Blood Bath Ending on THE BACHELORETTE Season 17 Week 6 Recap

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Blood Bath Ending on THE BACHELORETTE Season 17 Week 6 Recap

Picture (l-r): Hunter, Justin, Greg. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

It was another week of revelations for Katie Thurston as “The Bachelorette” this season during week 6.  As she stated to the men during the Rose Ceremony, she doesn’t have time for someone to play catchup or drama.  Katie seems to have her final men pegged by the end of this episode.  She also reminded the men that Hometown Dates are right around the corner.

Some of the gossipers in the house were expelled this week, and this will make way for Katie to really get to the hearts of the men who are left.  Five men went home, and only seven guys remained.  At the beginning of this episode, co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe announced a request from Katie which was for them to go one week without masturbating,  The topic didn’t come up again until later in the episode during Katie and Blake conversations.  Also a telling sign that Blake is most likely in her Top three.  Blake’s “Say Anything” moment finally happened in this episode.   A moment that’s been teased since the season premiere.
The men were increasingly catching-on to more red flags that Hunter was giving-off.  It all caught-up to Katie at the end when she let two of the guys go who were in Hunter’s predicted Top 4 list for Katie.


Kaitlyn had a major announcement hit the guys with a major twist – no more masturbating for one week.  The guys were surprised.  Then she left them with the first date card.  It was a one-on-one date card with Justin’s name on it.  “I can picture a future with you.  Love Katie,” the card read.
Hunter predicted that him, Greg and Connor were “already in the Top 4” Lol!  Greg was surprised that Hunter knew that much about the process of the show.



Katie wanted to see if her and Justin had more in common on a deeper level.  “If that spark is a connection that could lead to an engagement.  At the beginning of their date they met with the show’s photographer Franco Lacosta for a photo shoot.  Katie called it “a sneak peek to what I’m hoping to get out of this.”  She felt hopeful of Justin, but there was still a lot she didn’t know about him.
Lacosta pulled Justin to the side to ask him to come up with words – “target her heart, her mind, her spirit” he told Justin.  Justin said he didn’t know if he could “do this” in his confessional video.  He hoped that their connection was as strong as he thinks it is.
Back at the house: The men figured out that Hunter is a super fan of “The Bachelor” show and they didn’t like it.
Back to Katie and Justin:  Katie put on a wedding dress.  She was curious if it would spark fear in Justin, or if it would motivate him more.  Justin said there’s no denying that the potential with Katie is there.
Katie walked up to the altar where Justin was waiting.  He didn’t freak-out.  They read their nuptials to each other.  They had a fun fake wedding with just the photographer.  Katie said by Justin embracing the moment, it made it that much more special.  And, that’s what she’s looking for in a man.
Back at the house:  The next date card arrived.  It was the Group Date card with the names:  “Blake, Andrew, Michael A., Greg, Aaron, Mike P., Brendan, James, Tre, Hunter.  This Queen is looking for her King.  Love Katie.”  That means Connor got the next one-on-one date.
Back to Katie and Justin:  During dinner, Katie told Justin that weddings are really hard for her because her Dad is no longer around.  Her dad won’t be able to walk her down the aisle or give his blessing.  “It’s a reminder how important it is to love your family every single day.”  She said before her Dad passed away, she found out that he wasn’t her biological father.  Her biological father wants to be in her life but she doesn’t know how to build a life with this man she knows nothing about while still mourning her Dad.

Pictured: KATIE THURSTON, JUSTIN. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Justin thanked Katie for opening-up to him and he wants to be there for her.  Katie said she felt happy and “comforted.”  She said Justin “was fantastic” and she felt “taken care of.”  Katie said “tonight is the beginning of something great” and she can see herself falling for him.  After dinner, the two were serenaded by “MAX.”   Justin said sharing that wedding moment with Katie, he won’t forget it.  Katie thought their date “is the beginning of what could be love” as they slow-danced to the music of MAX.



The group date has ten guys that include multiple men that Katie is falling for.  She enlisted two people to help her figure out who is there for her and equipped to be her King she told them.  Then they went to a drag show.  Katie had the help from Drag Queen Super Stars – Mondat X Change, and Shea Couleda.  Katie said they’d help her to weed-out the guys.  The mens’ task was to be in the great debate which was a bit of a roast and battle between the guys.  They had to write-up their speeches/roasts first.

Mondat and Shea visited each guy to help them in the process.  Aaron was planning on exposing Hunter as a fake.  Tre took it as a chance to show Katie his heart.  Hunter told Mondat and Shea that he doesn’t think he’s in a place right now to know if he’s in love with Katie.  It was time for “The Great Royal Debate.”  Katie said she couldn’t wait to see what tea would be spilt.    James and Greg started it off by being super nice and the drag queens and Katie weren’t buying it.  They wanted real tea!
Then things shifted when the drag queens asked them to roast.  Brendan called-out Hunter having “a Top 4 list.”   Hunter tried to deny it.  He then said he’s falling in love when asked how he felt about Katie.  Tre called Hunter out and said that’s not what Hunter said a few minutes ago!! When it was time for Hunter to throw shade back at the men, he didn’t do it.  Instead he professed his love for Katie, who seemed to be into it.

Pictured (l-r): SHEA COULEÐâ, MONÐâT X CHANGE, KATIE THURSTON. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Back at the house:  The one-on-one date card arrived, which read: “Connor, let’s let our love shine bright. Love Katie.”


Back to the Group Date:  It was time for the After Party.  Katie told the men that she heard some things “that were a little concerning with hometowns coming up.”  She wanted to see where the relationships stood and wanted to continue to build connections.  Andrew took some alone time with Katie first.  He said he’s “really starting to feel this” and no one kisses how they kiss.
When Greg sat down with Katie she noticed that he seemed hesitant.  He said that he wasn’t and told her that he’s falling for her.  Katie responded that she’s falling for him too.  They kissed.  She said it’s reassuring that “this is working.”
The men were privately talking about Hunter and James said he thinks they should warn Katie about how Hunter is there for the wrong reasons.  Blake told Katie in private that the challenge she gave them was tough for him because he does it daily and multiple times on the weekends.
Then, James told Katie that she needs to know about someone there for the wrong reasons.  “I see his behavior as almost calculating.”  Then Tre told Katie about what he heard Hunter tell the drag queen.  Next, Aaron had more bad things to say about Hunter.  Katie pulled Hunter in private to talk.  She told him what other guys had told her about him.
Hunter said he isn’t calculated and has focused only on Katie.  Hunter said he can only take care of his side of the street.  Katie told him she had to take a minute because she didn’t feel well after that.  She called the night early and didn’t hand-out the date rose.  Katie told the men she would see them at the Cocktail Party.


Katie recalled the minute she saw Connor come out of the limo in the catsuit,. She said she’s missing that physical connection with Connor and was hoping to get past that.  They double dated with Kaitlyn and Jason.  Katie said “today is the final test for our relationship.”  They had many activities planned for their double date.


After a little while, Jason was sold on Connor.  Katilyn told Katie how her and Jason started off as friends.  “Time is everything” Kaitlyn told Katie who was waiting for “that magic kiss.”  Kaitlyn said “this date is definitely make or break for Connor and Katie.”
Connor felt that he and Katie “really connected” and called it “the perfect little day.”  Connor reflected how they got to makeout under a sunset.  He thinks she can see a future with him.  Then, Katie is seen visibly upset and knocks on Connor’s door as he’s getting ready for the night portion of the date.   She was crying and told him how she realizes how great of a man he is.  Connor knew she was breaking-up with him.
Katie told him that when they kissed, “there was something missing in that kiss.”  She said “it was the one and only time that something was missing.”  Connor was also crying and said “it’s okay because it’s worth it.”  After Katie left, Connor was still upset and said “it’s heart-breaking” he said especially knowing how strong he started-off.  Connor went back to get his luggage and say bye to the guys.  The men were shocked.
After the commercial break, Katie was still upset that she had to send Connor home.  “Connor and I just aren’t meant for each other.”  Then she heard music coming from outside.  When Katie went outside to her balcony, Blake was playing a Country song on his boombox in “Say Anything” style.  She was immediately happy to see him.
Blake said he feels like Katie is going to be his fiance and like he’s in his own love story.  Blake said he’s waiting to enjoy his own happy ending.


Katie said “what makes this hard is I have amazing guys here.”  Katie told the men that this week has been hard for her.  “I’m at the point where time is really not going to make a difference tonight.  I have strong relationships with men in this room.”  She continued that she wanted to be intentional with her time moving forward and told them that the Cocktail Party is cancelled.

Picture (l-r): Hunter, Justin, Greg. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin


The men were freaked-out when they saw only six roses were to be given out.  “It’s going to be a bloodbath,” one man said.  Katie told the men “I have to follow my heart, and I hope you understand” before handing out the roses.   She called Hunter first, then told him she wanted to go outside to talk to him while holding the rose in her hand.
Katie told Hunter how she had to cut the Group Date short because of the gossip she had heard about him.  Hunter told Katie that he wrote her a love letter because he wanted to let her know how he felt.  Katie said she’s just looking for clarity.  Next, Hunter walked back into the Rose Ceremony without a rose.  Katie explained that she doesn’t have time for someone to play catch up and doesn’t have time for the drama.  Katie called Blake’s name next to give him a rose.
Roses went to:  Blake, Andrew, Greg, Michael A., Mike P., Brendan.
Justin already had a rose from his one-on-one date.
Men who went home:  Tre, Aaron, Hunter, James, Connor



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