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America – Howie’s Got Talent Too! OFF THEIR ROCKERS

Posted on February 07 2013 by Editor

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America – Howie’s Got Talent Too! OFF THEIR ROCKERS

Game show icon for her regular appearances on “Match Game” Betty White, best known for her role as Rose on “The Golden Girls” will have another game show personality, Howie Mandel (Deal or No Deal, America’s Got Talent, Take it All) on her NBC hidden-camera prank show, “Off Their Rockers” on Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In an NBC interview, Mandel said he is a huge Betty White fan and considers his guest spot on “Off Their Rockers” as a check he can mark off on his bucket list.

His guest spot includes a comedic skit where White is addressing his germaphobia. Mandel says, “Betty has called attention to my germaphoia in this episode, and she’s trying to accommodate in a way that only Betty can. Hopefully the hilarity and laughs will ensue.”

The hidden-camera aspect of the show hits home for Mandel – not only does he also have his own hidden-camera show, “Mobbed” which airs on FOX, but classic hidden-camera show “Candid Camera” hosted by Allen Funt, was the inspiration for his pursuit of a stand-up comedy career.

Betty White and Howie Mandel – OFF THEIR ROCKERS

Howie Mandel with Betty White – Episode 209, OFF THEIR ROCKERS

Howie’s got talent too says Betty White of Howie Mandel – Episode 209, OFF THEIR ROCKERS

Other celebrity guests this season on “Off Their Rockers” included: Kim Kardashian, The Housewives of Beverly Hills, Nick Lachey, Nene Leakes, Ed Asner, Nicole Richie.


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