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Chadnado Disaster on BACHELOR IN PARADISE Premiere Preview

Posted on August 02 2016 by Editor

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Chadnado Disaster on BACHELOR IN PARADISE Premiere Preview


It’s a place for second chances for contestants from “The Bachelorette” and “The Bachelor” shows. Past contestants are placed on “Bachelor in Paradise” which takes place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Real-life couples have come out of “Bachelor in Paradise” now in season 3. One such couple, Jade and Tanner, recently got married after meeting on the show last season.

Bachelor in Paradise season 3 cast

“Bachelor in Paradise” cast

The starter cast (the show always adds people later) is: Amanda, Jared, Jubilee, Nick, Evan, Emily & Haley (twins), Vinny, Carly, Daniel, Izzy, Grant, Lace, Sarah, and Chad.

Fans will remember Carly from last season of “Bachelor in Paradise” where she experienced the most awkward break-up ever when her partner decided he didn’t have romantic feelings for her after-all at the end of the season.

Host Chris Harrison stopped-by the house to tell the cast mates about the official rules. The person that gets a date card gets to pick who they want to ask out. If when the Rose Ceremony happens those that are not in a relationship and not given a rose will go home. In the first week, the men will be in charge of handing-out roses. Next week, the ladies will have the roses to give-out and will have the power. If one twin (either Emily or Haley) receives a rose, then the other one stays too.

Bachelor in Paradise 2016, Pictured (l-r): Twins, Grant, Lace, Nick

Pictured (l-r): Twins, Grant, Lace, Nick

Popular villain contestant from both Andi’s and Kaitlyn’s seasons is giving “Bachelor in Paradise” a shot to find love. Nick Viall said he’s “curious and hopeful about what it could bring.” He’s hoping to meet someone that makes him a better version of himself and said he’s interested in Jubilee (from Ben’s season). We later see in a preview, Nick and Amanda really getting into each other.

In a montage of preview clips, “Bachelor in Paradise” showed peeks from footage of what’s to come this season on the show. Through this, viewers see couples forming that include: Nick and Amanda, Caila and Jared, Wells and Ashley I. In one moment, Ashley is jealous of Jared liking Caila. In the next minute, she’s all into Wells in which she sates that she has more chemistry with than she did with Jared.

The show also teases that there will be multiple marriage proposals this season.

Evan (the “dick doctor”) was one of Chad’s enemies from Jojo’s Bachelorette season. Evan said he wants people to see him as “a strong and successful Dad.”

The first person to arrive is Amanda, then Evan, Jubilee, Carly, then later Nick, Daniel arrives and soon behind him is the much awaited Chad. Everyone there were in anticipation of Chad’s arrival as they were all curious to meet him in-person. However, later that night, they’d soon regret it!

Daniel said he is still single because he has “high standards.” He complained to Chad a lot about the women that were in Paradise so far, calling them “poodles” and “bruised”. When the twins Emily & Haley from Ben Higgins Bachelor season arrived, Daniel immediately tried to swoon one of them after talking to Izzy and telling her she’s 27 years old, then, telling her she’s 21 after she told him she’s 25 years old! Daniel appears to talk more than he listens.

Jubilee had her sights set on Jared as she patiently awaited for his expected arrival. Conveniently, she was the one who got the first date card. That meant, she asked Jared out on a date and he accepted. Emily was jealous by this because she also likes Jared.

Some couples that were already forming the first night were Izzy and Vinny, Lace and Grant. That is, until Chad butted-in. Chad and Lace had a brief on-again-off-again very physical relationship in the span of two hours that first night. Their short-lived relationship, or more like mating ritual, consisted of them kissing passionately, then hitting each other, followed by drinking and calling each other names. Chad got falling-down drunk and successfully offended all the women there.

Bachelor in Paradise 2016, Jubilee, Jared, clown

Pictured (l-r): Jubilee, Jared, clown

Jared and Jubilee’s date consisted of them visiting an outdoor area filled with pinatas. They hung out there while talking about “Lord of the Rings,” until a clown interrupted (and scared Jubilee) them to motivate them to bust open those pinatas.

Izzy and Vinny were starting to become a real item when Vinny kissed her. Vinny stated that it’s a big deal for him to kiss someone.

The next morning, Chris Harrison gathered the group together to make a not so surprising announcement. That’s where the first episode ended. But, wait, there’s MORE!! Previews show viewers that next week, a suitor from “The Bachelorette” season 10 will join the group! He’s back to inflict a bit of vengeance on another cast member. Just wait, it’s gonna get GOOD!!

“Bachelor in Paradise” airs every Monday, and Tuesday on ABC.


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