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AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11- Jessica Sanchez on Touring!

Posted on July 06 2012 by Editor

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AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11- Jessica Sanchez on Touring!

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HOLLYWOOD JUNKET’s Coverage “AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11- Jessica Sanchez on Touring!”

The “American Idol Live Tour 2012” kicks off today in Detroit, Michigan. The tour will visit 45 cities including the home towns of the top 10 Idols. Fans will be able to see their favorites perform live on stage. Watch this backstage video interview with Jessica Sanchez.

HOLLYWOOD JUNKET host Jules Sanchez interviewed “American Idol” runner-up Jessica Sanchez with her best friend Joshua Ledet about their future plans. Ledet stated that he is “definitely a ‘Blue Jay” as in- Sanchez Twitter follower. “This is my sister. My soul sister. I never heard a girl that can sing like this. Honestly I can’t put it into words” said Ledet.

Sanchez said that they are all going to the Philippines and that they are “very excited”. However, “we are not excited for the flight”. Ledet agreed, stating, “we had a flight to Orlando and I was so scared”. Though not much one for traveling, fans can expect to see all of the top 10 American Idols in their 45 city tour visiting cities such as Portland, OR (July 19), Washington, DC (August 8), Manchester, NH (August 18), Albany, NY (Augst 30), and even, yes… Orlando, FL (August 2). The tour wraps-up in Milwaukee, WI on September 11, 2012. For a complete list of tour dates and locations, visit:

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