Clayton’s No Tears, No Regrets on THE BACHELOR 26: THE WOMEN TELL ALL Recap!

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Clayton’s No Tears, No Regrets on THE BACHELOR 26: THE WOMEN TELL ALL Recap!

Pictured: CLAYTON ECHARD. Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Clayton called trusting Shanae “the worst thing” he could have done. 

New host Jesse Palmer got inducted into his first “Women Tell All” show that wasn’t his own!  He started out seemingly overwhelmed when a bunch of the women took over the show in their continued banter and attacks on each other.  But, soon after, Jesse helmed the chaos into order and proved to be a very good fit to host “The Bachelor.”

It was a traditional style “Women Tell All” with much of the attacks going to where they deserved to go which was on the most villainous women this season – Shanae, Cassidy, and Sarah.  This episode also included an exclusive sneak-peek to what Jesse Palmer described as, “the most dramatic finale in Bachelor history!”

The women who were in attendance were: Claire, Kate, Hunter, Jill, Elizabeth, Marlena, Cassidy, Kira, Eliza, Shanae, Sarah, Lyndsey W., Mara, Sierra, Genevieve, Teddi, Serene.
Teddi said when she saw him she felt that “this was the place I needed to be.”  The first montage of footage showed the history of the worst villains in the house – Cassidy and Shanae.  This included Shanae’s fake apology, and ended with her demise during her two-on-one with Geneieve.   After the clip, the women immediately lit into Shanae.

Jesse started-out with Claire, deeming her the first woman in history who after the first conversation reacted “no, not for me.”   On the other hand, Cassidy was accused of soaking-up “screen time,” and playing a game, not really into Clayton.  The next item of business was Cassidy having “friends with benefits” before coming onto the show.
Kate accused Cassidy of coaching Shanae into a “Frankenstein,” and called her the worst person she’s ever known.  Jesse called Shanae to the “hot seat,” but had trouble getting a word in before taking a commercial break!



Next, the shrimp fiasco!  Jesse asked Shanae what made her want to come onto “The Bachelor”?   Shanae answered that she’s been single for five years and had come to love herself, and decided to try “The Bachelor” show.  Jesse asked why the change?  She said it started when “it was like night and day” with her and Elizabeth’s “friendship.”  Shanae told Elizabeth that she’s “fake.”

Jesse asked why Shanae apologized after throwing the women’s trophy.  She said it was because of Clayton.  The women, especially Sierra, were really worked-up over that incident.   After that, Shanae had the two-on-one in Toronto.  Jesse called Genevieve up to the hot seat where she had to sit next to Shanae.



Photo (l-r): SHANAE, GENEVIEVE. Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

The two recounted their two-on-one date.  Genevieve said when she found out about the date, she was sobbing.  “Watching back, it’s even more shocking.  I see Shanae is comparing herself to Meryl Streep,” especially since she accused Genevieve of being an actress at the time of the date.  It was a calculating move she used to try to get Genevieve eliminated, which ended-up back-firing on her.

Then Shanae said after Genevieve finally got eliminated one week later, she went home and slept with Aaron Clancy from Katie’s season.  Genevieve had to set the record straight and said she “never” slept with Aaron.



Pictured: JESSE PALMER, SARAH. Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Sarah was in the hot seat next.  Ultimately, Sarah’s fall-down was when she was exposed as manipulating the women in the house.  While replaying her elimination, Sarah watched-on smiling throughout the playback.  Jesse asked her about any “mixed emotions?”  Then Sarah started to cry.  She reacted that it was “sad to see a beginning with so much potential,” and the way it ended.  She said in Croatia was the turning point when she got a second one-on-one date.   Sarah still stood by her word that Clayton cried with her.  Jesse said Clayton will be able to speak on it soon.



Pictured: TEDDI. Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Teddi got the First Impression Rose and was called to the hot seat next.  Teddi reacted to the playback of her journey of the show.  She said it was emotional seeing how strong she started-out with Clayton.  “It’s hard to see…I remember that feeling when he didn’t call my name.  Not feeling worthy.”  She said she “takes a while to trust men.”  Teddi said as a kid, her dad wasn’t around a lot.  She said she tried really hard for approval from her dad to make her worthy of love.  “To come up short again.  It was hard to watch.”

Teddi said because of the Fantasy Suite, she thought there was a possibility that Clayton may be her first.  Jesse asked if Teddi felt the pressure from receiving that First Impression Rose.  She said “yes” there was added pressure and it made her elimination that much harder and emotional.  Teddi said she feels so open and ready for love now, and knows she’ll make an amazing wife and mother one day.  Jesse asked who it was that slid into her DMs?   Teddi said it was Clayton’s brother.  She said one Echard is enough for her in this lifetime.

Serene’s journey on the show was shown next.  Serene made it to the hometowns and was eliminated after that.  She told Clayton that she was in love with him.  Serene said watching everything back she felt that she gave everything and it wasn’t enough.  Jesse asked what it was like for her to share the story of her cousin passing and that Clayton really listened.   Serene said she was uncomfortable pushing herself, and she broke-down her walls because she thought Clayton was the one.   Serene said she’s ready for the right one to come along.



Jesse asked for Clayton’s reaction to being “The Bachelor.”  Clayton said “it felt like a dream,”  going out of the experience and into his real life.   The hardest part of being “The Bachelor” is going back watching it, analyzing it.  He wishes he had done things differently.  He said “maybe they weren’t the right decisions to make” but he has no regrets.

Sierra said to Clayton, “why neglect all of the words from all of these wonderful women that Shanae is toxic?”  She asked why he chose to believe Shanae over all these women  Clayton said he was trying to build trust.  He said he was basing his decision off of the connection he felt.  But, when she threw the trophy in the pond…he still kept her. Sierra said she tried to help him, and he’s confusing love and lust.  She said he needs to figure out what it takes to be a man and a husband because he’s not there yet. Clayton told Shanae that he did believe her and thought that they had a real  connection.   He said she manipulated the women and himself.  Clayton called trusting Shanae “the worst thing” he could have done.

Jesse asked Clayton about Sarah.  He said at the point that the other woman came to him to tell him about Sarah, it became a big red flag.   He thought that she was playing a game to her benefit, to get the other women to leave.  Clayton said he started to question everything and wondered if there were any women still left after her who were also playing the game.  Clayton also questioned Sarah why did she tell the other women that he cried with her.

Pictured: CLAYTON ECHARD. Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Jesse asked to be clear, “you did not cry with Sarah?”  Clayton said he didn’t cry on any of their dates.  So, it was confirmed that Sarah indeed made it all up!

Jesse asked Clayton what it’s like to see Serene again for the first time since they parted ways.  Clayton said it crushed him when she asked if she said something. He said it felt like she was not validated. Clayton said Serene gave everything, and he didn’t give back.  “I feel terrible… I wish I had opened-up to you.”   Serene said she knows in order to get what she wants and to find her person she has to keep being vulnerable.

Kira said watching it back, she came to appreciate his good qualities.   She said if he’s not engaged, she’s still like a shot at Clayton.  Clayton thanked Jesse because he was the perfect person to help him navigate through “The Bachelor” and from someone who was once “The Bachelor” as well.  With that, a montage of clips from Jesse’s season played.  It included a very embarrassing moment when Jesse gave out a rose to the wrong girl!  He said “I’m never going to live that down!”

FINALE SNEAK-PEEK: The finale episode sneak-peek showed Clayton saying that he put himself all-in and fell in love with all three women – Susie, Gabby, and Rachel.  The footage was played of Clayton saying he was in love with Susie and Rachel, along with the Rose Ceremony footage where he’s telling two women that he was intimate with “both” of them.  We can assume those two women are Rachel and Gabby from what past clips have shown.  Fans should also take note that we have not yet been shown any footage which looks like a proposal.



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