Awkward Instant Save on THE VOICE Season 15 Top 8 Revealed Recap

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November 27, 2018
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December 11, 2018
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Awkward Instant Save on THE VOICE Season 15 Top 8 Revealed Recap

NBC’s “The Voice” season 15 Top 10 artists performed on Monday night’s show. Also part of the night’s performances included Blake Shelton with his single “Turnin’ Me On.” At the end of Tuesday night’s results show, only eight artists remained in “The Voice” competition, giving us the Top 8.

Monday’s show started with a bang with Team Kelly’s Kennedy Holmes, also the youngest on “The Voice” this season, and ended on a bang also with Team Kelly. Makenzie Thomas blew everyone away with her performance of a Celine Dion song to round-out the Top 10 performances Monday night. Other stand-out performances came from Kymberli Joye, Sarah Grace, and Chevel Shepherd.


Thirteen-year-old Kennedy Holmes opened this episode with Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too” song. Jennifer picked the song for it being fun and wanted Kennedy to show her youthful side. Kennedy said it was “risky” because she’s been singing ballads so far. Kennedy was comfortable dancing to the song because she’s taken dance classes since an early age. Kennedy’s performance included nailing some professional choreography that included the moon walk.

Kelly said she was so happy to see her doing stuff her age and was “a smart move.” Adam reacted “if that’s being 13, then I sucked at being 13.” He said her dancing is a strength that they didn’t know about. Jennifer said Kennedy doesn’t dissapoint and regreted not learning to dance when she was young like Kennedy. Jennifer finished with that Kennedy is “ready for the game!”


Reagan has been the most streamed ‘Voice artist for two weeks in a row. Reagan said the song choice this week “Cry” by Faith Hill is on a different emotional level for her. She experienced her parents getting divorced. That’s where her emotion is going to come from. Adam said Reagan is inspirational for kids her age and has a limitless upper register but has trouble hitting the low notes. He told her to treat the versus like choruses. Adam advised Reagan to embrace her inner diva.

Blake reacted that he wanted to cry because Reagan didn’t pick him. He said it’s a tough song because it has high and low register. Kelly said that’s probably Faith Hill’s rangesiest song. She said how Reagan expresses emotion is something you can’t teach and she innately has it. Adam said Reagan raised it (her range) a half step higher. He said when Reagan sings, she commands the attention of the audience and he’s proud of her.

Next, Blake Shelton performed “Turnin’ Me On” on “The Voice” stage.

SARAH GRACE (Team Kelly)

Blues artist Sarah Grace plays the trumpet. She said the trumpet is “hard to master.” Kelly called Sarah’s idea “a cool idea” which was Sarah singing “Amazing Grace” to The Animals’ “House of Rising Sun” undertones. Sarah added a section in her performance where she played her trumpet. WATCH below!

Jennifer was impressed how Sarah was able to replace her trumpet without missing a beat. She also loved how the song displayed her confidence and took a chance on singing that arrangement. Kelly said Sarah reminds her of so many aritsts that she loves. It was a “special level of soul” and said Sarah is an “intelligent musician.” Kelly called it an “amazing, insane version of “Amazing Grace,” her most favorite that she’s ever heard.


Kymberli selected “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” song. Kymberli said the song is about faith, and there was a time in her life, she said, where she really struggled with depression. Kelly said Kymberli needs to make sure she’s vulnerable to let people in, but not enough for her to break.

Blake commented that he felt like that was her most powerful performance so far because she was able to “reign-in,” and give control which made an impact. Jennifer said “there is nothing” that Kymberli can NOT sing. She said Kymberli is already walking into her purpose. Kelly said it’s important that it’s not about having the biggest voice on the show. But, it’s about moving someone and Kymberli let “God do his work.” She said “it was beautiful.”


Team Blake went bowling this week. Chris chose “Callin Baton Rouge” song by Garth Brooks. Chris called it a fun, party song with high energy. Blake warned that when covering Garth, the fans know every syllable. Blake called Chris a “dark horse” that America is falling in love with. Chris said he’s been playing in bars for a long time and now it’s time to show America who he is.

The Voice 15 Top 10 Live show week 4, Chris Koreze

Pictured: Chris Kroeze — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Kelly reacted that Chris is “super-sweet” and wants to be friends with him. She continued – he’s cool, relateable, and “who attacks Garth Brooks?” Blake told Chris that he’s proud of him as a coach. He said Chris brought Country music to prime time and the fiddle battle he had on stage is something you don’t see anymore.

DAVE FENLEY (Team Blake)

Blake told Dave that his beat-boxing last week got people’s attention and kept him in the competition. Dave chose “When You Say Nothing at All” because it’s a song that Dave’s dad loves a lot and they’d sing it together.

Jennifer said she doesn’t know about Country, but knows a voice when she hears one, and Dave has a voice! Kelly said Dave is a story-teller with “ache.” She loves his ache when he “goes big.” Coach Blake said the thing that drives him crazy about being Dave’s coach is he never does the same thing twice because he sings with his heart.


Adam said no one’s done the Bruno Mars song he chose “That’s What I Like” because “no one can sing” and DeAndre can. He called DeAndre an “incredible vocalist” and won’t be in the bottom. DeAndre said he thinks Adam is “trying to make a statement.”

Jennifer said he sang the song “down” and “job well-done.” Kelly called it her favorite ending in the whole show when he abruptly ended on an up note. Adam said what happens in the room is hard to convey at home. “The ending was so sharp” and the reaction “was so special.” Adam said DeAndre “stepped it up” and predicts he’ll get the votes this week after being in the bottom two last week.


Chevel sang “You’re Looking at Country” by Loretta Lynn. Kelly chose it for the “pure country” vibe. She called it very Grand Ole Opry. Kelly said Chevel can be a Country star right now. Kelly suggested adding yodeling to the song.

Blake reacted how is it possible Chevel made a Loretta Lynn song even more Country and loved her yodeling throughout the song. Adam interrupted Kelly to tell Chevel how cute and “super-talented” she is. Kelly grouped her performance in with some of her favorites such as Patsy Cline.

KIRK JAY (Team Blake)

Kirk Jay sang “Tomorrow” by Chris Young. Kirk said he’s been in love before and wanted to convey that emotion. Blake advised Kirk to “lean into it as much as he can.” He said Kirk is genuine and has to feel it in order to sing it.

The Voice 15 Top 10 live show week 4, Kirk Jay

Pictured: Kirk Jay — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

‘Voice host Carson Daly said he felt like he was at a Kirk Jay show. Jennifer said she feels like she’s his “co-coach” and urged people to vote for Kirk so he can make a Country song. Adam said he’s also a huge fan of Kirk’s and feels like when he’s performing that “something new is happening for Country” and “it’s really important for Country music to have you in it.” Blake called it Kirk’s “most important” and “pivotal” performance. He has a thing about him that draws people so close, said Blake.


Makenzie chose “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion. “I aspire to be that type of musican.” Makenzie said this song that she performed before was the first time she sang outside of church. Jennifer advised her to come at it with everything she’s got. Jennifer also advised Makenzie to add her gospel influence to the song to show what makes her so special.

After Makenzie’s performance, the ultimate compliment came from her coach Jennifer when she said it all by stating, “there’s a Mariah Carey, there’s a Whitney Houston, there’s a Celine Dion, there’s a Kelly Clarkson, there IS A MAKENZIE THOMAS!”


Tuesday night’s show opened with a performance from James Arthur and Anne-Marie who sang “Rewrite the Stars” from “The Greatest Showman.”

The Voice 15 live show week 4, top 10 results, Ann Marie, James Arthur

Pictured: (l-r) Ann Marie, James Arthur — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

“The Voice” host Carson Daly announced that Chris Kroeze from Team Blake was the most streamed artist last night. Unfortunately, Reagan Strange was absent from the line-up of ‘Voice artists onstage due to illness. Kennedy said her upbeat and fun performance last night was great to reveal that upbeat side of her and wants to be a Pop star. Makenzie reacted to having Jennifer put her equal to herself and other artists such as Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Kelly Clarkson, was “special.” The first Save of the night went to Team Blake’s KIRK JAY!

The Voice 15 live shows week 4 results

Pictured: (l-r) Dave Fenley, Chris Kroeze, Kymberli Joye, DeAndre Nico — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

The next artist announced as saved was KENNEDY HOLMES (Team JHud).

Blake joked that he and his mom produced a movie called “Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas” he said airing on Sunday. We guess that means Blake is long overdue for a visit home! He said about his Team that he still feel goods about Chris and Dave. “If we happend to be in the Bottom Three, “I need your Twitter votes” Blake stated to keep the family together.

Jennifer advised to her artists “stay true to who you are” and “stay focused.” Kelly said she wants her Team to remember “when to have fun” and “just be lucky to get to do what we do.” She said “enjoy every moment.” Adam said it’s important that when “The Voice” ends, there’s important life choices to make. They have to wake up the next day “and make a career” for themselves.

The remaining artists returned to the stage to hear their fates. Chris said his team is “full of camaraderie.” The next artist announced as Saved was MAKENZIE THOMAS (Team JHud). That made ALL of Team JHud saved! America also Saved CHEVEL SHEPHERD (Team Kelly).

The Voice 15 live shows week 4 results, Chevel Shepherd

Pictured: (l-r) Chris Koreze, Chevel Shepherd. Kymberli Joye — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Kelly Clarkson performed “Heat” from her album “Meaning of Life.”

The remaining six artists came back to the stage for host Carson Daly to reveal the next artists who were Saved. DeAndre said of his Monday night performance he’s glad and grateful to open-up. Sarah Grace took a risk on Monday’s show with her performance and said it was worth it because she charted high on iTunes. America saved SARAH GRACE (Team Kelly), CHRIS KROEZE (Team Blake).

The Voice 15 top 10 live show week 4 Results, Gwen Stefani, Mon Laferte

Pictured: (l-r) Gwen Stefani, Mon Laferte — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Former ‘Voice coach and Rock/Pop icon Gwen Stefani returned to “The Voice” stage to perform “Feliz Navidad” from her Christmas album with artist Mon Laferte.

Dave said his dad sang in a Gospel Quartette and he would teach him harmony parts. Dave said his dad taught him to appreciate good song-writing. Kymberli stated that she “feels so close” to everybody on the show. The next artist Saved was KYMBERLI JOYE (Team Kelly). That made ALL of Team Kelly saved!

BOTTOM THREE: The bottom three remaining artists were: Reagan Strange, and DeAndre Nico – both from Team Adam, and Dave Fenley (Team Blake).

Reagan didn’t perform her Instant Save song due to “feeling under the weather”, but was present in the audience to look-on. Dave Fenley was the first artist to perform his Instant Save song “Amazed.” Kelly reacted that “it’s a very smart song.” She said his tone is her favorite thing about him. Blake said every time Dave gets on stage his voice “floors” him. “God gave you this gift,” and it’s on display every time Dave gets on stage. He said to America, “this guy deserves to move to the Semi-Finals.

DeAndre performed “All of Me” by John Legend for his Instant Save song. Jennifer said when DeAndre sings a song he “really, really means it” and all he can do is the best he can do. She said he did that with this song. Adam called DeAndre an “exquisite” singer and is perplexed why he’s in the bottom again. DeAndre was “fortunate enough to sing,” unlike Reagan. Adam said he can’t sing for Reagan. But, he has a special relationship with Reagan and urged everyone to give Reagan a shot and to keep her for next week. This is when things got awkward for DeAndre who was still standing on stage because it seemed that Adam was persuading voters to vote for Reagan over DeAndre. A camera shot showed Reagan sitting in the audience with her mother, dressed in a robe and crying.

The Voice 15 live shows week 4 results, Dave Fenley, DeAndre Nico

Pictured: (l-r) Dave Fenley, DeAndre Nico — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

When “The Voice” returned from commercial break, the Twitter Instant Save voting poll displayed the votes as: Dave Fenley 24%, DeAndre Nico 37%, Reagan Strange 38%. After Adam’s comment before the commercial break was resonating, Kelly stood-up for DeAndre and said “DeAndre, you just sang the hell out of that song!” Kelly added that everyone did a fantastic job!

Dave told Blake, “it’s been a hell of a ride.” DeAndre thanked the coaches for supporting him. Blake said he had no “last words” because even after the show, him and Dave will still be friends. Adam said “everyone likes to win” and DeAndre is extremely competitive. He said “The Voice” win doesn’t mean much if he doesn’t go for it after the show. He encouraged DeAndre to build a career for himself regardless of the outcome of “The Voice.”

The Twitter Instant Save vote went to REAGAN STRANGE (Team Adam). That meant DeAndre Nico (Team Adam) and Dave Fenley (Team Blake) went home.



The Voice 15 live shows week 4 Top 8 Results, Reagan Strange

Pictured: Reagan Strange – Team Adam


The Voice 15 live shows week 4 Results Top 8, Chris Kroeze, Kirk Jay

Pictured (l-r): Chris Kroeze, Kirk Jay – Team Blake


The Voice 15 live shows week 4 Results Top 8, Kennedy Holmes, Makenzie Thomas

Pictured (l-r): Kennedy Holmes, Makenzie Thomas – Team JHud


The Voice 15 live shows week 4 Results Top 8, Chevel, Kymberli, Sarah

Pictured (l-r): Chevel Shepherd, Kymberli Joye, Sarah Grace – Team Kelly



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