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Big Moment on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Semi Finals Week 1

Posted on September 05 2015 by Editor

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Big Moment on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Semi Finals Week 1

It’s the first week of “America’s Got Talent” semi-finals, and the acts who’ve made it through so far are that much closer to moving on to the finals where they will have a chance to win $1 million and a headline show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on October 22, 23, and 24th.

Out of the eleven acts performing in week one of the Semi-Finals, only five will move on to the finals. America’s votes decided who these five acts that will move on are. Mel B. wore sunglasses due to her having an eye infection this week. Hopefully, that didn’t affect her judging on the first act which was a very visual one – Ira, a puppet show.


Ira, the puppet, performed an act with his Mom. The scenario of it was where they were singing and dancing inside their apartment. The performance involved other puppets and real-life dancers and looked much like the muppet show.

agt semi finals week 1, Ira

Judges Comments: Howard said They are doing the same thing over and over and they can’t have it. He said their opening package was better than what they just did on stage. Mel B. said it wasn’t amazing. But, they are adorable. Howie thought it was great because “it’s a big family show” and called them “big & glitzy” Heidi said they’re going to have a tough time tonight because America has to choose between good and great.

Bluegrass Band

The band sang a very cool rendition of “I Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd.

agt semi finals week 1, Mountain Faith Band

Judges Comments: Howie said, “I think the bigger and better comes from your harmonizing,” and “I don’t think it was big enough.” Howard agreed with Howie. He said when it comes to vocals, they are lacking that “big moment”. If your vocals get thin, you need that harmony. Heidi said “I see your limitations” and also wanted to hear them hit that “high note.” Mel B. said the song was the wrong choice for them and they don’t need a big moment because they’re a groove band.”

Motor Cross Stunts

The four motor cross men did flips and ramp jumps with their motor cycles. One even added fire on his back. As a result of some of their crazy stunts, one of the men had a black eye.

agt semi finals week 1, Metal Mulisha Fitz Army

Judges Comments: Howard said it’s their Wild Card act because “this is as dangerous as it gets.” After their stunts, the judges gave them a standing ovation. Howard said they “got their due tonight” and they deserve it. America not getting to see them live probably hurts them. Heidi said they are “crazy, crazy crazy good!” Mel B. told them what they do is “def defying” and skilled. Howie said “there’s no risk, no reward” and they took a bigger risk then other acts. ‘


The last time she performed on the AGT stage Samantha sang a great rendition of “California Dreaming.
But, then ended up in the bottom. Luckily, she was saved. In her Semi-Finals performance she sang “Earned It” by The Weeknd.

agt semi finals week 1, Samantha Johnson

Judges Comments: Heidi and Mel B. gave her a standing ovation. Heidi told Samantha that her performance had the “perfect build” which got bigger and bigger and blew them away. Mel B. said she took it, put her spin on it, and showcased her voice which makes Samantha a true artist. Howie said Samantha took the show a step up to the next level. Howard called her the “real deal”. He said he loved it and she did everything that she had to do tonight.


Derek performed another spell-binding trick that involved him telling a bed-time story, Humpty Dumpty which required him riping-up the story book classic printed on newspaper then revealing it taped again and exposing a smiling face of Humpty. It was a slower-paced, more quite trick for Derek.

agt semi finals week 1, Derek Hughes

Judges Comments: Mel B said she found “it a bit sleepy” Said he did it for range and pacing if it was a full show. Howie said remember when they first met him, he pulled a card out of his butt. He also said it was so much artisety and beauty and magic to it that he loved it and America will love it. Howard said he show range, and “not everything has to clubber” them over the head. He took a risk and the risk paid off. Heidi said he awl comes us with something new and freshening and she loves that about him.


Drew said (due to his stuttering speech impediment) his phone calls makes it sound like he has Sprint service. Drew told a wonderful joke about a phone call he had with a customer service rep while trying to pay his bill by phone. She mistaken him for a woman and said the call was breaking-up. He had everyone rolling.

agt semi finals week 1, Drew Lynch

Judges Comments: Howard said Drew makes him so proud because he shows his strength and how he overcomes. The only people who don’t love him is maybe Sprint. Heidi said she loves him week after week, thinks he’s hilarious and has the chance of becoming a great comedian. Howard said he’s fabulous and doesn’t think he needs to laugh at himself and uses it as a crunch. He said it throws things off. Mel B. said he’s likable, funny and entertaining. She said he wishes he had more time to tell more jokes.


They sang a very soulful version of “Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke. They said they chose it because it relates to them for the struggle that they’ve had to go through and wanted to do the song justice. They nailed it!

agt semi finals week 1, The CraigLewis Band

Judges Comments: Howard said “That’s what I’m talking about. I signed onto this show to find superstars, gentlemen, you have arrived” and “guess who just got into the finals!” Heidi called them a dynamic duo. She said just the two of them and they “rocked it”. Mel B. said they are both amazing, talented singers, but they lacked something. They did great, but thinks they can do better. She received boos from the audience and other judges who blamed it on her eye infection. Howie said they looked great, sounded great. This is Tuesday and he felt like he was sitting in church on Sunday morning (even though he doesn’t know what that feels like).


Oz’s trick this week involved judges Howard Stern and Heidi Klum. While Heidi covered Oz’s eyes with her hands, Howard took sips of different drinks while Oz told everyone which drinks they were and in what order. These drinks were wine, orange juice, cola and water. Beer was also there, but Howard never drank it. After that, Oz told Mel B. and Howie which drinks they were fantasizing about.

agt semi finals week 1, Oz Pearlman

Judges Comments: Mel B. said it’s “freaky” that Oz can do what he does. Howie said he was amazed when he showed the ability to read their minds and tonight he has the ability to read their tongues! Heidi said it’s the kind of act where people come up to her asking how does he do it. She said it’s incredible and she enjoys it. Howard said they are so entertained by Oz.


Benton shared the news that he’ll have a new addition to his family with his wife’s new pregnancy. Benton sang “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten.

agt semi finals week 1, Benton Blount

Judges Comments: Heidi said it’s the perfect song for him because he’s a fighter and it’s his anthem. Heidi added that she hopes it carries him all the way to the finals. Mel B. said she’s not sure it that was the right song for him to come out on tonight. Howie said it’s a big song that America loves. But, in the context, only five acts can go through which means many people that deserve it will go home. Howard said he sings with heart and there’s something very likable about him and he always gives is his best.


They are an electronic illusion act that combines dance with projected images. For this performance, they put themselves in project color boxes as silhouettes and projected the boxes and themselves moving about. The judges were very impressed!

agt semi finals week 1, Siro-A

Judges Comments: The judges gave them a standing ovation. Mel B. said “That was so entertaining. I don’t know what was real and what was projection. She loved it and called them “serious contenders”. Heidi said they have the most imagination. She loves it and can’t get enough of it. Howard sis they were so good that Donald Trump said they can sty in the country. He said they were spectacular. Howie said he’d like to invest in them and build a room for for them in Las Vegas right now and make them a show!

Opera Singer

Arielle sings Opera and is the youngest contestant on AGT this season. Arielle said she feels the pressure to need to knock it out of the park. For her Semi-Finals performance, she sang a breathy “Nessun Dorma” by Luciano Pavarotti. A great risk for her, but did it pay off?

agt semi finals week 1, Arielle Baril

Judges Comments: Heidi (who was standing-up for Arielle) reacted – you check off all of the boxes on the winning act that include “natural talent”. She said she’s so proud of her. Mel B said she’s pretty amazing for 12 . She has to be careful with timing and breath which comes with time. Howie said “there’s no doubt that you have beautiful, wonderful talent”. It’s a tall order for her to be asked to close the show. He didn’t sense any falter and no mistakes. Howard said it was a spectacular night with all the acts. But with Arielle, he closes his eyes and thinks this voice can not be coming out of someone who’s 12. She’s represents all the people out there with talent who haven’t been discovered.


agt semi finals week 1, Ira, Arielle Baril, Oz Pearlman

Pictured: Ira, Arielle Baril, Oz Pearlman

Pictured: Metal Mulisha Fitz Army, Derek Hughes, Mountain Faith Band

Pictured: Metal Mulisha Fitz Army, Derek Hughes, Mountain Faith Band

agt semi finals week 1, Samantha Johnson, The CraigLewis Band

Pictured: Samantha Johnson, The CraigLewis Band

agt semi-finals week 1, Pictured: Siro-A, Drew Lynch

Pictured: Siro-A, Drew Lynch


Pictured (l-r): Drew Lynch, Derek Hughes, Oz Pearlman, The CraigLewis Band, Benton Blount

Pictured (l-r): Drew Lynch, Derek Hughes, Oz Pearlman, The CraigLewis Band, Benton Blount


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