All Blocks Are Off on THE VOICE 16 Blind Auditions Week 2 Recap

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All Blocks Are Off on THE VOICE 16 Blind Auditions Week 2 Recap

In last week’s “The Voice” season 16 premiere, newly joined coach John Legend became the most Blocked coach in the show’s history. This is the second season of the coaches having the Block feature. This week, the Blocks were gone. Something new this season, and in any season to “The Voice” is that the show welcomed it’s first-ever relatives auditioning in separate Blind Auditions and not as a duet.

Kelly tried to steal another Country artist from Blake. But came to the realization that males in general tend NOT to pick her as a coach. Blake got thrown under the bus by the other coaches as he tried to sweet-talk a couple of artists. He chalked it up to him being their hero.

It was a bitter-sweet night on “The Voice” after losing past contestant Janice Freeman who competeted on the show during season 13, 2017. She was on Team Miley. This episode was dedicated to Janice.



The Voice 16 blind auditions week 2, Jacob Maxwell

Pictured: Jacob Maxwell — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Chair Turns: John, Kelly

John hit his button right away. Jacob said Adam Levine has visited his beautiful city. Kelly said her favorite part about his voice is that it’s “effortless.” Kelly said that he’s really talented. She liked that she took a female song and changed it. John said he’s glad that Jacob has a biblical name and his voice is heavenly and compared him to James Morrison. He called his voice distinct and sweet. He took a risk at turning around early “We are going to make America very happy.” John added that he looks like Leonardo DiCaprio.

Coach: John. John said Jacob has such a beautiful tone and worldly. He called him “catnip for all the girls that will be voting for him. Meantime, Kelly felt discourage that men won’t come to her team and it was like high school again!


Karly, who’s 23-years-old from Mission Viejo, California said she sings every day and she also goes to the skate park. She said the same kind of commitment she has at the skate park, she has with music. Music started for her at a really young age around five-years-old and wants to make a living at playing music. Karly who also writes he won songs, is ready for the next step. She called “The Voice” Blind Audition the biggest performance of her life. She sang “Starving” by Hailee Steinfeld.

Chair Turn: Adam

Adam said her voice is something he listened to “very, very, very carefully.” She reminded him of Regina Spector – “small but emotional raw thing.” He said there has to be a certain kind of purity with a tone, and her tone is something that everyone would know. Adam predicted that what Karly does will be “seriously underestimated.” John said he thought her voice was fantastic with a beautiful tone. His only question was range and dynamic because it sounded like she was in one pocket the whole time. Kelly said Karly’s voice was pure and angelic and should stick with that vibe that will make her stand-out. Adam called her voice very “simple, pretty and pure.” Karly said she’s been listening to Adam her whole life and really excited to have him as her coach.


The Voice 16 blind auditions week 2, Luna Searles

Pictured: Luna Searles — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Luna is 37-years-old from Atlanta, Georgia and is returning from season two of “The Voice.” The last time she auditioned, she was nervous because she never did anything like that before. She said she”s been singing in Atlanta. Luna said as a black girl singing rock music it’s hard for people to take her serious. She said at age 37, she’s ready to go to the next level. Her mom said Luna’s voice is stronger and her “whole package is better.” Luna said she’s more focused and more disciplined than before and feels better about getting out there performing. In her Blind Audition, Luna sounded like a power house. Mom was right!

Chair Turns: None. Of course John loved her name because it’s his daughter’s name. Kelly was shocked that it was her second time at “The Voice.” Adam said she needs to show them more in that 90 seconds. He said that last note was “too late almost.” Blake told her that he needs to hear more finesse and depth of what she’s capable of. John said they just didn’t hear it in this song and encouraged her to try again. He said she needs to show more. John said to the camera that he’s waiting on someone that moves him.


Carter is from Murietta, Georgia and is 19-years-old. In 2008 when the market crashed, his family became homeless. They lived in a hotel. At that time, his grandma gave him a guitar. Playing became his focus. He plays at different bars and restaurants. Carter said “The Voice” is his chance and wants to put “them back on the map.” He sang “Drinkin Problem.”

Chair Turns: Blake, Kelly

Blake and Kelly turned at the very end of Carter’s song. Adam said Carter isn’t not allowed to have a drinking problem. Adam said his favorite thing about Carter is that he’s 19 and just sang the most inappropriate song. Adam said if he’s looking for a guy who’s super weird and crazy, Blake might be the perfect fit for him. Kelly said he sounded like he’s 50. Kelly said Carter fooled them because she didn’t know that he’s 19 and he “stands-out.” Blake said he can tell that Carter knows what he’s doing and admires that about him. “There were a few pitch things.” But, knowing that he’s 19, “it’s scary as hell coming out here. ” Blake said Carter had a solid grip on it at the end hitting that big note and it’s “undeniable.” He would be proud to have him on his team. Carter chose Blake.

Coach: Blake. Blake said Carter’s voice has a lot of edge and he’s going to turn a lot of heads after he has a chance to work with him. Carter said he felt a connection with Blake and thinks he’ll help him a lot.

Kelly was annoyed again that men never pick her.


Talon is 18-years-old from Orem, Utah. He works at a Chinese restaurant wearing many different hats. Talon bought his own guitar at age 12 and took guitar lessons. By age 14, he wrote two songs. After that , he joined a cover band and played all over Utah. After his parents divorced, he grew-up with his mom. When Talon was 16 years old, his dad , who’s a police officer was hit by a car going 100 miles per hour. He was close to losing his Dad and it’s a miracle that he’s alive. Talon sang “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur because the emotional line represents him not knowing if his dad was going to make it. He said he’ll be able to connect with the emotion.

Chair Turn: John

John turned at the very last second of Talon’s audition while Talon was stretching out his last high note. Adam told him he’s going to be great with John and help him with the little things he heard. Sometimes we don’t bank on potential, but you have a lot of it. Kelly said he couldn’t be with a better coach. Kelly stated that she thinks Talon will be a dark horse and will surprise everyone in the Battles. John told Talon that he amazed him in the high notes at the end and “delivered at the end.” John said Talon has a special voice cool, tone and a great range. He’s glad he got him.


The Voice 16 blind auditions week 2, Patrick McAloon

Pictured: Patrick McAloon -Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Patrick, who’s 40-years-old and his daughter Ruby, 16-years-old are doing something not been done on the show yet, auditioning. But, not together or part of a duet. They are from Barrington, Rhode Island. They’re at different stages with their music. Patrick has been working for 25 years at music. Ruby has been inspired by her dad being around music and ready to pursue music as a career. She wrote a song at age 4, and had her first show at 13. He toured as a “side man” for Pat McGee. Patrick sang “Runway Train” by Soul Asylum for his Blind Audition. He said “The Voice’ is an opportunity to “propel” back out to the front after spending many years as a side-man.

Chair Turns: Blake, Adam, John

Patrick told the coaches that his influences are Sting and Peter Gabriel. John said he sounded incredible and showed them his range with big powerful, tender notes and navigated all of it with skill, charm and presence. That was a great journey for them to go on with him. He told him he’d be excited to work with him. Adam said once and a while he’ll run across someone who is really “musically like minded” with him. It’s an under-rated band. His voice is gritty with the higher range and wish he had that. Blake said Soul Asylum is his favorite band. He loves Sting and Peter Gabriel. Blake went- on…”I’d be honored to have you on my team. I love Patrick.” After Patrick chose Adam, John said “they were made for each other.”

Coach – Adam. Adam said he was great and that song spoke to him. Patrick said he’s excited for his daughter auditioning next!


Ruby, Patrick’s 16-year-old daughter, sang “Back to You” for her Blind Audition, in a sweet, sharp way. Not enough to get the coaches to turn.

Chairs Turned: None

Adam said he loves her voice and knew she is young. He said think about how long it took her dad. She has this is a great experience to draw on and just because this didn’t go her way, something else will. John said she has a great range, but sounded somewhat unsure. “Your future is really bright,” he told her. Kelly told her she was 19, three years older than her when she was auditioning and still wasn’t ready. Kelly said she wants to hear more range and doesn’t want her to be detoured by this at all. Adam said she’s going to “crush it” next time. Blake said she has the hook-up now with her Dad on the show and there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be able to come back an make it on the show. John said if you take the time to hone your craft, and work through your nerves, these are all things that can get better.


Alena is 26-years-old from Detriot, Michigan from a big Italian family. She said you have to speak louder than the other person. Alena said she started singing very young was insecure. She got stage fright. She went into cosmotology school and is currently engaged to Michael who’s also Italian. He said one day in the car, she started singing and he reacted why isn’t she doing that in real life. Alena said she was always doubting herself. She sang “In My Blood” by Shawn Mendes. She put her own spin on it very successfully.

Chair Turns: Blake, Kelly
John said she did a “fantastic job.” Adam gave her some guidance. In a nutshell don’t pick Blake, pick Kelly and “Kelly is going to be a great coach for you.” He said being a strong and powerful female singer requires the same from a coach. It’s not Blake. Blake responded that he’s been out-witted and “out-cuted” because Alena called both John and Adam “cute.” He doesn’t have the woman power like Kelly. But, he has 16 seasons worth of experience and is the most winning coach. He cares about seeing her with “The Voice” trophy. “That’s what I specialize in. There’s nobody like you on my team.” Blake got a spark of hope when she told him that her mom loves him. Kelly said if she picked her she’d tell her to “reign it in a tiny bit in certain areas” because she got pitchy in parts. But she can get past that. She loved her song selection and that she thought it was really clever she sang a guys’ song and “nailed it” like that. Alena chose Kelly.

Coach: Kelly. Kelly said she loves her passion and excited to see what they do together, but has no men on her Team.


Kanard is 28-years-old from Jacksonville, Florida. He was raised by his Aunt and Uncle. He learned determination and to never give-up from them. Karnard had his son at age 19 out of high-school. He co-parents “very well” and works for B.B. King blues band on a carnival ship. He said by going on “The Voice” he gets to show his son that “anything is possible” and is living his dream. He sang “Riding with the King.”

Chair Turns: None. Blake said he thinks he’s a good singer. But, taken back because with that song it needed more “edge and desperation.” It was “a little too good sounding ” for that song and needed more aggression, he told him. John said he needed more flare and needed something more “transcended” and excitement. “I wanted something to move me.” Adam said it would have been the right song if he ” was hanging from the edge.” John said he wanted more passion, energy. Something special and not he not enough personality from Kanard.

Kanard said he’d possibly audition again. He was the third artist to join the Comeback Stage by Bebe Rexha. She said he “stepped” it up and has a natural talent.


The Voice 16, blind auditions week 2, Dexter Roberts

Pictured: Dexter Roberts — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Dexter is 27-years-old from Fayette, Alabama and calls himself “a true Country boy.” He loves being outside and started learning Country music around 10 or 11 years old. He used to play a few shows a week until he had a medical setback and didn’t feel like playing music. He was so sick he didn’t let anyone know what was going-on. Dexter got medicine to help him after learning he had Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick Fever. Dexter said he’s ready to give it another shot, and wants to be like the coaches and would be happy to be on anyone’s Team. He sang classic Country song “Like a Cowboy.” As a result, Blake, Kelly and John hit their buttons at the same time followed by Adam who waited until the very end of his audition.

Chair Turns: Blake, Kelly, John, Adam

John said his voice was so rich and hit the power notes at the end. He said he’s not an expert in Country, but he knows a great voice and heard it today. Adam stated that he’s not a Country state police, but anyone of us knows when something is transcendent enough to be truly spectacular and wanted to pay his respect by turning. However, using reverse psychology, Adam told Dexter NOT to pick him. He said they may go too far in the competition.

Blake told Dexter to ask the other coaches who sings that song. None of them knew. But Adam said Blake doesn’t know 99% of the songs performed there. He said he’s just a fan of music and he’s a fan of the artists auditioning. Kelly said only two things why she turned around. She said males never pick her. Secondly, they all know he’s “probably” going to pick “Uncle Blake.” But who’s going to have all the Country singers on his team where half of them will go home in the Battles. Then think beyond what everyone else does on the show and think about Kelly Clarkson, she told him.

Blake pulled himself out from under the bus that the other coaches parked on his skull. He nick-named Dexter the “dexternator.” Blake said Country artists know who they are and where they come from and they keep a foot in their place. He stated that he doesn’t cross genres. Then Kelly called him out that, that wasn’t true. Adam said Blake’s rise to prominence was because he branched-out and didn’t stay in that box and went against the grain. Blake argued that Country artists know who they are, they keep one foot where they came from and keep their eye on the ball. He said he just happens to know what he loves. He said being on a national show because he stepped-out of the box, “okay I’ll give you that.” John asked if Dexter has made his “Dexcision.” He chose Blake.

Coach- Blake. Blake was estatic to win a 4-chair-turn. “I finally got a 4 chair turn and my buddy Dextor was the guy that made it happen,” said Blake. Who do you want to beat more than your hero. That’s why the other coaches gang-up with me because I’m their hero.


The Voice 16 blind auditions week 2, Jej vinson

Pictured: Jej Vinson — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Jej is 22-years-old from the Philipines. His influences are Destiny’s CHild, Brian Mcknight, Beyonce, He liked that it was so different from Filipino music. At age 15, his parents moved him and his sister to the U.S. where “everything changed” and they had to start over. His dad worked as a dish washer. Jej worked his way up to a nursing assistant so he could go to med school. But, soon realized his passion is music and moved to Los Angeles. He’s trying to prove to his parents tha he can make it in music. His mom said she’s proud that he fought for his passion. He’s hoping to get a chair turn from John Legen because he connects with his music the most. Jej sang “Passionfruit” by Drake.

Chair Turns: Blake, Kelly, John, Adam

Kelly went to the stage to shake Jej’s hand. Adam sang “you’re a better singer than all of us.” John said it was a wild, inspired song choice because Drake is monotone and he was worried that he’d stay there. But Jej hit every note with beauty and precision and said Jej deserves the four-chair-turn. Adam said they were having a fun time listening to him. But advised him not to “be too perfect.” John advised Jej that he’d make sure that Jej would get to a place where people can “feel him” as well as they can hear him. That would be the number one thing and keep people connected to his heart. Blake said they are a bit nervous talking to him because he predicts he’ll be the winner this season. What scares him for Jej is for him to do what people expect of him. “I would hate to see you stay in a box.” He asked Jej if he’d like to stand-out. The other coaches called Blake out for just telling the previous singer to stand in a box. Blake said what they’re talking about is the fact that he wins the show a lot. Kelly said Jej’s runs ‘have finesse.” Kelly told Jej how she has ONE male on her team and thinks Jej is “incredible.” Jej chose Kelly.

Coach – Kelly. Blake said Jej has what it takes to win this show and he’s a threat to everybody. Kelly was excited to win her first a four-chair-turn this season. She said she hopes to hear Jej on the radio one day because we need singers like him.



The Voice 16 blind auditions week 2, Betsy Ade

Pictured: Betsy Ade — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Bestsey wore a Michael Jackson style red leather jacket in her Blind Audition where she displayed a very distinct and powerful voice.

Chair Turns: John, Adam

Adam said he heard so much Florence. But also heard Annie Lennox. He said when he saw her, there’s charisma. John agreed that he heard Florence, and Annie. But when he heard big notes, he thought “Betsey belongs on this show.” John said he’s very laid-back. But his wife is the opposite, and loves a vivacious, strong woman. She chose John.

Coach – John. He said he “loved her energy…this is the kind of artist that cuts the noise,” and he’s happy that Betsey was looking for the Yin to her Yang.


Chair Turns: Kelly, John, Blake

John said everyone is going to assume that she’ll pick the obvious choice which is Blake. He was very enthusastic to turn around and thinks he’ll be a great coach for her. Adam advised John “it’s a fool’s errrand” trying to get a Country artist away from Blake. Kelly stated that she hit her button first. She said Rebbeca has a Lee Anne Womack vibe. Blake said the thing he loves is the whiney, nasely sound. Kelly reacted to the comment that, that’s not a good thing.

John cut-in to tell her that she was so precise with the way she hit those notes and he was impressed. Kelly picked back up and said she loves Country music. John called Blake a “master manipulater.” Blake said he doesn’t NEED to explore Country because he has every nook and crany of it. Rebecca said after hearing everybody she chose Kelly who jumped out of her chair in shock! Blake was visibly bothered and told Rebecca I can’t help you now.

Coach – Kelly. “Rebecca had that sound, whiny, nasely thing that I love. Maybe I shouldn’t have said,” Blake stated.


Kendra is 19-years-old from San Diego, California. She’s a natural red head and has always been a fan of music and dancing. She really got into music in fourth grade. Her dad had cerebral brain hemorrage. He’s lucky he survived after 4 brain surgeries and being in a coma for two-and a half weeks. Kendra said music was something that really got her through all of it. Her dad is her biggest fan. He tought her to live every day as your last. She sang “Sober.” Blake turned right away.

Chair Turns: Blake

Adam reacted that her and Blake “is a beautiful pairing.” John said the first girl he kissed name was Kendra. Kelly said it’s such a deep meaningful song and interested in her breaking-down that last barrier and letting everyone in. She said it’s good she’s on Blake’s team becaue he doesn’t have anyone else like her on his Team.


J.T. trains spinning classes at a gym and uses his voice at this job non-stop. He said it’s his job, or his singing career. J.T. said being on “The Voice” means changing his life. He sang “Higher Love” By Steve Winwood.

Chair Turns: None

Adam said he was so close and all of them were about to turn around. Adam told him to comeback to give them a chance to turn. John said he heard nerves and J.T. seemed unsure. Adam said J.T. sounded like a 70-year-old person. But, he meant that in the best possible way. John said to the camera that he’s holding-out for that special thing that he can’t explain.


The Voice 16 blind auditions, LB Crew

Pictured: Lb Crew — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

LB is 29-years-old from Little Rock Arkansas. For the last few years, he’s been singing with his younger brother who plays the piano, and has an illness. His brother wished him luck with his ‘Voice audition over the phone. LB sang “Waves” by Mr. Probz.
It’s about being a drift at sea. He sees it as leaving his family, but he’s headed somewhere. There’s a destination where I’m trying to be, said LB. Kelly and Blake turned right away! John and Adam turned later in his audition.

Chair Turns: Kelly, Blake, John, Adam.

Adam said his best skill is falsetto, and it wasn’t LB’s best. “When someone has the gift that you have, and this one little thing” that he can help him with is why Adam said he turned. Kelly said she’s the first person that turned and could tell he has range, depth and she loved his falsetto Kelly told him that in this competition it’s just going to be stragtegy at this point. John called his voice beautiful and powerful. Blake brought-up a weird topic when he asked LB if he’s heard of the National Park called Toad Suck? LB replied ‘yes’, and Blake said he’s performed at Toad Suck. Blake told LB that he has a charisma that “we’re all interested in” and personaly loves his falsetto. Adam didn’t let-up and stressed that he believes that falsetto is an important dynanic in the whole thing. LB chose Adam!

Coach -Adam. Kelly was shocked and “did NOT see that coming.” LB said he appreciated Adam’s constructive criticism. Adam stated that 99% of LB’s voice is “unstoppable.” Now the coaches are waiting on the sidelines until they can try to still him.



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