented that Dallas is still young and has a lot more time to develop. Alicia said the winner of the Knockout will depend on who can “wow” them more.

Adam reminded everyone that Blake Blocked him from getting Britton on his team. Blake gave it to Dallas. Kelly called Britton an old-school style singer. Coach Alicia said the beginning of getting better and more confident is to try new things which they both did. The winner was Britton.

Alicia said Brittion just continues to be “bold” and when he opens his mouth, you’re not expecting years of experience to come out. Blake didn’t Steal Dallas because he feels she’s about one year away from winning the show.

TISH HAYNES vs. D.R. KING (Team Kelly / Cassadee Pope)

D.R. said he sees himself as a Rock Soul artist. He chose “(I Know) I’m Losing You” by Rod Stewart. Kelly said what separates D.R. is “his incredible range.” Kelly stole Tish from Adam. Tish said she loves soulful songs, big notes and big songs. Kelly reacted to Tish’s rehersal with it’s better to experience her music in person because you can feel it. Tish chose ” Lady Marmalade ” song.

Their performances left Alicia speechless. Then she said D.R. introduced a new style to that song, and Tish left her shaking. Adam told D.R. that in any other situation, that would have been the illest, thing. But, then Tish came out. Blake said “world-class talent.” Adam reacted that Tish came out and “won the whole show…I thought it was the finale!” Coach Kelly said they both “killed it.” Kelly picked D.R. King as the winner. She said he did such an insane version of that song

The Voice 14 Knockouts week 2, Tish Haynes

Pictured: (l-r) Carson Daly, Tish Haynes Keys (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

STEAL – Adam said he wants to make her, her, and blow people away.
SAVE – Kelly pushed her button to save Tish. But, had to fight-off Adam to win her back. Tish reacted that she “wants to take this to the top with my new coach” and picked Kelly. Tish said Kellly understands where her heart is.

DYLAN VS WILKES (Team Blake / Chloe Kohanski)

Blake said Dylan and Wilkes both have a rock vibe. Dylan got stolen by Blake in the Battles and was looking for any good tips from Chloe who was also stolen by Blake. Dylan left a funk rock band and went back to school. But, said it was tough. He wants to be a “folk rock artist.” Chloe called Dylan’s voice is “so unique” and called him “a strong one for sure.” Wilkes goes to Nashville once a week and said being on “The Voice”, you can’t get that on tours. He chose “The Climb’ which tells the story about him in this industry. He said “it’s the climb that matters.” Wilkes also stated that every lyric in the song, he could have written. Chloe agreed that it was HIS song.

The Voice 14 Knockouts week 2, Dylan vs. Wilkes

Pictured: (l-r) Dylan Hartigan, Carson Daly, Wilkes (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

After their performances, Kelly told Wilkes, he showed that he’s a great vocalist and not a one-trick-pony. She went with Dylan because he was on her team.
Alicia said Dyan is “super-dynamic,” and this is Wilkes’ secret weapon. “The music takes over you.” Adam said Wilkes is crazy with his range and called Dylan “ridiculous too.” Coach Blake said they both did everything that they could do. He has never met anyone like Dylan. Blake commmented that he’s not sure if Wilkes is competely conscious in between songs and saves all his energy for singing. Blake chose Wilkes. “He shows that there’s no limit to his range” and said he’s like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyd.

STEAL – Kelly stole Dylan back on her team.

GARY EDWARDS vs. RAYSHUN LAMARR (Team Adam / Jordan Smith)

Gary worked as a janitor where he snuck into the music room to practice the piano. He sang “Many Rivers to Cross,” a song about his journey on “The Voice.” Adam liked the gospel feel that the song had. Jordan told him this is that time to show-off who he is as an artist, and advised him to “dig-in.” Adam told him “if it’s a six, make it a twelve. Rayshun was working as a bank teller before coming onto “The Voice” and overcame cancer. He chose “Fallin” song because it described a relationship he was in. Then realized it’s an Alicia Keys song which was added pressure placed on him. Adam advised Rayshun to try a new version of it. Jordan told him to just “go for it.” Adam said the worse crime is to “think about too much,” and told him to fuel it with emotions.

Kelly said “Rayshun is confident’ and his vocal is insane. She went with Gary because it’s not easy singing that song. Blake said Rayshun is “full of it” and Gary sang the hell out of that song! Alicia was impressed that Rayshun hit the notes. Adam said it’s good to know that someone on your team has that fire” when critiquing Rayshyn. Adam said Rayshun swings from the farm across the street!

STEAL – Blake stole Gary Edwards. Blake said he hit his button for him in the Blind Auditions. Gary was overcome with emotion.

ALEXA vs JORGE (Team Kelly / Cassadee Pope)

She paired them for their popular sound. Alexa chose to sing “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John. She said her dad inspired her taste in music. Kelly commented that Alexa’s control is insane. Jorge was born in Mexico and was on “The Voice” in Mexico. Kelly said he didn’t know Jorge could sing that way during his rehersal. Alicia said Alexa continues to surprise and chose her. Adam told Aexa “there’s all this potential.”

Blake stated that Alexa has a very unusal sounding voice and didn’t navigate the melody as they know she could have. Kelly said she loves Jorge. He’s cool when he switches it up. Alexa tackled a “crazy, hard melody.” They both did well. She said the winner of the knockout keeps shocking “the hell” out of her. She chose Alexa. Adam had one Steal left and was waiting to be “amazed.”

One Knockout performance that was not aired in its entirity was REID UMSTATTD vs. JORDYN SIMONE from Team Adam. Adam chose Reid because he said he had a connection to what he sang. KNOCKOUT WINNER: Reid.

KELSEA vs. SHARANE (Team Alicia / Chris Blue)

Alicia paired Kelsea and Sharane because they are both her “big voices.” Kelsea’s grandfather, who got her into music, recently passed away and she dedicated her song to him. Kelsea chose “Rise Up.” Sharane chose Etta James song “All I Could Do Was Cry.” Sharane was raised in foster care, and got Alicia’s last spot on her team. Chris Blue said he sensed that she’s gone through a lot, but feels that there’s more to Sharane.

The Voice 14 Knockouts week 2, Kelsea vs. Sharane

Pictured: (l-r) Kelsea Johnson, Carson Daly, Sharane Calister (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

After their Knockout performances, Adam told Sharane she is so connected, there’s no going back. He said Kelsea was too in her head and not in her heart enough. Kelly told Kelsea that even though she was “raspy,” she still “nailed it.” Sharane has some kind of intensity that she doesn’t even have to move. Blake reacted “W.T.F.” to Sharane. He told Kelsea that people liked the raspiness to Chloe’s voice. Coach Alicia said that there’s more to bring out in Sharane. But, she always rises to the occasion. She agreed with Adam with Kelsea that she’s still in her head a lot and needs to break through. The winner was Kelsea.

KNOCKOUT WINNER: Kelsea. Alicia said there’s something mysterous and special about Kelsea. That “it” factor. They both needed to access their emotions. But Kelsea made her feel the most in the moment.

STEAL: Adam said Sharane belongs on his team.

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