Can’t Say No on THE VOICE 16 Blind Auditions Week 4 Recap

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Can’t Say No on THE VOICE 16 Blind Auditions Week 4 Recap

“The Voice” coaches’ Teams were near full in week 4 of season 16 Blind Auditions. Most of the ruthless fighting amongst the coaches- Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, were over and the mood was a bit more chill as some of the coaches let some good artists slide-by while coach Kelly Clarkson scooped them up. However, she was still on the hunt for a Country male artist. Kelly was still feeling defeated by the male coaches when it came to winning over the male artists.

This episode opened with model/social media Queen and John Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen chatting with Kelly about Legend singing everywhere and about everything.

The coaches were zoned-in on completing thier Teams of twelve artists each. Adam and Kelly needed three, John only needed one, and Blake Shelton was on the hunt for two more artists.


Celia, 17-years-old born and raised in New York, said she’s known she’s wanted to do music since age three. Her Dad is a photographer and her mom is a fashion designer/creative director for Donna Karen. Due to having models hanging-out at her home made her feel self-conscious growing-up. Celia chose to sing “I Don’t Want To Be You Anymore,” a song about insecurities.

Chair Turns: Blake, Kelly, Adam

John said she has such a power and her range is her story-telling. He compared her to Adele, and Florence, Fiona Apple He said she like no one else in the competition. Blake said her performance was “capivating” and hit his button because she’s a champ, but outside of his area of expertise. Kelly told her she has that song on her list – of a song she’d like her people to do. Adam said it’s his dream for her o win the voice because its time for a different tpe of singer to win. He said she has raw power tht singin has, the wy she sings and clled her “the future.” Blake tried to play on sympathy by making-up a story about his fake cat “Sandy” dying. Adam walked over to Blake and turned Blake’s chair back around. Celcia chose Adam.

Coach – Adam. Adam said Celcia is a “unicorn” tht has and incredible sense of style with her singing and thinkg they “so badly need someone like her on the show.” Celia said she had an obession with Maroon Five and had a connection with Adam.


Voice 16 blind auditions week 4, Cecily Hennigan

Pictured: Cecily Hennigan — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Cecily got tons of hype from her social media post of her singing her drive-thru order at a McDonalds. She made it on the Today Show and the Steve Harvey show. Cecily is 16-years-old attending the South Carolina Govenors school where only six girls in the state get in a year for voice. She’s thrilled that John Legend is on “The Voice.” Cecily sang “Foolish Games.” Blake was the first, and only coach to turn.

Chair Turn: Blake

Adam thought she was awesome. John said her voice is developed beyond her years and advised her to keep showcasing “that powerful instrument she has.” Kelly called it “a really rad pic” regarding her song choice which she was surprised she knew. Blake told her they have to find the song that they can “blow the roof off this place.” Blake called her voice “pitch perfect” and glad the other coaches missed-out.


Kalvin is 29-years-old from Tucson, Arizona where he is an Assistant Manager at an IHOP restaurant where his boss is his mom. She said she wants to see Kalvin pursue his passion. Kalvin, who’s dad is a rapper, said it’s challenging to do music and a full-time job. After they moved to a rough area, his dad got wrapped-up in drugs. Then reunited with the familylater. Kalvin chose to sing “A Good Night” by John Legend. He said “I’m going to bring Kalvin Jarvis to this song and hope John likes it. John immediately started chair dancing when he heard his song. But, Adam and Kelly were the first two (and only) coaches to turn.

Chair Turns: Adam, Kelly

John called it an “excellent song choice.” Kelly called his runs so good, and sexy. John said he’s probably too picky on his own songs. Adam called Kalvin “ridiculous” and impressed he sang John Legend’s song in front of him. Blake said when John didn’t hit his button for his own song, that threw him for a loop.

Coach – Adam. Adam said Kalvin is smooth with a great technique but not too clean.


‘Voice host Carson Daly stopped-by backstage to tell Ava that she’s the youngest, at age 13 to ever audition on “The Voice.” She’s the only musical person in her family tree. Ava said it’s a little intimidating that she’s the youngest to be on the show and was hoping to be on Team Kelly because she’s geniune and won with a young artist. Ava sang “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals.

Chair Turns: None

Kelly couldn’t believe that Ava is 13 and she “just became a teenager” with all that angst. Adam advised her to hone-in on who she wants to be and said there was some “over-styling.” John advised Ava to refine how she uses her instrument more and it will sound more natural.


Voice 16 blind auditions week 4, David Owens

Pictured: David Owens — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

David is 24-years-old who started singing in church at 12 and 13 years old. He said he felt really uneasy of pursuing music as a career becasue of lack of money. He had a premature baby just before leaving for his ‘Voice audition. He said for the last five years, he’s been playing it safe and wants his son to grow-up and go after his dreams. David said he’s hoping that music will show him some love back. He sang “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt. Kelly was the first and only coach to turn.

Chair Turn: Kelly

John said he may have been “too nitpicky” by not turning around. Kelly said she has sang that song too and knows the gravity and message of the song. The fact that he’s a man and did a different kind of soul than Bonnie Raitt is “smart” and will make David “stand-out in the competition.” Kelly also added that he has a “roundness and a tone” to his voice that you can NOT teach.


Voice 16 blind auditions week 4, Presley Tennant

Pictured: Presley Tennant — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Presley is 16-years-old and she describes herself as a Tom boy who enjoys outdoor activities. She fell in love with performing when she was part of a girl group at a young age. Presely was devastated when the band broke-up and calls “The Voice” the biggest singing opportunity she’s ever had. Presley sang “Stone Cold.”

Chair Turn: Kelly

Kelly was super impressed by Presley’s “big ol’ range” in singing the Demi Lovato song. Kelly was so excited that the other coaches were “completely out of it” and said Presley has “a mighty range.” Kelly said “yay her” and couldn’t understand why the other coaches didn’t turn around.


Voice 16 blind auditions week 4, Rod Stokes

Pictured: Rod Stokes — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Rod said he’s a Gospel Country Soul singer, the male version of Kelly Clarkson! Rod, who is 34-years-old, is from Alabama. He is a legit Country boy working for the family business as a lumberjack. Rod said gospel music is all that he’s ever known, and has never sang outside the church except for his ‘Voice audition. He sang Bee Gees song “To Love Somebody” song for his blind audition.

Chair Turns: Adam, John, Blake

John said he loved the gravel in his voice and the clarity. “You have so much power, so much range,” said John. Adam said he was blown-away. Blake called his voice “shocking” and loves how it shreds when he goes for the bigger notes. Blake joked that he knows that Bee Gees song so well, that he waited to see where Rod was taking it. Rod said he loves 90s Country.

Coach – Blake. Rod said he really wanted to complete Blake’s team. Blake said he knew that he had Rod because he sang the Bee Gees.

BLAKE’S TEAM IS FULL! Balke called his team the “G.O.A.T.” = the greatest of all time.


Calista said with her parents’ careers, it’s unusual that she decided to be a rock star and is obsessed with the 70s era. Calista said music is her life. She sang “Wishing Well” by Terence Trent D’Arby.

Chair Turns: None

John told Calista that she did a cool version of the song. Kelly wanted her to “reign it in a tiny bit” and she would have had a chair turn. John said her execution wasn’t exactly there and she needs to fine-tune her craft a bit.


Voice 16 blind auditions week 4, Andrew Jannakos

Pictured: Andrew Jannakos — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Chair Turns: Adam, Kelly

Andrew looks nothing like how he sounds which is a rough, older Country singer with a soulful flavor. Blake was sorry that his team was full. Kelly said she loves that Andrew’s voice sounds like an old-school Country artist. Adam called Andrew’s voice a deep, beautiful voice. Adam told him he has zero Country singers on his team, where Kelly has Country singers on her Team. Kelly begged Andrew to pick her, and males never go on her Team! Blake said Kelly has found “lots of success” in Country music. Adam said he thinks that Andrew is truly great and will use his ears to know what he needs to do. Kelly called it because Andrew went with Team Adam.

Coach – Adam. Blake said he’ll be keeping his eye on Andrew because he sounds Country, and doesn’t look Country.



Voice 16 blind auditions week 4, Kayslin Victoria

Pictured: Kayslin Victoria — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Kayslin is 16-years-old who started singing at the age of nine and was inspired by her mother. She’s part of a group that rehabilitates sick horses. Kayslin loves both Kelly and John, who were the only two coaches that had spots left on their Teams. Kayslin sang “Feel It Still” song for her Blind Audition.

Chair Turns: John, Kelly

Adam thought she was incredible and wished he could push his button for her. Blake encouraged Kelly and John to yell and battle each other for Kayslin. John said he turned pretty early – he loves the song and how excited he’d be having her to be the final member on his team. When Kayslin mentioned that she sings Demi Lovato, Kelly said that means she has a range too and told her to pick her! Kayslin said she’s been a fan of Kelly’s since she was a little girl. She was born eight days after Kelly won “American Idol.” However, she went with John.

Coach – John. John said her voice is “special” and it “pierces through the record.” He predicted that she’ll do great things on the show.



She grew-up with music always playing. She said her world turned upside down when her parents divorced. Maddi sang “Get it While You Can” by Janice Joplin.

Chair Turns: None

Kelly said she didn’t turn because of the pitchiness and couldn’t tell if it was because of nerves, and if it wasn’t it’s difficult to coach that.

Kelly said she was waiting for a really great Country male artist and someone who moves her.


Voice 16 blind auditions week 4, Jackson Marlow

Pictured: Jackson Marlow — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Jackson is 18-years-old from Alabama and works for the municipal water department. His uncle is Red Marlow from Team Blake a few season ago. Jackson was raised on Blue Grass and old Country music. He said he got a lot of motivation to try music as a career after positvie feedback from performing small shows. He wants a coach to help him get more comfortable at performing. He said he’d be happy with either Blake or Kelly. Jackson knew that it was getting down to the wire of available Teams. Kelly was excited when she heard Jackson and got out of her seat to begin to dance. Kelly turned.

Chair Turn: Kelly

John told Jackson that Kelly was the only coach with a spot left. Kelly said she loses to both Blake and Adam and had to wait until their teams were full. He said he was more than happy to be there. Kelly was happy that she has “the cutest little cowboy.” John said Kelly found a guy that literally could not say no!



The coaches will have their Team loaded with some new mentors this season to help prepare their artists for the Battle Rounds. Pop singer and producer Charlie Puth is on Team Adam. Last season’s fifth coach for the Comeback Stage Kelsea Ballerini is back this time to help Team Kelly. Khalid is with Team Legend, and Blake has the help of Brooks & Dunn – winners of 18 CMA awards. The coaches will also be equipped with their Steal buttons in this round. A special edition of “The Voice” will air on Wednesday that shows a different side of the coaches.



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