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America will Choose the Winner on BRING THE FUNNY Sneak-Peek

Posted on June 30 2019 by Editor

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America will Choose the Winner on BRING THE FUNNY Sneak-Peek

What better way to talk about stand-up comedy than inside a club-like atmosphere on a stage with a comedian moderator. That’s exactly what NBC did to introduce a brand new competition reality show called “Bring the Funny” which focuses on the magic, hopes and dreams of stand-up comedians.

The exclusive sneak-peek event had comedian Yvette Nicole Brown moderating the panel of judges and host of “Bring the Funny” show. Judges Kenan Thompson, Chrissy Teigen, and Jeff Foxworthy along with host Amanda Seales took to their seats on stage at local Hollywood (or “Hollywood adjacent” as Thompson described it) venue “Rockwell Table & Stage” for the Q&A session. We also got a sneak-peek of the talent on the show with stand-up acts from Kristin Key, and Matt Riff.

Pictured: Comedian contestant Kristin Key / Photo: Hollywood Junket

In a live sneak-peek with a stand-up comedy performance from a contestant on the show was Kristin Key who is from Armadillo, Texas. Key, who originally wanted to be a paramedic, said she was inspired by the successfully, talented stand-up comedian Jeff Foxworthy who serves as a judge on the show.

In “Bring the Funny” video teaser, the judges said they are “searching for something rare – gift of comedy.” How the show works is that the judges decide which stand-up acts go through. At the end, there will be six acts and ultimately America will choose the winner during the live shows portion. Another first look at another contestant was from comedian Matt Riff who is twenty-three years old. Kenan Thompson’s advice to some of these acts was “Stand-up hard and need a lot of perspective to not have a one trick pony.”

Pictured (l-r): Nicole Yvette Brown, Amanda Seales, Jeff Foxworthy, Chrissy Teigen, Kenan Thompson / Photo: Hollywood Junket


“To do stand-up, you have to be a good writer first,” stated Jeff Foxworthy. 
Moderator Brown asked them what was the first moment when they realized they went big. Amanda said it was when she was on HBO show “Insecure.”  Foxworthy said it was preforming on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and getting called to the couch.  He said Carson only called the comedians that he liked to come to the couch and it meant that they were really funny.  Kenan said his first job, at ten-years-old, was a fried chicken commercial “I was proud of.  It was super racist.”  Chrissy said for her it was when “f*&%ing John [Legend].” Yes, she really did say that! Amanda said she created a sizzle reel for Sammy’s Fish Box and they ended-up using if for their commercial. They still play it four years later and Amanda confirmed that she isn’t receiving any money from it.  


Brown asked host Amanda to explain the show’s format. She had very little recollection (the show finished filming about one month ago). So, Kenan stepped-in to explain. “Bring the Funny” has four rounds.  There’s forty contestants.  The judges get ten contestants each.  Those contestants get narrowed down to six.  “Comedy Clash” is one-on-one with different genres. the judges pick someone to go to show. Part of what makes the show so interesting is, “does it make me laugh or not,” stated Foxworthy and added that, that aspect is where “Chrissy was important for this.” Chrissy fessed-up that she laughs over everything though!

In the fourth round, is the Finals which are the live shows portion of the show. America will be able to choose the winner.  What makes for a great stand-up?  Jeff said he quit a job at IBM to pursue comedy.  He was hoping to do stand-up for two years.  “At least I’ll have a cool story,” he said.  Now 32 years later, he said he’s done the Tonight Show forty times and has never watched himself on it.  He doesn’t like watching himself on TV.  He’s never seen the shows.  “What I learned from others – when you’re on TV, you start to go faster.  When you think you’re going too fast, slow down.”  He’s shared this insight with other comedians over the years. Foxworthy also shared that he knows what it’s like to lose.  He was turned down by Star Search six times. Ironically, during his visit to the Tonight Show, he was seated next to host of “Star Search,” Ed McMahon who asked him why he won’t get onto “Star Search.”


What’s the hardest thing about comedy?  Kenan said writing.  “Great writers are brilliant.  They have to have a lot of references…great writers encompass a lot of shit,” stated Kenan who is iconic for his days on Nickelodeon’s “All That” and now being the longest running cast member on sketch comedy NBC show “Saturday Night Live.”


Chrissy said some people might flourish in a live atmosphere.  Foxworthy said the nerves escalates, “if you’re going to be a star, you have to be able to handle it (live shows).” Chrissy stated that there are some comedians that America are really going to want to see come back.  Foxworthy added a bit of good news for viewers which is America will get to vote for one act to bring back that the judges let go on “Bring the Funny.”

“Smart, Funny and Black” is Amanda Seals new game show.  She advised to “just be yourself in whatever lane you’re in.”  Chrissy said around the holidays she likes to look-up on Twitter “hot cousin.”  She said you’ll be amazed at how many people comment on their cousins.  Changing the topic, Lol, Amanda brought-up “Standup NBC. ” Amanda said it’s a diversity initiative.  People from diverse backgrounds get the opportunity to be seen by NBC executives where they wouldn’t have that otherwise.  She was a semi-finalist in that competition.


Foxworthy said he’s a dad of all daughters and loves smart, talented women.  Inside, he’s cheering them on “go girl!””I love that we work with men that appreciate women,” stated Chrissy.  Kenan admited that the “fear factor” (of doing stand-up) never goes away.  “I still get nervous” before a show, he said.   “It means you care about what you’re doing.”  He told the story of when Foxworthy had to re-write his six-minute set on the Tonight show in the middle of his set because he forgot to factor in the pause time for laughter.  The six minutes had to be spot-on, not over and not under. He came in at six minutes flat. It was his first time and he got called onto the couch.

“Bring the Funny” premieres on July 9th on NBC.


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