Blame it on Instagram, THE BACHELOR Season 27 Week 4 Recap

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Blame it on Instagram, THE BACHELOR Season 27 Week 4 Recap

For a Bachelor who doesn’t like drama, he sure has had a lot of it thrown his way this season.  This week wasn’t any different.  During “The Bachelor” week 4 episode, an event arose between Anastasia and Kylee, which in hindsight, Anastasia probably now wishes she had just kept her mouth shut and given Kylee what she asked for.  Which was to steal Zach Shallcross away from her.

Zach and the remaining women continued their love adventure to the Bahamas.  After the first one-on-one date Zach had with Kat, it was off to a beach group date.  This is where the drama started.  Kylee, like most of the women, was worried about not having enough time to build a solid connection with Zach, and on this show we all know that time is of the essence.  She proceeded to interrupt Zach’s conversation with Anastasia for some time of her own with him.  However, Anastasia was determined to not give-in that easy.

Anastasia told her to wait another minute. However, Kylee didn’t want to hear it, and aggressively insisted that she was cutting-in right then and there.  Anastasia gave up stating she didn’t want to “fight.”  The drama grew from there.  While getting Zach’s thoughts on the situation later that night, Kylee spilled the tea that she overheard that Anastasia was talking about how many Instagram followers she was going to get from the show.  Of course this was an immediate red flag for Zach.  By the end of the Cocktail Party this week, Zach was walking Anastasia out to a car to take her back home.  

Zach’s second one-on-one date this week was with Brooklyn.  They went ATV riding and during dinner, Zach got what he was hoping for, that was for Brooklyn to open-up.  She told Zach about her past abuse and how she overcame it and became a confident woman.  Zach was extremely impressed and was hopeful for more to come from Brooklyn.   He gave her the date rose. 

Next week the group will be in London and the previews show a lot more drama ahead.  


The first woman going on a one-on-one date with Zach in the Bahamas was revealed (It was Kat) at the top of the episode with the delivery of a date card.  Anastasia was feeling discouraged, wondering why she’s there.


Zach took Kat, who’s an RN, out on a yacht, and she had him feeling nervous because of her model looks.  He said she’s fun to be around and he couldn’t believe that she’s still single.  Their yacht ride included some snorkeling.

Back at the hotel:  Kaity was also feeling frustrated and questioned how she’s going to get to an engagement with Zach when she can’t get much alone time. Anastasia was concerned because she observed that there were certain girls that Zach had already made strong connections with and was feeling not too hopeful.

Back to Zach and Kat:  Zach told Kat that it doesn’t feel like their first date because everything feels so comfortable.  Zach told Kat that he’s been noticing her and she makes him feel “giddy and nervous ” and it’s one of the best dates he’s had. 

Back at the hotel:  The next date card arrived.  It was the group date card. The names on the card were:  Aly, Kaity, Ariel, Davia, Genevie, Anastasia, Kylee, Mercedes, Charity, Gabi, Jess, Greer.  That meant that Brooklyn would have the next one-on-one date.  The card read: “It’s time to turn up the heat.”
Charity was really down about not getting the one-on-one date.  

Back to Zach and Kat:  Kat was worried about Zach not wanting her because he comes from a very traditional background and she does not.  Kat told him that she fears being judged.  She told Zach that she does want a traditional family because she didn’t have that growing up.  But, it scares her and makes her feel “unlovable.”   Zach said he loves someone for who they are not for where they came from.  Zach also told her how he loves how she knows her worth and won’t settle for anything less. 

Zach told her that he’s excited about what’s to come with them and gave her the date rose.  He was pleased that she opened up so much and their connection keeps getting better and better. He described it as “two meters coming together and creating a star….it’s fireworks.”  Then, the real fireworks lit up the sky for them!  He loved how comfortable Kat was with sharing and opening up.  Zach said,  “sometimes what’s too good to be true is actually true.” 


THE BACHELOR / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Zach and the girls enjoyed a fun island date that included shell fish and limbo.  Everyone was having a good time until Anastasia tried to get a kiss from Zach before doing her limbo.  The other girls were very upset.  Then, she pulled Zach aside for alone time.  Kylee decided to cut-in because she, like all the girls, were competing for time with Zach.

Anastasia told Kylee to give her another minute.  Then Kaylee didn’t give-in.   Of course Anastasia was upset.  Kylee told the other women that she embarrassed her.  Anastasia spread the drama around the group by retelling the incident and blowing things out of proportion.  

Pictured: ZACH SHALLCROSS, ANASTASIA / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin


Kaity had the first one-on-one date with Zach last week, but felt looked-over during the group date.  She told Zach that she’s there for him.  He told her that he’s been waiting to kiss her, and they kissed during their alone time.  

Zach also had alone time with Jess, Charity, Gabi.  Then when it was Kylee’s turn with Zach she explained how awkward it was when she cut-in with him and Anastasia.  She told Zach that Anastasia is always talking about how many Instagram followers she’s going to get from being on the show.  Zach reacted that, it freaks him “the fu#@ out!”  and felt that he needed to address it.

Charity second that Instagram comment with Zach about Anastasia.  He went to the group and said there may be someone there for the wrong reason then pulled Anastasia to the side to talk in private.   The other girls (except for Charity and Kylee) had no idea what was going on.  

He asked Anastasia if she’s really there for him.  He said that’s not what he heard that she’s there for Instagram followers and he  confronted her about it.  She said that she told the girls that she would share her contacts with them.  Zach told her that his number one fear is having someone there that isn’t there for the right reasons and he doesn’t find out until the end.  Zach had to go think about it. 

Anastasia was genuinely confused as to why someone said that about her.  When she returned to the group, Kylee told everyone that it was her that told Zach about it.  Anastasia said it was taken out of context.  

Zach gave the group date rose to “someone who reminds me of why I’m doing this…”  That was Ariel.  Anastasia was crying after that.  


Pictured: BROOKLYN, ZACH SHALLCROSS / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Zach wanted to bring Brooklyn on the date because she’s adventurous.  He said Brooklyn was still holding back.  They went ATV riding.  Then afterwards spent some time on the beach talking, and making-out in the water.  He was hoping that she would open-up later in the date.

During dinner Zach told Brooklyn that he likes her confidence.  Then, Brooklyn opened-up about her family and how her dad was emotionally and physically abusive.  She talked about not being herself after that, then after six years, she woke-up and got out of there.  She said she found the strength that she didn’t know she had.  She said she respects that Zach appreciates who she is.  

Brooklyn said the cops literally were waking her up one night because she got knocked out.  She said she’s never found a recericating love and wants to find that.  Zach was super impressed and said she’s “a bad-ass.”  He said seeing her  now how brave and confident she is, he was so blown away.  Zach was grateful for showing him the Brooklyn that not everyone gets to see.  

Zach said he can’t wait to see what else comes after this and gave Brooklyn the date rose.  She said she feels like the only girl in the world when she’s with Zach and can see him as her future husband.  Zach said there was a spoken and an unspoken feeling between them and he felt a spark or chemistry between them.  


Davia is someone who hasn’t gotten any time with Zach and was hoping to change that during the Cocktail Party.  Aly is another one who didn’t get much screen time this week.

Zach told the women that he saw a lot of bravery and humility from the women this week.l  He said it’s only fair that he’s honest with them and “at the end of the day, I’m following my gut.”  Then, he asked to speak to Anastasia first.  

He opened-up the floor to let her speak.  She said it was upsetting that Zach had any doubt in her and doesn’t know how that information was passed.  She assured him that she came there to see if there’s a connection with them. 

Zach was worried if there were any ulterior motives.  Next, Zach walked Anastasia down the stairs past all of the women.  Kylee was sick at the sight and the rest of the women started freaking-out.  Kylee felt really bad.  

During her ride home, Anastasia said she would have rather had a physical throw-down than have her integrity questioned like this.  Kylee was hoping that the incident didn’t jeopardize her relationship with Zach. 

Zach told the women that the bigger picture is finding love.  He said he spent too much time worrying about the uncertainty of Anastasia.   Zach chatted with Charity next.  He said Charity makes him feel special each time he’s with her.  He said he has these incredible women here and “it’s becoming real every day.” 
Davia was crying over seeing Zach pull Kat for private time.  Then it was her turn to spend time with Zach.  She said seeing the action that he’s taken, has made her put her trust in him.  


Jesse announced the end of the Cocktail Party and Kylee was devastated because she wanted the chance to talk to Zach once more.  She panicked and wanted to go home.  She said she couldn’t take being up there and not hearing her name called.

Zach thanked the women for the time in the Bahamas and for the way they make him feel.  The first rose he gave out was to Charity, followed by:  Kaity, Gabi, Jess, Mercedes, Aly, Greer, Kylee. 

Women who went home:  Davia, Genevie, Anastasia

Women who already had roses:  Kat, Ariel, Brooklyn

Zach said he thinks that he’ll find the one and he feels that that person is in the room.  Then, he told them that they’re going to London next!

NEXT WEEK:  Zach and the women will go to London next!  Zach gets more romance with Gabi, Kaity, and Kat.  Then Jesse Palmer told the group of women, “unfortunately, I have some really bad news.”  Then Kat looked upset and walked away.  Other women, Kaity included, were shown crying. 



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