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Coaches’ Signals Crossed on THE VOICE Season 17 Battles Sneak-Peek!

Posted on October 15 2019 by Editor

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Coaches’ Signals Crossed on THE VOICE Season 17 Battles Sneak-Peek!

During a visit to the set of “The Voice” season 17 Battles Round, Hollywood Junket got a sneak-peek of some of the killer Battles the coaches have lined-up. The last Battle was a perfect send-off to the end of the show taping we attended. We also got an inside look at a disruption between coaches Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton over a particular outcome of whom Clarkson chose to keep.

BRENNAN vs. GRACEE  (Team Kelly)

Pictured (l-r): Gracee Shriver vs.Brennan Lassiter — Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC

Gracee is 16 years old from Oklahoma.  Brennan is 20-years-old.  They sang a Country song.  Every coach said that they liked Gracee’s tone better and there’s something distinct about her voice.  Gracee has a Tanya Tucker-like song, while Brennan has a Dolly Parton sound to her voice.   Brennan said she learned about herself and the fact that she sang a song originally sang by a male, pushed her to be a better singer.  BATTLE WINNER – GRACEE

After both singers left the stage without Brennan being stolen, Kelly unleashed on Blake regarding an earlier agreement that they had made.  While watching from the sidelines, we couldn’t hear everything, but we’re under the impression that Kelly was to choose the opposite girl that Blake was going to Steal.  She said she liked Brennan, but he didn’t give her the “signal.”  We’re guessing that Blake mentioned that he wanted to Steal Gracee.


Pictured (l-r): Hello Sunday vs. Lauren Hall — Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC

Hello Sunday are two 14-year-old girls, not related to each other.  Lauren is 25 years old.  They sang “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus.  Every coach said that although Lauren’s tone and technique are great, Hello Sunday was the one to go with because of their showmanship and they’re inspiring.  John Legend commented that he could see his daughter Luna being inspired and captivated by the two girls.  Gwen agreed and said the same of her child. Blake noted to Hello Sunday that their performance, along with Lauren’s all sounded really good without any pitch issues, which Hello Sunday had in their Blind Audition.   Kelly addressed Lauren after the Battle that she doesn’t have to win.  In fact, she said she’s working with former contestant Abby Cash.  Lauren responded that she loves Abby.  Kelly promised to help Lauren too.  


They sang “Sleepwalking” song. Mary Beth Byrd is 18-years-old and has a voice that blew the coaches away.  John Legend said her voice sounds “lived-in” like she has more life experience than what she does at her age.  Mary Beth received a four-chair-turn in the Blind Auditions.  Kelly commented the opposite of the rest of the coaches when she said her Battle winner was Dane from Dane & Stephanie and that there’s “something magical” about them.   Blake said there’s something about Mary Beth’s voice that he can’t describe which is a good thing.  Kelly Blocked Blake from Mary Beth during her Blind Audition.  John Legend thanked Blake for doing that! Kelly regrettable remembered, that she used her Block on Mary Beth, and still didn’t get her.

RICKY vs. JORDAN (Team Legend)

Ricky right out the gate used his wide range and runs to impress in the Battle.  All the coaches, except Kelly ate it up.   She said she preferred Jordan’s performance.  Gwen said she could sense that Jordan seemed not as confident and sure up on stage as Ricky. Blake said he was shocked to learn that it was Jordan’s first audience performance.   Jordan said it was his dream to be on “The Voice” stage and he learned so much.  

MYRACLE vs. ELISE  (Team Gwen)

Myracle and Elise sang a difficult Ariana Grande song “Breathin.” Kelly was shocked to learn that Myracle is 44-years-old.  She said she could hear that there was some pain behind her performance in how she sang.  Kelly said she reminded her of Mary J. Blige.   Blake agreed and said in acknowledging her background story that she had some “rough times” earlier on could hear that in her voice.  He compared her to Faith Evans.  Elise thanked Kelly for the advice she gave her in the Blinds and how to use her voice then she sang one of Kelly’s lyrics “because of you..” BATTLE WINNER – MYRACLE.

JARED vs. WILL (Team Legend)

Pictured (l-r): Will Breman vs. Jared Herzog– Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC

One of the best Battles of the day was Jared vs. Will who sang Shawn Mendes song “Treat You Better.” The coaches were really taken by Will’s performance in the Battle.  John said during the rehearsals, Will seemed held-back and not much of a performer. But, when he got on the stage during this Battle, a total different story and he unleashed.  Legend commented that he got Jared to use his low-tone because he’s naturally a first Tenor.  All the coaches loved Jared’s low tone.  Gwen said she turned for both of the singers during the Blinds, and neither one chose her.  They got to work with former ‘Voice coach Usher in their Battle rehearsal.  Legend said he was choosing the winner by the one who had the more “charisma and star-power.” BATTLE WINNER – WILL.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We can’t state who won their Battles until after the Battles have aired. This article will be updated after NBC first run air dates.


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