Celebrating Halloween – GHOST HUNTERS Style!

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October 28, 2011
October 29, 2011
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Celebrating Halloween – GHOST HUNTERS Style!

Halloween is around the corner and in the spirit of, we are always curious to know how ghost hunters celebrate Halloween.

How Ghost Hunters Celebrate Halloween!
During a phone interview with Adam Berry and Amy Bruni from Syfy reality show, “Ghost Hunters” answered the question. Bruni stated that they do a live show. “We’re very into the month of October. That’s kind of like for us the Christmas season for retailer. We are so busy. Every weekend we have something to do and then we have to prepare for the live show,” said Bruni.

She also said that it gets so exciting because of all the buzz going about during that month for the paranormal ghost hunters investigators. “Every Halloween we are ghost hunting so it’s like we are doing what we love on Halloween night, which is great. So that’s how we celebrate,” said Bruni.

Berry answered with “It’s a month-long celebration. I absolutely love Halloween. I love everything about it. I love fall, I love the sweatshirts and apple cider. Everything!” Berry also said that he couldn’t think of a better way “than being in a dark crazy place with Amy Bruni for six hours on television” to enjoy Halloween.

What Scares Them More Than Their Investigations?
What scares these investigators more than what they have encountered in their investigations? They said some of their travels for the investigations have been quite scary. Bruni said they were stranded on Mackinac Island. She said her and Adam had to fly out on a little four-seat plane that took 16 trips to take all of their equipment back and forth. “That kind of stuff is scary. We were driving across the country at that time in the middle of these crazy snow storms and we almost went off of the road and had to pull over and stay at a hotel. That stuff terrifies me,” said Bruni.

Berry agreed and told this recount of a travel, “A couple of months later we thought the worst of the winter was over and we were driving up to Maine to do Fort Knox and literally the drive should have taken us two hours and it took 4 1/2 because of the snow storm. We couldn’t see anything. Blinding snow – it’s terrifying”.

Los Angeles Paranormal Investigators Experiences and Halloween:
Bruni’s Experience with Robert the Haunted Doll – Overshadowed Jay and Grant!
Legendary, said-to-be possessed doll named “Robert the Haunted Doll” was the subject on one of Bruni’s investigations. “I met Robert the haunted doll. He’s in Key West, Florida somewhere. They took him off the island to come to a convention that I went to a few years ago. This was before I was even on the show (Ghost Hunters). And this doll was creepy. They brought him in and everybody was wearing gloves carrying him in and he was a celebrity. Jay and Grant were there, they were invisible. Everybody wanted to see this doll. And they brought him in and they sat him down onto the display and there were some people trying to do their radio broadcast next to him. All their equipment just kept malfunctioning and nothing would work. They finally moved to the other side of the room and everything worked just fine. The people kept saying that they were taking pictures of this doll and they weren’t turning out. So, I would like to have investigated him a little bit more but he was in a big convention setting.”

Watch the “Ghost Hunters” live this Halloween on Syfy Monday October 31 at 7/6 c.



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