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Battle Rounds – THE VOICE Contestants Talk! Interviews!

Posted on October 19 2012 by Editor

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Battle Rounds – THE VOICE Contestants Talk! Interviews!

HOLLYWOOD JUNKET had the honor of talking to some of this weeks “The Voice” contestants that made it through to the final battle rounds! Talking all things about life on the voice, this week we had the pleasure of talking to Terisa Griffin, Liz Davis, Sam James, Julio Cesar Castillo, and Sylvia Yacoub.

QUESTION: We only get to see you for a short amount of time, but what is it like behind the scenes, being a contestant of “The Voice”?

Pictured: Terisa Griffin / Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Terisa: “It taught me that I’m not in control of my life.” Explaining you learn all about the business, and what it is. “Being on the show made me sympathize for stars, and what actually being a star demands.” You learn to be on time, and how much of your life you actually give up to become a star.”

Liz: “It created a fan base of new followers I never had before” She explained that she feels bad that she can’t reply to everyone, and wishes that she could.

Pictured: Coach Christina Aguilera (foreground), L-R: Dez Duron, Paulina. Photo by: Tyler Golden/ NBC

Sam: “I didn’t know all these social media platforms existed” Adding it’s hard to be criticized for your work from people that don’t even know who you are.

Juilo: Replied that he was the first ever voice contestant to sing a Spanish song. Talking about the criticism he received on YouTube and social media outlets. It comes with the territory Juilo said “I am learning to see the negative as a positive, in that people care enough to watch and give the attention they do.”

Pictured: Liz Davis / Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

QUESTION: How competitive are the teams behind the scenes, is it hard to work with someone and know one of you is possibly leaving the show?

Terisa: “Its hard because if one person is off you through off the other person as well” Julio and Terisa agreed to work together to make a great show.

Pictured: (L-R) Joselyn Rivera, Carson Daly, Sylvia Yacoub / Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Sylvia: “You have to celebrate well together so you don’t clash on stage”

Michelle: “Its hard because you know someone is going home, or is going to be stolen.”

QUESTION: You go into the show with a coach in mind, what alters your choice when it comes down to the time of actually picking the right fit for your career?

Julio: Stated that “I actually went in wanting Adam, but when Adams chair didn’t turn, it came down to who choose me. At the moment you go with what the coaches have to say to you and what you feel will be best for you.” Julio is on team Blake.

Michelle: “I actually wanted Cee Lo.” When the moment happened, 3 chairs turned including Cee Lo, Christina, and Adam, “I decided do go with Adam based on past seasons and interactions with past contestants.” She chose Adams for his sincerity, and for the fact that he lets artists be themselves.

Pictured: (L-R) Benji, Sam Jones/ Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Make sure you tune into the final battle rounds of “The Voice” airing next Monday on NBC!
Written and reported by: Ryland Adams


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