Can’t Force It on THE BACHELOR Season 23 Week 9 Recap

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Can’t Force It on THE BACHELOR Season 23 Week 9 Recap

This week on “The Bachelor” was supposed to be Colton’s final three dates with the remaining women before the last Rose Ceremony, then the proposal in the finale episode. However, viewers only got two dates in this episode – Tayshia’s and Cassie’s due to drama in Cassie’s date. The truth was exposed about Cassie by herself when she told Colton that she indeed is not ready for an engagement, something she denied when he asked her previously. Colton’s fence jump soon followed, though it came at the very last minute of the episode right before a “to be continued” came on the TV screen.

Last week’s episode of “The Bachelor” left the last three women – Hannah G., Cassie, and Tayshia waiting with anticipation Colton’s return after he stepped-away at the end of the Rose Ceremony. Their guesses as to what he went off to talk to host Chris Harrison about was the Fantasy Suites week.

They would be right! Colton indeed pulled Chris Harrison to the side outside to talk about Fantasy Suite dates this week. Colton stated that it would be ideal for him to lose his virginity to someone “I’m in love with who’s in love with me and to wake up the next morning and know that I’ll spend the rest of my life with her.”

When Colton came back inside with the ladies, he told them that meeting their families gave him so much hope and he wants to continue to travel the world with those three. Next, they were going to one of the oldest countries in Europe – Algarve, Protugal.

The Bachelor 2019 week 9, Tayshia, Hannah G., Cassie

Pictured (l-r): Tayshia, Hannah G., Cassie / ABC Network Copyright

Tayshia called it “like a dream” being there in Algarve, Portugal. She said their relationship has been built around trust and fear with their sky-diving and bungee jumping dates. “Being physical is a huge part of the relationship,” she added, and wants to explore that with Colton.

Cassie said her and Colton have an “amazing connection.” He told her that he’s falling in love with her. But, Cassie didn’t reciprocate because she doesn’t want to rush in telling someone that. Cassie said she’ll get to explore her feelings with Colton more this week.

Hannah G. said she’s not scared to say that she could really see herself with Colton for the rest of her life.


Tayshia had her date with Colton first in Portugal. Colton told Tayshia that they’re going to “a magical place,” Cabo St Vincent. It’s called the edge of the world. This location was on a beautiful beach where they sat atop some rocks and a lighthouse. Colton said he’s excited to get to know Tayshia better with “no distractions” and spending time with “a beautiful woman at the edge of the world” that he’s falling in love with.

Colton said tonight will show how they interact on an intimate level. He added that he wants to make sure that they make the most of it. During dinner Colton thanked her for last week spending time with her family. He said it pushed their relationship forward. He wasn’t comfortable jumping out of a plane, but it was because of her. Colton said he wants to continue to be open. “I know for a fact that there’s a lot of important parts of a relationship and sex is part of it.”

Tayshia told him that her husband was the first time she had sex and understands the value of it and waiting for the right person. “Truth is such an important part of a relationship.” She told Colton that her ex-husband cheated on her and it’s something that she was ashamed of. “I’ve been through the hardest part of a relationship” which she’s turned around. She understands that it’s hard for Colton to open-up and told him it’s something that they can bond over. Colton said he’s blown away by Tayshia for everything she’s been through. Colton said if it’s them two at the end of this, he promises that will never happen (cheating).

That was followed by Colton pulling out the Fantasy Suite card to invite Tayshia to go there. She accepted. After the two entered the suite, the show cut on an image of them making-out on the bed.

NOTHING HAPPENED! The next morning, the two woke up together and Colton said that they had a nice “conversation.” In her confessional, Tayshia said she didn’t get the physical intimacy that she wanted. Colton told Tayshia that he enjoyed having the time with her. She responded that she does love him and needed that time with him. Colton said spending time with her on a lull was great and right. He knows he’s falling in love, and not yet fully in love. He stated that he’s thinking about the two other relationships. After telling Colton goodbye until the Rose Ceremony, Tayshia said in her confessional that she’s freaking-out and wished that they had more time.


Colton said to Cassie that he realized he had someone special in front of him when he got to spend time with her in Singapore. Colton said Cassie has the cool fun playful side to her, but still has a sexy, edgy confident side to her as well. Cassie said Colton is a guy that she could easily love and they care about each other. He makes her feel safe and she could see a future with him she said. Colton said he wants to be with someone that he’s crazy about, can’t keep his hands off of and explore life together. “That’s what I want in my wife,” he stated.

“The best thing about love is that you can’t force it. It’s just there,” said Colton, and Cassie makes him feel “complete.” He added that he would love nothing more from her than she’s falling in love with him. He noticed that her actions indicates that she’s falling for him. “I know that I love Cassie.” He finished that with that “tonight could possibly be the night” that he’s been looking for in this entire journey. Colton told Cassie that meeting her family was “amazing” and hoped that they like him because he liked them. He told her that her family “had a lot of questions” and this is real.

Cassie asked about the conversation with her Dad. Colton said his conversation with him was “the most challenging.” Cassie said likewise for her. She said with a possible engagement happening so quickly, they’re concerned if she’s ready for it. Colton told Cassie that he did NOT get her Dad’s “approval.” Cassie was surprised and shocked. This is when things started taking a turn for the worse.

Cassie said she felt that when she left her family that they trusted her to make the decision. Colton told Cassie that what her Dad struggled with was the amount of time and didn’t want them to rush into it. Cassie reacted “I’m so confused right now.” She was really taken back. Colton stated that it doesn’t change the way that he feels about her and wants to continue to pursue her. Cassie needed a moment as she seemed to gather her thoughts together and told Colton that she wished he had told her right after. Cassie said in her confessional that the fact that her family isn’t 100% sold on her and Colton together “kind of freaks” her out! She followed that with Colton has “no idea how confused I am. It makes me so, so sad. Like that’s so hard,” and she began to cry.

Colton said he keeps falling more in love with her with the more time that they spend together. Cassie was so jolted by the whole thing, that the show must have called for her Dad. Next thing, Cassie’s dad showed-up!

Enter Cassie’s Dad!

Cassie’s dad said when he saw her at the house, he wasn’t convinced that she’s in love and he considers marriage very spiritual and a life-long commitment. Her Dad explained for him to give a blessing after a half hour conversation “isn’t diligent.” He told her that she seemed “conflicted” and asked Cassie if she’s in love with Colton. Her response was that she “thinks” but wishes she had more time. “I don’t want it to be over with him. But, it scares me to be at the end and accept a proposal.” Dad told her that there should be no hesitation if he’s the right guy. Dad said if Cassie walked into his home and been like “he’s the one” then it would have been a different conversation with Colton. Cassie said she thought that by going home, it would make everything more clear, but it only made her “doubt” things more. Her Dad said “you can’t force it.” He said that when the right person comes around, there’s no doubts. He said the longer that she lets this go on, it’s a dis-service to him and to her. He told her to follow her heart and think long-term.

Cassie said in her confessional that she wants to feel 100% that she’s in love. “I don’t have that right now.” Her dad advised her to be brutally honest with Colton and “let the chips fall where they may.” Cassie decided to break-up with Colton that night.

Later That Night…

Cassie told Colton that she “loves” him “so much” but, “not in love,” and told him she’s having doubts about it. “I don’t know.” She followed that with “I don’t know why I’m so confused….it’s just a lot to think about.” Colton asked if she was planning on leaving that night. She answered “yes” but “not because I care about you so much.” Then Cassie had to step outside and talked to producers. Then Colton met her outside to talk. Cassie told him she wanted to be excited “about tonight” and not “confused.” Colton said he’s okay with “being patient. He told her he doesn’t want to lose her. They walked back in and sat down. This is when the show really exposed some insight, behind-the-scenes type stuff by airing what Colton told Cassie next.

Colton told her that he doesn’t want her to make a decision tonight and he can’t stop thinking about her. All he thinks about is her when he’s on other dates. He told her that the last thing that he wants to do is to walk away from this relationship. He told her it’s okay for her not to know. She said it’s not okay for her not to know now. He said he didn’t know in Thailand. But, he knew after that date. He told her “every relationship moves at different paces,” and told her it’s okay to take her time. He said he doesn’t know what she’s struggling with.

Cassie was freaking-out that there’s two weeks left of the show. Colton told her that putting a two week timeline on the rest of your life is not fair to do. She said she doesn’t know why she’s there if she doesn’t know what she wants at the end of this. Colton stated that he wants to be there with her at the end of this, engagement or no engagement. “I feel that strongly about you.” Colton went on “I want a future with you and at the end of this, I want to be with you. I love you.”

Colton was uncontrollably shaking as he tried to process everything. Cassie told him that she doesn’t know if she can “get there” with Colton and so badly wanted to be “on the same page” as him. He told her that she could go if she wanted and he wouldn’t stop her.

Colton walked Cassie out and they told each other that the wish the best for each other. She told him that she wants him to be with someone who’s insanely in love with him. Colton responded that, that breaks his heart. “I’m not sure I can get there,” Cassie told him once again. They said “I love you” to each other, and Cassie was off in the van ride home. That’s where she said she felt bad about how it went and didn’t think it was going to be that hard.

Meantime, Colton was inside the cabin and said he’s “done with this” and walked out hitting the camera on his way down the stairs. A producer asked if he wanted her to get Chris Harrison. Then Chris appeared out of nowhere calling-out to Colton who ignored him. Next was the infamous fence jump that Colton made in order to get away from everyone on the show.

The Bachelor 2019 week 9, Colton fence jump

Pictured: Colton / ABC Television Network Copyright

There was so much drama to Cassie’s date, that the show didn’t even get to Hannah G.’s date. That’s “To Be Continued” in the two-night season finale next Monday and Tuesday.

NEXT WEEK: “The Bachelor” airs Monday and Tuesday 8 EST pm on ABC Television Network.



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