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Back on Track THE BACHELOR Season 22 Premiere Recap

Posted on January 01 2018 by Editor

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Back on Track THE BACHELOR Season 22 Premiere Recap

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The Bachelor season 22, week 3 Tia, Bibiana wrestling

THE BACHELOR 22 week 3, Tia vs. Bibiana in the ring.

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The Bachelor 22 Arie, week 2 recap

THE BACHELOR season 22, Arie on a group date.

The 22nd season of ABC’s speed dating reality show “The Bachelor” stars a face from the past as the single man looking for love once again in this unconventional format. He’s Arie Luyendyk Jr. who fell deelply in love with Emily Maynard from “The Bachelorette” season 8.

The Bachelor 22, Arie, Lauren S.

Pictured: “The Bachelor” Arie with Lauren S.

Although five years have passed since Arie was looking for love on television, his bachelorette contestants will be pleased that, with the exception of a few more gray hairs, he appears as if no time has passed at all! This season opens with a brief and sentimental recap of Arie’s history with Emily on “The Bachelorette” along with clips from his present-day life. In the opening sequence, Arie makes it very well-known to viewers that he really wants to find someone whom he feels as deeply about as he did for Emily.

As ‘Bachelor franchise followers will remember, Arie earned the nick-name of “the kissing bandit” (that will come in to play soon in the premeire). A former race-car driver and now a real estate agent (who still races on the side) , Arie stressed, “this is the most important race of my life.” He stated that he was nervous, excited and hopeful about the process. After his “heart-break” (his words) from Emily, Arie said “I really want this to work this time,” So, why hasn’t Arie been able to make it work with another female since being on “The Bachelorette” was the question that host Chris Harrison posed to him. His answer – he hasn’t been “madly in love” with anyone since Emily. For him, that’s the piece that’s missing.

As always, “The Bachelor” show brought back former contestants to give advice to the present Bachelor or Bachelorette about to take the plunge into the flip side of the show. For Arie, that was Sean and Catherine Lowe who, along with their unbeliveably cute baby, gave the general “be a gentleman” and “respect the women” speech. Arie is ready to have a wife and kids of his own. So, maybe ABC can help out. On a side note, just as in Ben Higgins ‘Bachelor season, there are a slew of “Lauren’s” this season and the show decided to group them all in the same limos. Arie has a lot of gorgeous women to choose from who, already in the premiere episode, seem very competitive. That means there’s potential for a drama-filled season.

Amongest the group of girls, is a Courtney Throne-Smith look-alike (Jessica), another Raven type (Tia, who’s friends with Raven and lives in the same small town in Arkansas), and a girl that resemebles actress Stacey Dash (Brittany). Once again, with each season, contestants are given some creative entrances to try to set them apart from the pack. One such young lady, Annaliese, showed-up as a “kissing bandit” mask and all to play with Arie’s own “kissing bandit” reputation.

The Bachelor, Caroline, Chelsea, Kendall

Pictured (l-r): Caroline, Chelsea, Kendall

Photos of all 29 women in the order of their arrival here!

More memorable entrances and tactics included arrivals in a race car, a 1965 cherry red Mustang, and girls bearing gifts that included a rock, a small weiner (that would be from Tia who’s from Weiner, Arkansas!), and an engagement ring which demanded of him to get down on one knee! Yes, a first for Arie!

The Bachelor 22, Beckah in Mustang

Pictured: Beckah getting out of a 1965 Mustang.

Also, in typical ‘Bachelor show fashion Arie who is 36, is surrounded by women to date who are younger than him. The oldest woman being 34. The women, of course, don’t mind the age difference and even prefer it. One saying that men are more attractive older.

The number of women is twenty-nine. An odd number. Usually “The Bachelor” shows include 25, sometimes 30 women. But, why 29 this season? I suspect viewers might want to be prepared to expect a mystery addition soon.

Some red flags inlcude in one girl, 26-year-old Kendall confesses she hasn’t had a relationship that’s lasted longer than a year, and Chelsea who goes in for a second one-on-one time with Arie even though other women hadn’t had any time with him. Two women score kisses with Arie in the first night.

For the first time in ‘Bachelor show history, a girl asked the Bachelor to smell her arm pits. And he did! I’m sure show producers just couldn’t help themselves with this opportunity to play on the pun “making a pit stop” for the first race car driver Bachelor Arie.

Other first impressions were made with a “nice butt” bumper sticker, elephant cuff links, and one potential girlfriend getting out of a real race car, which ended the slew of the arrival of women.

With the pressure of the first impression rose that host Chris Harrison so evidently placed onto a table, suddenly the women felt the need to up their game. One being, Chelsea, who was the first woman to get alone time with Arie. However, was bold enough to interrupt Krystal for more alone time with him. The women were fuming, especially since some of them had gotten zero alone time with Arie.

Other women wooed Arie with pizza, pineapple, foot bath with a massage, and racing toy cars with him.


The Bachelor 22, Rebecca, Arie at Rose Ceremony

Pictured: Rebecca getting a rose from Arie.

Before Arie announced his final choices by handing-out roses, he told the ones who won’t get roses, “it doesn’t mean that you’re not an amazing person. It just means that I didn’t see it working out with us.”

Women who got roses were: Rebecca, Marikih, Kendall, Lauren G., Krystal, Bekah M., Lauren S., Seinne, Caroline, Brittany T., Bibiana, Annaliese, Jenna, Jaqueline, Jenny, Lauren B., Ashley, Tia, Maquel. Eliminated women incuded: Jessica, Valerie, Brittane, Amber, Lauren J., Allison.

In his toast with the remaining women, Arie announced to them that things will be a little “different” and “unexpected”.

SNEAK-PEEK: Scenes from this season of “The Bachelor” includes pictureque locations where Arie romances his loves in during extravegant travels to Paris, Itay, Tacama, and Tuscany. Some of his connections with girls incude Beckah, Tia, Marikh, Krystal, Chelsea, and Sienne. In the final act, the show teases of what sounds like conversations of a past boyfriend of one of the women who shows-up to win back his girl. It appears to be before Arie is about to propose.


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