Coaches Give Up Their Chairs – THE VOICE Season 6 Sneak-Peek!

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Coaches Give Up Their Chairs – THE VOICE Season 6 Sneak-Peek!



Blake Said Adam Doesn’t Have a Chance,

Shakira Pimps Out Miranda!  Season 6 Sneak-Peek!

NBC’s mega-hit singing competition show “The Voice” is returning for a sixth season that begins airing in February. Filming for this new season of “The Voice” was long underway back in the middle of October 2013 when HOLLYWOOD JUNKET dropped-by the set to get a peek at the blind auditions which were being judged by original coaches Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, and returning coaches Shakira and Usher.

The Voice, Shakira, Usher, Blake

Pictured (l-r): Shakira, Usher, Blake

Usher came out in a new natural afro hairdo, and Shakira’s hair was back in its all natural form (long and gorgeous), dropping the wig from the blind auditions during her last stint on the show in season four. It was good to see that after five seasons, Blake and Adam haven’t lost any of their chemistry, nor their crazy antics towards each other. At the top of the show before cameras started to roll, Adam walked over to Blake’s chair and dislodged Blake’s monitor off of his podium and turned it upside down to leave it hanging. When Blake arrived to his chair, he was definitely baffled and annoyed!

The room was at full capacity – occupied by ‘Voice fans as well as some pretty models and actresses placed in the front rows of the audience seating – which by the way, was much appreciated by Adam Levine who acknowledged the lovey ladies from time to time between filming takes. About half of the talent auditioning that day did not go though to the next round, and were sent home.

On the day that HOLLYWOOD JUNKET attended, the coaches had already been through one week of filming of the blind auditions and Shakira and Blake had almost completed their teams. Let’s jump ahead for a second – filming for season five had not yet been completed which means that during the taping of the show for season six, the talent auditioning had no idea which mentor won season five because it hadn’t happened yet. Blake had to reference seasons one through four when boosting about himself as he addressed one contestant, he stated, Adam has not won “The Voice” yet and there will be no chance of it! LOL! Adam indeed won “The Voice” season five with Tessanne Chin who won by popular vote.

The most popular singer auditioning of the day was a young woman by the name of Cary Laine. By the time Cary got in front of the coaches towards the end of the first half of the day, Shakira had only one spot left to fill her team and she was begging and competing fiercely with the other coaches to get Cary on her team. All of the coaches turned around for Cary. Each coach ended-up giving-up their chairs for her in order to woo her over. Cary tried-out each of the chairs by sitting in them and moved from chair to chair to test them out.

Another favorable singer of the day was a young man whom Blake said “has something that can not be taught.” Another young man got Blake and Adam to both push their buttons. They were fighting with each other to get him. The singer had a “raspy” sound that they loved. Blake said it sounded like he washed his throat out with glass and muddy water. Adam said “Blake’s going to make you gargle your throat with glass.” Blake bragged how his season three winner Cassadee Pope has a number one album right now

Adam went for country singer, Lindsay to be on his team. Blake did not push his button for her because he said that he had a lot of other country singers who sounded like her. Adam said he didn’t have any Country singers on his team. Blake said “there’s a reason for that.”

Shakira did multiple victory dances each time that she won over a contestant to be on her team. She convinced one artist to go with her because she said she would contact Miranda Lambert (a.k.a. Mrs. Blake Shelton) to help her coach her. Blake eventually backed Shakira on it.

THE VOICE season 6 Shakira dances

Pictured: Shakira displays victory dances.

Season 6 of The Voice premiers on Monday, February 24, 2014 at 8/7pm CT on NBC.


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