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AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: CNN Welcomes Piers Morgan As New Larry King!

Posted on September 09 2010 by Set News

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In an official announcement yesterday from CNN, “America’s Got Talent” critical judge, Piers Morgan will be taking over for Larry King’s show “Larry King Live”.

Morgan talked to our host, Marisa Petroro (Deal or No Deal Case Model No.18) about how his hosting style will be “to charm” his guest to get the best out of them. He joked that his goal would be to pull “indiscretions” out of guests. Morgan stated that he plans to do the show his “individual way, and bring a bit of my personality to it”. He also said, “people will expect for me to be a bit fresh and different [from Larry]”.

Watch Piers Morgan video interview below:


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  1. Annia Says:

    Congratulations, Piers. I will be watching you. Words of advice…don’t start wearing the suspenders…LOL.

  2. ricky Says:

    Jackie Evancho is great, but I believe is a little too soon for her, she needs a break to grow up a little bit more and have a little fun as a kid. I am a choreographer and show business is going to take away from her the childhood games and the time to spend with family and friends, show biz will keep her on the go and also school wich is a personality developer will be cut off her life. Let a star br someone who has mature enough to face the hars life of a show tour and let kids play artist in front of a mirror. Jackie Evancho will be a great star no effort, but we can not condone another Britney future because her childhood was thorn apart by show biz and media. Let the best one win. They all are great in their area and already winners.

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