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CATCH 21!: Some Riviting Games For Season Two!

Posted on April 02 2009 by Set News

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Filming on the set of “Catch 21” has wrapped for it’s second season, and we were there on-set during its last week!


HOLLYWOOD JUNKET was in attendance on a very special taping. In a series of four episodes, the grand prize was doubled from $25,000 to $50,000. Winning contestants are also given a “very special prize” which was not announced as to what that prize is. I’m guessing that the prize will be determined at a later date and mailed off the the contestants.

Three contestants compete to "Catch 21".

Three contestants per game challenge each other off in a Black Jack game of “Catch 21” on the stage at “Hollywood Center Studios” on a much bigger set than season one, equipped to comfortably fit about 200 audience members.

Host of the game show Alfonso Ribeiro, entered onto the stage and immediately announced: “I will not be doing the Carlton dance. It was thirteen years ago, and if you want to see me do the Carlton dance, you can see me on YouTube or Nick at Night, but not here on Catch 21”. The inevitable requests from fans have finally reached the point where he has to make the announcement. However, he never said he wouldn’t do the “hammer” dance. Yes, he did break-out into “hammer time” on stage, and a Michael Jackson dance at another taping. He was very good!

I can’t say enough good praises about Ribeiro. He is hands-down, one of the best game show hosts out there. Such a natural knack at this style, and the fun, brother/sister type chemistry between himself and co-host/Dealer, Mikki Padilla is rare and benefits the show greatly.

Padilla enters the stage in this season show by ascending down a flight of stairs, and onto the stage to her dealer podium that is placed in front of an audience section, changing the look from season one’s setup where she entered from behind stage to a podium in front of the vividly lit set wall of lights.

Some other noticeable changes this season from season one, is the wardrobe of Ribeiro and Padilla has become casual. Their button-down collared shirts (worn by Ribeiro) and formal dresses (worn byPadilla) have been replaced with collarless shirts and fun, short summer dresses.

Players on the set of "Catch 21" get ready to battle wits and odds.

Players on the set of “Catch 21” get ready to battle wits and odds.

The last game played at the end of the show by the contestant that has beat-out the other two, is kept on the same stage, just in a different area of the stage, with audience seated in the background.
Gone, is the odd, black stage from last season during this final game. Players are still awarded “power chips” that they may choose to use to get rid of undesirable cards dealt.

Final round game is done with same stage.

Final round game is done with same stage.

No card shuffling on-stage this season either. Cards are taken away after each game, then brought back to their place in the dealer’s podium by “Standards and Practices” represenatives.

Some very exciting and surprising turn of events in some of the games of contestants this season. These occurrences, make members of the studio audience get genuinely emotionally involved in contestants games. One audience member said, “this is too much. I’m getting too attached to them. It’s too stressful. I have to just try and watch it and not get involved”. Another audience stated that the difference in seeing the show live versus on television, is that he felt more invested in the outcome of the contestants games.


Watch out for a couple of recognizable contestants from television shows who join-in on the fun at “Catch 21”. One is an actress from “Days of Our Lives”, and another one is on an upcoming reality show for “Fox Reality Channel” called “House Husbands of Hollywood”. Another player this season was recognized by some audience members from a male Jewish calendar he had a pictorial in. How well did they score on “Catch 21”? You’ll have to tune-in when the show starts back-up on GSN April 6th!

Watch our video interviews on the set of “Catch 21” below:


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