Blake vs. Ariana on THE VOICE Season 21 Sneak-Peek!

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Blake vs. Ariana on THE VOICE Season 21 Sneak-Peek!

Pictured: Ariana Grande on "The Voice" / Photo: NBC Screenshot

If you’re a fan of NBC’s singing competition show “The Voice,” reigning-in masses of viewers for ten years now, your fandom has officially been beaten by possibly their number one fan, superstar pop sensation Ariana Grande.  The show announced that it’s going to be moving to a once per season timeline.  So, no doubt they felt the need to pull out all the stops until the show’s return in one year.

Ariana’s Twitter display for her affection for the show, gave ‘Voice producers the idea to ask if she would join the coaching panel for season 21.  Also, her own largely growing fan base didn’t hurt.  Apparently, for a hefty sum, she said “yes.”  In an interview posted by NBC, original coach (and champ) Country star Blake Shelton said “you  can tell she’s been a fan of the show for a long time.  She’s awesome, behind-the-scenes,  in the hallways, dressing rooms and meetings.”



Ariana has a huge fan following herself with 266 million Instagram followers (at the time of this post),  ‘Voice coach and mega Pop star Kelly Clarkson stated that, “every new coach brings a different vibe.  But, we were very excited about Ariana.  She’s so youthful and has a billion followers.  She’s just so relevant.”

Pictured (l-r): Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton / Photo: NBC Screenshot

Blake, who’s been a coach on “The Voice” since day one, said he’s seen a lot of different coaches join the panel from over the years, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard a reaction quite like the reaction we get when Ariana Grande walks in here from the live studio audience.  He said his ears are “still ringing.”

Ariana’s signature powerhouse vocals contradict her soft-spokenness manner on the show while fighting other coaches for a chance to win over prospective team members, whom she welcomes with her own special first aid kit.

During a press conference, the coaches talked about working together.  Their first work day together was the promo that was shot for the show.  Ariana said “It was quite over the top.  But, it was very fun.  We had the best day on set.  It was so much fun.”

Ariana said she wants all the out-takes of fellow coach, R&B EGOT artist John Legend saying “Alpha Centauri” because he killed it every single time!”


When a reporter asked Ariana if Blake picked on her a lot.  Blake responded, questioning Ariana, “do you feel I picked on you a lot in the Blinds?” She answered “No, I thought it was really a tasteful amount.”

Blake said, “I made my mind up early on that I was NOT going to be intimidated by Ariana Grande.   I know she’s the biggest star on the planet.   But this is The Voice and none of that stuff counts.  You got to come out swinging.”

Pictured: “The Voice” season 21 coaches. Photo: NBC Screenshot

John Legend’s reaction to the conversation was that Blake and Ariana had an alliance for a little while which was “short lived.”  Ariana agreed and said “It was very confusing…”  Blake cut-in and said “I’m the most loyal alliance keeper on the planet.” Ariana disagreed.  Then Kelly stated that Blake must be referring to being loyal to himself.

John said he told Ariana, “I warned her that any agreement that they may have settled-on was bound to be broken.  So, not to stick with it anyway.”  Seeing the same pattern of behavior that Blake had with former coach Nick Jonas, whom Ariana now sits in his chair, it’s clear there’s a common pattern of trickery that Blake plays on newcomer coaches.   Ariana said it was more of a friendship, and they never had an identifying alliance.   “We had a friendship,”  then Blake started “coming for my throat.”

Blake admitted that he “made the horrible mistake” of falling for Ariana’s “puppy dog” eyes and he thought she was “so sweet.  Oh, she’s on my side!”  He continued “and she’s not, and that’s when the blood started pouring.”  Ariana told the press, “you will see for yourself.”

Another reporter asked, what is it about being part of “The Voice” family that Ari loves? Ariana replied, “I just love everyone that I’ve been able to work with so much.  We’ve had the best time and I feel honored to learn from them and watch them coach.  I feel so blessed to be here and spend time with everybody.”  Ariana added,  “we have so much fun.  I know we do our little shtick on the show.  But, I really do love everyone so much.”  The other coaches responded that they love her too.


A tradition that was started with Gwen with her Team jackets, and was quickly picked up by other coaches, especially during the pandemic, each coach presents their own welcoming gifts to their new team members.  This season, Blake Shelton has a “Win Cam” set up.  Kelly Clarkson will give her Team members jackets again, this time in a teal color.  Ariana Grande has a “vocal health” first aid kit that is labeled “Team Ariana.”  But, for the first time, John Legend has an actual physical gift as well!  It’s boxing robes!  Fans of the show will remember his previous welcoming gestures were a glove on a stick (during the pandemic) and last season he played a theme song/jingle for each singer joining his Team.

Pictured: Ariana Grande Team gifts/ Photo: NBC Screenshot.

It will be interesting to see if Ariana Grande will go head-to-head with Blake Shelton to try and sway Country artists to her team as Kelly Clarkson has in the past with some success.

Pictured: Ariana Grande on “The Voice” / Photo: NBC Screenshot

We heard that “The Voice” will have another duet this season during the Blinds.  This time it’s twins.

The Voice” season 21 premieres Monday, September 20th and Tuesday September 21st on NBC.



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