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Back in the Race – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT 2016 Live Results 4 Recap

Posted on August 31 2016 by Editor

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Back in the Race – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT 2016 Live Results 4 Recap

“What I love about all three contestants that got through, everyone wants to win and I love winners.” – Simon Cowell

Tonight’s “America’s Got Talent” Results episode started with eleven talented acts that by the end, would be narrowed down to just five acts based on America’s votes. The last vote is decided by the panel of judges – Mel B., Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel.

The five acts that got voted through tonight will be going to the Finals and making it one step closer to winning the grand prize of $1 million and opening a headline show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. The show dates are October 7th, 28th and 29th.

AGT 2016, Live Results 4, The Illusionists, Nick Cannon

“The Illusionists” opened the show ending with host Nick Cannon escaping a cage hanging over the stage.


In 4th, 5th and 6th place were: Edgar, Laura Beton, Tape Face. The judges reaction from their performances last night were all positive. Simon told Laura that is was her best performance so far. Simon said Tape Face has the ability to do something stupid and interesting at the same time like Mel B. She threw ice and water on him to pay him back.

AGT 2016, Live Results 4,Edgar, Laura Bretan, Tape Face

Pictured (l-r): Edgar, Laura Bretan, Tape Face

They were up for the Dunkin Save vote. Cannon revealed that last night, there was only a one percent difference between all three acts. At the start of the voting, Edgar had 26% votes, Laura Bretan had 29%, and Tape Face was in the lead with 44% of the votes.


The first acts returning to the stage to hear America’s voting outcome was Grace Vanderwaal, Lori Mae, and Musicality. During Tuesday’s performance 12 year old Grace wowed again with another perfect performance. The votes revealed that the first act heading into the finals was Grace VanderWaal. Musicality and Lori didn’t make it through.

Howie said to Grace, “I love you and you just have to be you.” He gave her great advice “your world is never going to same as it was. In that world, you must remain you. It’s going to be really hard.

During her last stand-up comedy routine on AGT, Lori Mae impressed with her ending punchline about Mariah Carey “outgrowing” Nick Cannon, but it wasn’t enough to push her into the Finals.


Next up was Sal Valentinetti and Malveo. Last night, Malveo got Mel B’s trademark remark that every act hopes to get – “Off the Chain!!” She also said “you guys couldn’t get any better!!” Sal performed “That’s Life” last night, and received high marks from the judges. “What a way to open the show!” Heidi exclaimed. America voted for Sal Valentinetti!


Blake Vogt got on stage with Jon Dorenbos, and Deadly Games. “You two came here to SLAY! said Mel B about “Deadly Games” after their performance last night. Then, Heidi wasn’t thrilled with Blake Vogt’s magic trick last night. Simon disagreed stating “this performance may have just changed your life.” The next act that made it to the Finals was Jon Dorenbos.

AGT 2016, Live Results 4,Nick Cannon, Jon Dorenbos

Howie reacted to Jon joining the rest of the acts in the Finals, “you’re not only jaw dropping last night, you’re jaw dropping in real life. .. you’re a good person. You deserve to be here.”

Simon said “what I love about all three contestants that got through, everyone wants to win and I love winners.”


The Dunkin Save vote went to “Tape Face”. The two remaining acts were up for the Judge’s Vote. Simon said he was really happy and “thrilled” that Tape Face is in the finals. Mel B. said America got it right and she apologized to Simon for throwing water and ice on him yesterday. He made her apologize twice.

AGT 2016 Live Results 4, Edgar, Laura Bretan

Pictured (l-r): Edgar, Laura Bretan

The remaining acts were Edgar and Laura Bretan. All of the judges got a chance to make comments before they voted. But, before that, Howie Mandel revealed who would be the judges “Wild Card” act returning next week.


Mandel stated, “the three of us agree one act that made us laugh and scared us, tortured us. If one act could come back and torture Simon.” It was Passing Zone. Simon was the only judge that didn’t vote to have them back.

Mandel finished with “It will be guaranteed that Simon will be in the act and Simon will die!” Simon reacted with laughter.


The judges then voted for the final act going to the finals. Heidi said she loved both Edgar and Laura Bretan. She went with her gut feeling which was for Laura. Mel B. said “this is really difficult”. She said she adores the three on them in Edgar. She stuck with her Golden Buzzer act which was Laura. Howie said for Edgar each performance is better and better and went with them. He said he’d buy a ticket to see them. Simon was the final vote. He based his vote on last night’s performance and went with Laura. With that, Laura Bretan is going to the finals!

AGT 2016 Live Results 4, Sal, Laura, Grace, Tape Face, Jon

Pictured (l-r): Sal, Laura, Grace, Simon, Tape Face, Jon


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