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Bachelor Pad Spoof Revealed – BURNING LOVE Season 2 Interviews, Clips

Posted on February 02 2013 by Editor

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Bachelor Pad Spoof Revealed – BURNING LOVE Season 2 Interviews, Clips

Burning Love season 2 – interviews and sneak-peek clips!
Paramount Pictures web series executive produced by Ben Stiller and co-executive produced by last season star and director Ken Marion, “Burning Love” returns to Yahoo! with a second season premiering on February 14, 2013

Interviews with the cast and crew gave an inside peek to the new season. Writer Erica Oyama says that Season two and three are in production. “The second season is going to be like The Bachelorette, the third season is going to be like Bachelor Pad.”

Julie is introduced to Blaze – BURNING LOVE Season 2

According to actress Abigail Spencer who plays “Annie” season two “picks up at the tail end” of what was to be the spin-off of Annie’s season “Hot For Teacher” where she finds her true love, Nate, played by Paul Rudd riding off into the sunset.

Actress June and Jerry O’Connell – BURNING LOVE Season 2

Actor, Director and Executive Producer Ken Marion who played the bachelor on season one of “Burning Love” Mark Orlando says that actress June Diane Raphael who plays Julie is one of the bachelorettes who got eliminated on his season is brought back to be “Burning Love” season 2’s bachelorette. The character was chosen because she is “the fragile one..the damaged goods” says Marion. He also stated that her character was chosen due to the dramatic and emotional plot line opportunities.

June with Adam Brody who plays “Max” – BURNING LOVE Season 2

After Julie was not selected by Mark, she started a romance with a fellow contestant Carly who is a lesbian. Actress Raphael explains that once Julie had “to go down town” she decided that lesbianism wasn’t for her.

Oyama states that season two of “Burning Love” captures a real energy that they played with in this spoof version. It’s that the men are more in it for the opportunity of being on television, or just “broing-out and don’t really want to make themselves vulnerable”. But that’s okay, because Raphael states that Julie’s standards in men are “really, really low.”

The bachelors include: Max (Adam Brody) who is hoping to find a nice Jewish girl and tries to convert Julie; Blaze (Ryan Hansen) is in the competition because he’s hoping for a particular girl but Julie falls hard for him; Zak (Kumail Nanjiani) who plays a Pakistanian rice peddler who wants to improve his life by finding love and winning money and is “a sheltered guy who doesn’t really get a lot of what’s going on.”

Watch the full interviews and sneak-peek clips here:


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