Celine Dion Moment on THE VOICE Season 11 Semi-Finals Recap

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November 28, 2016
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December 12, 2016
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Celine Dion Moment on THE VOICE Season 11 Semi-Finals Recap

“Viewers are witnessing the growth of a star.” – Alicia Keys

This week on NBC’s “The Voice”, the Top 8 contestants were given songs that they each sang solo, then they were paired-up with each other to sing a second song of the night.

This week also brings the largest elimination this season. During the Results Show, only four contestants will move on to the final week of the competition for the finale.

THE VOICE Season 11 Top 8

The Voice 11, Top 8 contestants


Christian said Lady Gaga loved his rendition of her song last week and re-tweeted it. Christian chose gospel song “To Worship You I Live”. He sang part of it in Spanish.

Adam said he’s a fan of Christian’s. “There’s nobody in this competition that allows themselves to wear their heart on their sleeve like you do,” and called him “an amazing guy.” Alicia said she was proud and “you just lived your dream up there.” She added that it’s what he represents as a man, “and that’s what you do on this show.” She said she saw him lose himself.

AARON & WE’ performed.


The Voice 11, Top 8 Ali Caldwell

Miley gave Ali “I Will Always Love You” and combined both Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston versions of the song. Miley told Ali “this is what Whitney was feeling and what Dolly was going through.” Miley said because Ali has a big, powerful voice, she can do what both Dolly did and what Whitney did with the song. Ali said it will be a magical moment for her.

Alicia said she loved everything about the performance and loved how Ali’s been “honoring” the look of hers, which resembles fire. Alicia also complimented the restraint that Ali displayed and called it a “perfect performance.” Miley said “the song was so perfect for me and Ali. In 2016, we’re like Whitney and Dolly.” She said Ali never lost feeling and sang as beautiful as she looked. Miley finished that she was jealous that it wasn’t her performing.


The Voice 11, Top 8 Brendan Fletcher

Adam gave Brendan the song “Angel”, he said which felt like the honest response from last week. He also added “purposeful music sounds really thoughtful with purposeful voices.” Brendan said he’d be thinking about his friend that passed away during his performance. Adam advised Brendan not to be afraid to be tender. Adam said Brendan can get to the finale and deserves it.

Blake said of Brendan that he has had the most consistent growth over the popularity based on iTunes. He also said Brendan’s voice is so “infectious” and wants him to do a Michael McDonald song. Adam told viewers “here’s why if you want something different,” then to vote for Brendan. Adam said Brendan deserves to be in the finale.

SUNDANCE & JOSH performed

WE’ MCDONALD (Team Alicia)

The Voice 11, Top 8 We' McDonald

We’s dad joined her at the start of her rehearsal with Alicia who said she feels like a sister to We’. The song We’ sang was “Scars to Your Beautiful”. Alicia said this song is We’s message for being bullied.

Miley said what she loved about the performance is that We’ showed her what a We’ tour would look like. She said We’ uses the set to lift herself up and not to distract. Alicia said she was so proud of We’ and it was We’s vision. “We’ is her own artist and knows what she wants to say.” Alicia said viewers are witnessing the growth of a star.


Miley called Aaron like a cat because he always lands on his feet after bouncing back from being in the bottom three weeks in a row. Aaron said William Shatner tweeted him. Aaron sang “Everything I Do I Do if For You” by Bryan Adams. Miley said Aaron really needs to have that big moment.

Miley said she really believes him when he was singing that because he sang it for her. She said she’s really down with Aaron being with his guitar and wanted to do a really classic song like that this week.

CHRISTIAN & BILLY performed “A Little Unsteady”


Adam had Josh sing “Danny’s Song” by Loggins & Messina. Adam said with the song Josh sang it showcases his vocals in a way we have never seen before. Josh said the song reminds him of him and his wife because they don’t have a lot of money but have each other. Adam said he thought Josh was saving his best performance for this one.

Adam responded that he knows that Josh knows that he nailed the song. “That was vocally and feel-wise, the best of the night so far.” He said because it was the best for his voice and called it the “best timing ever” going into the finale.

BRENDAN & ALI performed “It’s Only Love”‘


With Sundance being the only member of Team Blake, Blake said he couldn’t feel better about his chances of winning this season with Sundance. Blake said Sundance is one of the biggest gifts to Country Music. Super-star and Country legend, Wynonna Judd encouraged Sundance via a phone call. Blake called Sundance a special singer and said he has a way of getting to your heart.

Blake was ecstatic about Sundance’s head performance and said he only thought “everything great”. He said every week Sundance comes out onto the stage and blows everyone away.


Adam thought it was cool that Billy wanted to do a Celine Dion song. Adam warned of the epicness of the song. Adam said he loved that it’s “not the expected thing.” Billy’s song was “I Surrender.”

Adam said “we all know what he (Billy) can do.” Adam noted that Billy was pretty great. He said there was a moment of shock and amazement on the faces of the judges while Billy performed. “It’s hard for Celine Dion to sing a Celine Dion song” and pointed out Billy’s passion.


The second night of “The Voice” Top 8 ended with half of the contestants remaining going into the finale week. The artists were announced one-by-one throughout the night by host Carson Daly on who made it through. At the end, three artists sang their Instant Save song for the Twitter voters to vote on who to put through to the finals.

Daly asked each coach about their remaining artists on their teams. Blake said “Sundance has laid out his path on his own” and “has made his point.” He also added that Sundance is a great artist and that’s all that matters.

Alicia said her artists are themselves and glad to be the one that “gives them a launching pad.” Miley said she’s most proud of her team because that level of talent is “one in a bazillion!” Adam who has all three artists left said he just tries to do the best he can do every season, and hopes his artists “go all the way and beyond.”

The Top 8 came onto the stage to hear the first round of results. Christian went back to his Christian roots last night with his song choice. He said he’s a better person now than when he came to “The Voice”. Then, Daly revealed the first name (in no particular order) of the first finalist who was Billy Gilman.


The Voice 11, Jennifer Hudson, Top 8

Pictured (Left) Jennifer Hudson with the Top 8.

Star of “Hairspray Live”, Jennifer Hudson took the Top 8 on a tour of the set of “Hairspray Live”. She gave them valuable advice that included: “Your passion should always be stronger than your fear;” “If you’re always good to work with, you’ll always work.” She said what they remember first, is your first impression.

Daly asked Sundance how has “The Voice” changed him. He answered, “I learned to trust myself and to trust other people that I don’t always know the right thing.” Then Daly announced the next artist of the night moving on to the finals which was Sundance Head!

Hannah Houston came back from “The Voice” season 10 to perform.

Next, the third finalist was announced. It was the youngest contestant this season, We’ McDonald. Alicia was beyond excited!

Blake Shelton sang “A Guy with a Girl” on “The Voice” stage.


The Voice 11, Bottom 3 contestants

Pictured (l-r): Christian Cuevas, Ali Caldwell, Josh Gallagher

The remaining five contestants came out onto the stage. The first artist announced as being in the bottom three was Ali Caldwell (Team Miley). Miley told her to “bring it like you’ve never brought it”, then Ali exited to prepare for her save song. Next, Josh Gallagher (Team Adam) was announced. The third and last contestant in the bottom was Christian Cuevas (Team Alicia).

Aaron and Brendan were the two that went home.

Christian performed his Save Song first. Then Ali, followed by Josh. After Ali performed, Miley stated “I don’t know how you did what you just did right now because I’m ready to pass out. Life is not what we choose, its what we make it.”

Josh Gallagher sang “I Drive a Truck”. Adam said he wished he had a thousand seconds and said Josh is constantly getting better and better and charting higher. Adam added that Josh has so much to give that people haven’t seen yet and predicted that if he stays, next week will be the best he’s done on the entire season.

After coming back from a commercial break, the Twitter voting polls revealed Ali with 31%, Christian at 25%, and Josh winning 44% of the votes.

The coaches gave their final thoughts to their artists. Alicia said Christian has a huge purpose that goes far beyond this moment and said he is “a large light bearing being and everyone feels it.” She said he’s broken so many boundaries.

Miley said to Ali, and everyone that they all have won by making it this far. She said Ali makes people believe what she’s saying but she’s not like anyone else and called her a super-star. Adam said starting with Josh late after stealing him from Blake, that they finally hit their stride and are so much on a roll. He told Josh, “there’s something about you that everyone connects.” Adam finished with Josh really sings a song that everyone understands.

The Instant Save Vote went to Josh Gallagher.

The Voice 11, Top 4 contestants



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