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Bringing it Down & Up on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Finals Recap

Posted on September 15 2015 by Editor

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Bringing it Down & Up on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Finals Recap

The best talent determined by America’s votes who made it through the semi-finals weeks have been condensed to “America’s Got Talent” Finals. It’s the moment of truth for these remaining acts where one will win the grand prize of $1 million and a Las Vegas opening act. The winner will be announced on Wednesday’s season 10 finale show.


Oz performed a mentalist trick that involved all four judges that required them to choose a chair then select numbered envelopes. But, before that, the judges gave Oz the names of people. Not only did Oz match-up the color of chairs with the color of the sheets of paper inside of their envelopes, he had also predicted the names of their people. Mel told Oz that he’d “make the best husband” and called him amazing. Heidi was spellbound.  


Acrobat Artist

Uzeyer experienced an injury last week when he fell off of his tall ladder on stage while performing. This injury caused him to modify his act greatly into something else. Howard was disappointed by his act, stating, “Uzeyer is capable of much more” and that he is a great athlete who couldn’t perform to his standards. Hedi said she likes that although he fell last week, America brought him back. Mel B. said he’s taken a situation and made the most out of it but was unfortunate that his act didn’t have that danger element to it and she liked it less.



Benton sang One Direction song “Story of My Life”. Howard said he looked and sounded like a star even though Benton opened flat. Heidi said people connect with Benton’s story. Mel B told Bentpn “this week was perfect for you and people genuinely like you and that’s why you’re here.” Howie said Benton already has a great fan base and wished him luck.  


Gary told some jokes that applied to Jewish culture and dating. In one of the jokes, he stated that he has a long-distance relationship that requires him to stay 100 feet away! Howie called him the new Woody Allen and maybe he’ll marry his step-father. Heidi wished him luck and said he made a lot of people laugh. Mel B. called him consistently funny. Howard congratulated him for making it into the finals and said Heidi understands Jewish humor. He said he can see him up on the big screen and called him wonderful.  



Piff took Howie’s $20 bill and changed it into a Piff voucher for one free magic trick. He then took Heidi’s real gold ring for luck in the trick to retrieve Howie’s $20 bill. Then, he shot his dog “Mr. Piffles” out of a miniature canon. Mr. Piffles re-appeared with Heidi’s ring. The small bag that Piff gave Heidi to hold at the beginning of his act revealed two nuts when she opened it. The biggest one was holding Howie’s $20 bill that he had wrote on once Heidi cracked it open. Mel B. called him “silly and funny”. Howard said “I love Piff. I loved Piff all along” but didn’t think that Piff put his best foot forward, and congratulated him anyway. Howie said he believes that the million dollar grand prize “will end up with someone funny.”




Ventriloquist Paul, started his act out with an elderly male puppet, followed by a baby, then an elementary aged puppet. The best part came when Paul swapped voices with the child puppet.

“It sounds like you have one voice”, Howie said which is the only thing that bothers him. Howard said Paul “is a master at what he does,” and has taken the art of ventriloquism to new heights. Heidi said it was great and the hardest since he had to swapped voices. Mel B. said “well-polished act” and called him flawless.



Their power house singing got a standing ovation from the judges. Howard said they brought the final week to a new level and “energized the room”. He continued that they are stars and “it all came together tonight.” Heidi called it “so much fun.” Mel B. responded that their act woke her up and they brought the house down and felt like she was at their concert. Howie said it’s The Craiglewis Band vs. comedy acts.  



  Derek’s final magic act consisted of changing ropes to varying lengths. Howard said he doesn’t get this far with not having talent but this act was “underwhelming” for his big final act and called it “draggy”. Howie said magic is all about presentation. Everyone’s seen the rope trick, but it should be exciting and epic for the final. Mel B. thought it fell flat and was looking at the dancers that were assisting him more than him.  


“The Professional Regurgitator”

After Stevie presented his act that included swallowing a magnet and thumb tacs then regurgitated a requested four tacs then ending it with a small explosion, he got a standing ovation from the judges Heidi called him “brilliant”. Mel B. said it’s a “show-stopping act!”



Drew brought the funny again. This time by using numbers. He said he wouldn’t be a very authoritative parent because it would take him too long to count to three, and recounted the struggle it was the first time that he gave his phone number to his now girlfriend.


Howard said Drew is a good writer with great material and proud that he’s part of AGT finals. Heidi and Howie gave him a standing-O. Howie said Drew trumped all of the other comedy tonight.


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  1. Debra Cook Says:

    I think piff should have given howie his $20 back. It is not cool! Piff lost my vote.

  2. Debra Cook Says:

    I just wonder if Howie ever did get his $20 back from Piff.

  3. Debra Cook Says:

    I think that the last episode of AGT totally should have been tonight’s finals. The contestants seemed a bit nervous tonight which affected their performances. I think that The Mentalist will win the money. His act was flawless and truly Amazing!

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