Better Than Sting on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 16 Semi Finals Week 2 Recap

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September 1, 2021
September 11, 2021
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Better Than Sting on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 16 Semi Finals Week 2 Recap

Pictured: 1aChord -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

The performances on Tuesday night’s “America’s Got Talent” season 16 Semi-Finals were a great eclectic group of acts that ranged from singers to hand-balancing.  The judges were not harsh on any of the performances this week.  The show started-out with a bang with singers 1aChord and ended with another bang with singer Brooke Simpson.

In the live shows, as we’ve seen each week, there’s at least one mishap.  On Wednesday’s show, it was psychic/magician Peter Antoniou who’s performance didn’t go as smoothly as he predicted!  On the opposite side of the scale, all-male singing group 1aChord blew the roof off by opening the show with a classic Police song and made it gospel.

Some of the acts proved that they still have a shot at the Finals with great comebacks in their Semi-Finals performances.  Those acts were ChapKidz, and Lea Kyle.  Acts that have been consistently good included: Northwell Health Nurse Choir, Victory Brinker, and Josh Blue.  The acts who received critical comments from (mostly) Simon were comedian Kabir Singh, and Rialcris.


1aChord (Singing Group)

Pictured: 1aChord — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

1achord sang “Every Breath You Take” by The Police like no one has heard before.   Half-way through the song, in true 1aChord style, they finished with a Gospel twist.

Howie said “this had a lot of dynamics.”   He loved the song choice, the production and choreography.  Howie said they “stepped it up.”  Heidi called it “epic” and they took a classic Rock song and made it a hem.  She said they did better than Sting.  Sofia said “this was another level…I loved it.”  Simon reacted, “on a night like this, it was a ‘yes’ I can.”   He said the arrangement was “a bit up and down.’  But the vocals “were insane.”  1aChord said their performance motivates them to touch everyone they can.


UNICIRCLE FLOW (Unicycle Group)

Unicircle Flow got a standing ovation from all the judges, including Simon!  Heidi said they really showed “how versatile” they can be with this act.  Sofia loved the change of music.  “It was more modern.”  She loved the new tricks too.  Simon said the performance from a couple of weeks ago, “I thought it was quite boring.”  But, by changing the music, it’s like a different act.  He said they have a chance of being in the Finals.  Howie said they stepped it up and even better than they were last week.  Howie reminded viewers that only five acts can go through.


LEA KYLE (Quick Change)

Lea said in her last performance she was “so nervous” because it was her first time performing live.  Lea performed to a rain theme show.  Lea also got a standing ovation from all the judges.

Heidi said she proved today that she really is the best quick change artist they’ve ever had on the show, and she can see her act in Las Vegas.  Sofia said she knows the work Lea puts into her act.  “Today was perfection.”  Simon called Lea “a million dollar performance” and will be “a huge kick in Las Vegas.”  it’s what the Luxor needs, he said.  Howie said he’d go see her show in Las Vegas.  “That was amazing,” he said, how fast she picked out her outfits because it takes Heidi and Sofia a whole week to decide what to wear for the show!


KABIR SINGH (Comedian)

More than half-way through Kabir’s performance, Simon pushed his “X.”  There wasn’t much laughter coming from the audience.  Crews asked Simon why he pushed his buzzer.  Simon replied to Kabir, “I think you needed that.”  He said “it wasn’t going great” and it kind of made the act better “weirdly.”  Howie said he thought a buzzer or a pat on the back is great encouragement.  Howie said it didn’t go as well as Kabir wanted it to go.  But, there were probably people at home laughing.  Heidi said she thought it was funny and there’s something about him.  She called him “cute.”   Sofia said she didn’t know what happened.  She said “something weird” in his performance, like maybe he’s missing his mother.



This act was Howie’s Golden Buzzer act.  Howie said with that song, you just touched 10 million people right now.  He added that they need people to vote for them because “we need you in the Finals.”  Heidi said they gave an amazing performance, and “are you sure you’re nurses and not professional singers.”  Sofia thanked them for doing what they do, and said she could hear their voices better tonight.

Simon said he didn’t “like it.”  He “loved it!”  He said there’s something about them that makes them feel so good.  “If we hadn’t made the show, we wouldn’t have found you.  The world needs you  right now.”   One of the nurses from the choir said they’re going to take care of everyone.

PETER ANTONIOU (Mentalist Magician)

Pictured: Peter Antoniou — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Peter, who is originally from the UK, lives in Seattle, Washington.  He said he had his first psychic experience at age six.  He said in Europe, psychics were sought out by the Royal family, or they could be locked-up .  He didn’t reveal his skill at first.

Peter’s performance was him “tapping” into the thoughts of Americans at home.  His act on Tuesday’s show was tapping into the thoughts of Heidi, and Sofia.  As for Simon, Peter used Terry Crews to mentally visualize what was on the photo that Peter handed to him in a sealed envelop.  There was on snafu in Peter’s performance when he failed to accurately predict the photo that Sofia had chosen.

Heidi told Peter “I think you have the total package” and said he’s perfect for Vegas.  Not sure what happened with Sofia. Lol!  Simon asked Peter what went wrong.  Or, was it part of his act?  Howie teased when you leave one judge out,  he’s not the one to leave out!  Peter answered Simon that it’s never 100% and he can only relay the feelings.



Victory got all the judges’ Golden Buzzer in a unique moment on AGT.  All of her siblings are adopted.  Victory has been singing since age two.  She fell in love with Opera at an early age and wants to sing all over the world, “especially France.”  Victory misses her siblings while being on AGT.

Victory got a standing ovation from all the judges.  Simon said that song is like climbing the tallest mountain in the world, and Victory conquered it.  Heidi said Simon is right, she’s a star in the making. “You’re nine years old.  I bet that you’ve never done anything bad in your life.”  Then Heidi asked her to drop the mic, which she did!  Sofia said Victory gave the song her own twist and is sure that America will want her in the Finals.  Howie said it doesn’t make sense to him. She’s a beautiful little girl, with all this power that comes out of her mouth.

Crews asked her if she’s having fun.  Victory said “yes!”  Would she have more fun in the Finals?  Victory answered with another enthusiastic, “yes!”


CHAPKIDZ (Dance Group)

ChapKidz is made-up of 35 kids of all ages from different backgrounds.  They’re all from Fairfield.  Heidi reacted that it was so precise and thought that they danced their way into the Finals.  Simon said it was the best performance of the night so far. “It’s so important to remember…they’re not professionals.”  He said they would make such a statement if they made it to the  Finals because they work so hard.  Sofia loved the music and wanted to get up there and dance with them. She can’t wait to see them in the Finals so she can see them dance again.  Howie said he thinks they will go into the Finals and reminded everyone to vote.


RIALCRIS (Hand Balance Act)

Rialcris are brothers that perform hand-balancing.  They said their act can take months, sometimes years to perfect.   They said their competition – Unicircle Flow, World Taekwondo,  motivates them to work harder.  They are doing something in the Semi-Finals “that has never been seen before.”  They said they’re there to win.  Simon used his buzzer towards the end of their performance.  Sofia got angry at him.

Sofia said Simon knows a lot about music but nothing about hand-balancing.  She thought it was dangerous and exciting.  “They looked super good up there.”  Simon said “I think we’ve seen the same act every time.  Very slow.”  He said “I don’t see an improvement and I think it got boring after about 30 seconds.”   Heidi said their family must be super proud of them and she liked them.  Howie said he disagreed with Simon, then Sofia yelled.  He said they took trust, and danger and made it work.  He said it’s like STDs.   Rialcris was confused by his comment.  The brothers said they’re grateful for being there and thanked the judges for the good words.

JOSH BLUE (Comedian)

Pictured: Josh Blue — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Sofia reacted that he’s “so funny” and “inspirational” because he’s living his best life.  Simon said “you’re just funny.  And that’s what it’s all about.”  He predicted that Josh will make it to the Finals.  Howie said it’s not only the year of comedy,  it’s the year of Josh Blue.  Crews said Josh could be the first comedian, who’s not a ventriloquist, to win.  Josh was excited about it and wants to win.




Pictured: Brooke Simpson — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Brooke said growing-up as a singer, she looked up to other singers – Beyonce, and Christina Aguilera.  But, none of them looked like her, which made her feel discouraged.   Brooke said girls from different tribes have reached out to her during her time on AGT.  She wants to make the people proud who’ve paved the way for her.  Brooke sang “Bad Habits.”

Brooke got a standing ovation from all the judges.  Simon reacted that “tonight made me remember how important it is to make it through to the Finals.  He said she had a shaky start.  But the second half was spectacular.  He told Brooke that she really deserves to be there next week for the Finals.  Sofia called Brooke “insane.  You were born to do this,” and she looks more beautiful every time.  Heidi said she loves her too and she shines so bright it’s almost blinding.  Howie reacted, “whether it started out shaky or not.  You ended with a bang and you owned it.”  Howie said this is America’s Got Talent and the indigenous owned it.  He said Brooke just took it back!

Duo Transcend and Deadly Games perform on Wednesday’s Results show.



There are five spots left for next week’s Finals. Eleven acts performed in Tuesday’s live performance show.

Simon said five of them are going to the Finals. “That’s not enough” because a lot of acts were “outstanding and we’re really going to miss some people next week.”  Towards the end of the Results episode, Simon mentioned that he’d wanted to bring back an act that didn’t make it to the Finals as another Wild Card.  So, viewers might see eleven acts next week instead of ten that are planned.

Terry Crews announced the three acts in danger of going home.  There were: Lea Kyle, Unicircle Flow, and Victory Brinker.

Pictured: (l-r) Lea Kyle, UniCircle Flow, Victory Brinker — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Simon’s reaction was that he’s shocked.  “You’re fourth, five and sixth.  So, you’ve done incredibly well.  Two of you are going to the Finals.”

After the break, former AGT danger acts Duo Transcend and Deadly Games performed together.

Both acts will be in the AGT Las Vegas show at the Luxor.  Deadly Games said thanks to AGT, their Las Vegas show dream is coming true.  Duo Transcend said they are so proud to have been picked to perform in the show which starts November 4th.  This season’s winner will also be featured in that show.

The acts called forward were singing groups Northwell Health Nurse Choir and 1aChord.  The act that went through was Northwell Health Nurse Choir.  They were Howie’s Golden Buzzer.  Howie reacted that this is America saying a “big thank you and we’ll see you next week!”  They said we came here with a mission to heal America with the power of music.  Heidi congratulated them and told them to keep up the amazing work.

Host Terry Crews presented executive producer and judge Simon Cowell with the show’s freshly received YouTube award for getting three billion views.  The AGT YouTube channel just got 20 millions subscribers.  Simon dedicated the award to NBC, who he said bought the show when nobody else wanted it.

The next acts called forward were comedian Kabir Singh and hand-balancing act Rialcris.  The act headed to the Finals were..ugh oh, NONE of them.  It was shocking!  Sofia was upset.  She told Kabir that he had a “rough night last night” and thought Rialcris did a great.   She told them they did such an amazing job even though they’re not going to the Finals.  She encouraged them to not stop what they’re doing.  “This is a hard competition.”  Simon said the fact that they made it to the Semi-Finals, “respect and that’s the most important thing.”

There were four acts left – singer Brooke Simpson, and dance crew ChapKidz were called forward to hear the results.  The act voted through was Brooke Simpson!  Heidi said last night, a lot of people crumbled under the pressure and Brooke showed them “how it’s done!!”  Brooke thanked everyone who voted for her.  Simon told her, “you are 100% deserving of going to the Finals.’  But he said he’s gutted for the kids who didn’t just go through.  He suggested they have a Wild Card.

The next acts called to the stage were comedian Josh Blue, and Psychic magician Peter Antoniou.  The act revealed as having more votes was – Josh Blue!  Josh reacted that he feels amazing.  Howie said “I am so happy.  This is the year of the comedian.”  There are now two comedians in the Finals.  With Josh Blue, is also comedian Gina Brillon in the Finals. Howie pointed-out that this has never happened on AGT before.

Simon said Josh is worth the million, “just be more naughty!”  He told Josh that he deserves that place.

Simon shared his thoughts on this season. Simon said he loves being surprised by acts on stage.  He said everyone’s dream on AGT is to see themselves on a billboard in Vegas. It’s the pinnacle of their career.



The bottom three acts, quick change artist Lea Kyle, unicycle group Unicircle Flow, and singer Victory Brinker returned to the stage to hear the results from the Instant Save Vote.

Crews revealed that the act that won the AGT Instant Save vote was – Lea Kyle!  Lea was Heidi’s Golden Buzzer act.  Heidi reacted that she’s thankful that Lea has another opportunity to show that she’s worthy of the Vegas show.  Simon reacted that he’s so caught-up in the moment tonight.  “You’ve made it through” and after last night’s performance, Lea really deserves her shot in the Finals.

The last two acts were Unicircle Flow and Victory Brinker.  It was up to the judges to decide which of these two acts would move forward.



Heidi said maybe Unicircle Flow made it look too easy because they were so good.  She told Victory that she is amazing and she’s already won.  She thought that Victory should have a chance at winning the million. Heidi voted for Victory.  Sofia said she has “something special for Victory,” and voted for her.  Howie told Unicircle Flow that each performance was better than the last. He loves uniqueness and has never seen anything like them in all the years on AGT. But, Victory has the type of talent like Grace Vanderwaal.  However, he voted for Unicircle Flow.  It was up to Simon to cast the deciding vote. Simon said he has to go with his heart.  The act he chose was Victory Brinker!

Pictured: Victory Brinker — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

NEXT WEEK is the Finals.  The ten acts performing and vying for the $1 million prize and headline a show in Las Vegas are:

Aidan Bryant

World Taekwondo Demonstration Team

Dustin Tavella

Gina Brillon

Jimmie Herrod

Brooke Simpson

Josh Blue

Northwell Health Nurse Choir

Lea Kyle

Victory Brinker



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