Back for Redemption on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: ALL-STARS Week 2 Recap!

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Back for Redemption on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: ALL-STARS Week 2 Recap!

AGT: ALL-STARS - (l-r) Aidan Bryant, Dustin Tavella - Photos byTrae Patton, Casey Durkin / NBC

The acts who have made it into the “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars” Finals so far are: Bello Sisters who were voted in by Super Fans, and Light Balance Kids who got Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer last week in the premiere episode.

One Golden Buzzer is granted per AGT: All-Stars episode from either a judge or the host.  In the second episode, it’s host Terry Crews who has the power of the Golden Buzzer.  The rest of the acts who will make up the Finals are voted by AGT Super Fans.  A total of eleven acts will compete for a spot in the Finals. The Super Fans are made up of AGT fans all across America.  The Super Fans can put through only one act in an episode out of ten different acts each episode. 

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In addition to the Super Fans voted act, Crews’ Golden Buzzer will also go through in this episode.  Simon said the Golden Buzzer is “more important, because there’s only one act that’s going to be chosen by the Super Finals.  This is a Final, trust me you’re going to want to be in.  Get that Golden Buzzer.” 

It was redemption for two contestants who went head-to-head against each other on AGT season 16.  That’s magician Dustin Tavella and self-taught aerial artist Aidan Bryant who was runner-up to Dustin who ultimately won that season.

Simon told the audience that if all three judges use their red “X’s”, then they’ll stop the act.  However, if the audience disagrees with the judges, they have to let the judges know.  The first act was a flute player and a beat-boxer who collaborated to create their act.  Their names are Divyansh & Manuraj from India.


The duo met when both of their partners for their Got Talent (in India) didn’t show up.  They decided to partner up themselves.  They’re the winners of “India’s Got Talent” season 9. They played “Believer” by Imagine Dragons on the flute and beat-box.

After their performance, they got a standing ovation from the judges and audience.  Simon said that was unexpected.  Heidi described their act as “Bollywood meets Brooklyn.”  Howie said the world is going to love them.  Simon’s reaction was “I love acts like this.  I just love you.”  He said it’s so difficult right now to get noticed with so many people hosting tracks, etc… you have to stand out. He said people are going to talk about this performance.  Howie said they just created a viral moment for themselves.   


Sara James, who is 14-years-old, competed on AGT last season and got Simon’s Golden Buzzer.   Sara James went back to Poland and is singing there.  She got tons of press in Poland.  When she returned to the stage, Simon asked her how she’s going to win this time.  Sara answered that she’s a little bit more mature and wants to be the first AGT person who’s going to win the Grammy.

Sara sang “As It Was” by Harry Style and put her own spin on it.  Howie reacted that she’s able to take iconic sounds and make them her own.  “That could be a winning performance,” Howie predicted.  Heidi called Sara a star in the making and respects her for coming back.  Simon reacted that she needs to be able to tell her fans, and a label that “this is who I am,”  He thought that she just did that and thought that she just gave herself that break.
Howie told the other judges that she’s unique and original  Simon told his fellow judges that Sara reminds him of Camila Cabello.

Simon thinks All-Stars is more competitive, maybe it’s because some of them have won before or it’s their second chance. 

MALEVO (Dance Group)

Malevo are from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  They competed on “America’s Got Talent” season 11 and they won guest judge George Lopez’s Golden Buzzer. After AGT they toured with Ricky Martin. They said AGT allowed them to pursue their dream, and they are back to win.   

They also got a standing ovation from the judges and audience.  Heidi said it’s so intense and she can see how much they want it.  Howie said they are a memorable group.  They brought more energy and more live music.  He said they’re the perfect act to have their own room in Vega.  He predicted that they made it hard for the Super Fans.  Simon called it perfection…as good as hes’ seen. He told them that they brought their A-Game and wished that he had the Golden Buzzer to give them.  


Pictured: Tone the Chief — Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

They sang the same song and made it to the AGT live shows season 8.   They are from Inglewood, Ca.  Chief said his dream is to be a one hit wonder.  They didn’t win, but won a lot of fans.  When they released their song, “B Double O T Y,” it came in number one.  But, it was uploaded to the children’s music section.  Now, ten years later, they’re back.  They were called to come back by producers.  They said they had to come back when they heard Simon was going to be there.

They sang the same song again.  Simon looked amused as he watched them perform.    Howie said “same song, same guys…different decade.”  Simon said, some things get better in time.  That was amazing.”  Chief playfully fell out after hearing Simon say that.  Howie asked what they wanted to say to the Super Fans because the judges can’t vote them through.  They said if it’s going to be one act, why not have the one act that has one jam!  

After that, aerialist Aidan Bryant was getting ready for his performance.  Aidan was nervous to be up against Dustin Telvella again, whom he lost to during their season.

DUSTIN TAVELLA (Magician/ Winner AGT 16)

Pictured: (l-r) Heidi Klum, Dustin Tavella, Terry Crews — Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

Dustin Tavella competed on AGT season 16.   He said AGT changed his life.  It’s mind blowing to him that he’s one of 17 acts who can say he won the show.  He said his life changed drastically in a short amount of time.  He went on the Ellen Show,  got to meet David Copperfield, performed at the NHL, and moved to Vegas to headline a show on the strip.  He said they went from struggling financially, to doing the headline show in Las Vegas.

Dustin said he wants to show that he has what it takes to win this competition.   He had Heidi and Terry Crews’ assistance for his act.  Dustin wrote a note to Simon via a message that Terry Crews had in his mind.  This message magically appeared on a piece of paper that he gave to Simon.  Next, Dustin expressed an inspirational message from his childhood where someone told him he didn’t matter.  When he met an adult who believed in him, he told Dustin that he matters.  Dustin amazed everyone when he magically erased the negative message into a positive one after walking through it.

Heidi said every time he comes, it was another “genius perfect performance.”  Howie said there’s a movement of magicians who are inspired and motivated.  He said “we can’t thank you enough for this performance.”  Simon told Dustin that he came over better than when he won the show.  

AIDAN BRYANT (Aerialist)

Pictured: Aiden Bryant — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Aidan, who is 18-years-old, also competed on AGT season 16.  Aidan lost to Dustin Tavella, and wants to beat him this time on AGT: All-Stars.  Aidan is a completely self taught aerialist.  Aidan was runner-up to Dustin in season 16.  He said the fact that he has to compete against Dustin again is added pressure.

Aidan definitely proved that he had improved greatly!  He contorted his body around a triangle high above the stage without any support. With the exception of a slippery mishap, his act was like Howie said “scarier and more dangerous.  Definitely much better than anything I’ve seen you do.”  Simon mentioned that Aidan was 16 when he was in the Final before.  He said he remembered seeing Aidan just gutted after losing the Final. Simon said he came back more confident, a better performance, and rated his performance a 10!  “It was so much better than what we saw before.”  

JAMIE LEAHEY (Ventriloquist)

Jamie is 13-years-old and was a finalist/runner-up on “Britain’s Got Talent’ season 15.  He said when his mom got him a monkey puppet, that’s when he started ventriloquism.  Jamie said he’s always been into comedy and old-time comedy variety acts. He decided to teach himself ventriloquism during lock-down during 2020 and his performance on AGT: All-Stars is his first time in America.

Jamie’s act was performing with a chicken puppet.  Heidi said he sparkled like a star on that stage.  Howie told him he’s like a classic throwback to the Ed Sullivan show.  Simon said he’s very charming.  “People just like you and you know who you are and you have your own lane.”  Simon said the talent is “quite astonishing” and he wished him luck with the Super Fans. 


Pictured: Jackie Fabulous — Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

Jackie originally auditioned for AGT season 14.  She was single and Simon wasn’t married at the time. He came up on the stage to kiss her. She had a crush on him.  Jackie was eliminated. After AGT, she said her touring schedule got insane.  She was on the Tonight Show twice.  She came back to prove that she’s still good at what she does.

Jackie told Simon that she’s married now.  Simon joked “so that’s it between you and me?”  She joked back to Simon that he had his chance.  Jackie said she’s back as “Jackie 2.0.”  Jackie said she hit another milestone since she was last there, she’s 50 years old now.  “Full grey, top and bottom!”  She compared the visuals to actor Morgan Freeman.  Lol!

Simon gave her a standing ovation and thumbs up.  Howie said she has stage presence and such charisma.  Then she opens her mouth and he has an image of Morgan Freeman that he doesn’t want. He told her that she’s more sure of herself than she was on the original AGT and she’s a seasoned comedian.  

Heidi told Jackie that she has so much personality and she’s gorgeous.  Simon said it’s rare that this happens, but she got better!  “I think your personality is off the charts.  I think you made the competition more exciting.”  


Pictured: Detroit Youth Choir — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

They competed on AGT season 14 and they came in second place.  The choir was formed by choir director Mr. White.  A girl in the choir said by being in the choir, it’s like it took all of their problems away.  Mr. White said the kids who are diamonds in the rough, the choir shows them who they are.  Being in the choir, taught another choir member self love.  She loves being part of something that’s greater than her.  In AGT season 14, they were runners-up to Kodi Lee who won that season.

They went on the Kelly Clarkson show and opened for Megan Thee Stallion.  They performed “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons that left Simon speechless.  He said it was magic…”one of the best things.  I’m actually kind of emotional.”  Howie said it was passion and emotion.  Exactly what AGT All-Stars is supposed to be.  It was a performance of champions.  Heidi said they just mashed that song up and spat out a whole new thing that was incredible!

Simon said “we all need a Mr. White in our lives.”  Then host Terry Crews came out and said “we don’t need to go to the Super fans on this vote.”  They all knew what Terry Crews was about to do. He said to Mr. White, “for all that you have done in this world.  One Golden Buzzer is that enough,” as he hit the Golden Buzzer for the Detroit Youth Choir.  Simon watched on with emotion on his face.  

All the judges joined them on stage.  Simon told them it was “unbelievable.  That was special.  One of the best I’ve ever seen.”
Simon told the audience that only one act is going to be voted through to the Final and it’s up to the Super Fans.


Vitoria is 18-years-old from Brazil.  She is a ballerina, born without her arms and appeared on the AGT stage with an interpreter.  Her interpreter is the daughter of her dance instructor who first met Vitoria when she was five years old.  She said they are like family.  Victoria was runner-up on “Das Supertalent” Season 15.  

Heidi told her she’s so happy that she came and Americans got to see her.  She told Vitoria that it was so beautiful to watch.  Simon said she has a glow about her and the sign of a star is someone who perseveres and when they’re on stage, lights up the stage. Simon said she has both of those things.  It was silent in the room because everyone was mesmerized. He predicted that everyone is going to be rooting for her. 

Howie said not having arms must make it harder to balance, and it’s amazing what she did.  The judges gave her a standing ovation.  Terry asked Vitoria what it meant for her.  She said it means everything, “it’s a dream.”  

It was down to nine acts for the one spot in the Finals. 


AGT: ALL-STARS – (l-r) Aidan Bryant, Dustin Tavella – Photos by Trae Patton, Casey Durkin / NBC

The first act announced in the top three was Aidan Bryant.  The next act in the Top 3 was Divyansh & Manuraj.  The third and last act in the top 3 was Vitoria Bueno.  

Heidi reacted “it’s so hard” because literally “I loved what you did today.”  The Super Fans votes were further revealed.  The act who finished in third place was Vitoria Bueno.  The top two acts were Aidan Bryant and Divyansh & Manuraj. 

The act who got the most votes moving them into the Final was Aidan BryantOne more performance could win him the Final! These acts are heading to the Finals: Bello Sisters, Light Balance Kids, Detroit Youth Choir, and Aidan Bryant.  Watch each week to see what other acts will make it through!

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: ALL-STARS airs on Mondays on NBC, and Peacock the next day.



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