Controversial Topic on CELEBRITY FAMILY FEUD Season 10 Sneak-Peek!

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Controversial Topic on CELEBRITY FAMILY FEUD Season 10 Sneak-Peek!

SPOILER ALERT!! This article contains spoilers!!

Hollywood Junket got a sneak-peek at season 10 of “The Celebrity Family Feud” where host Steve Harvey talks off the cuff to attending studio audience members, and we got to see what a dysfunctional family culture the show has behind-the-scenes.  In fact, Harvey stated that an HR meeting was called for!

Harvey stated that he’s been hosting the show for 15 years after starting around 2009.  He told the audience that the show was celebrating its 100th episode that week for “Celebrity Family Feud,” and “Family Feud” had its 200th episode. 

This episode kicked things off with a nostalgic nod to the original “Family Feud” which had contestants form interesting silhouettes against the game show vignette backdrops.  The stage manager explained to the celebrity families that they were going “old style” and bringing back the silhouettes with poses from the show when Richard Dawson used to host.


The first “Celebrity Family Feud” taping of the day pit Lisa Leslie’s family from the WNBA against Olympian basketball player Candace Parker.  On Leslie’s side was her husband, sister, niece, and Marques.  Candace brought her wife, nephew, mom, and a “family friend” that they called “God brother.”

There was an awkward moment when Lisa’s name was backwards, and Harvey kept calling her by her last name, “Leslie.”  The mix-up was fixed quickly.

One of the racier questions the group had to answer was ‘where would you be, ‘where you stick your butt in the air?’  Answers that followed, the bedroom, the dance floor, doctor’s office…etc
The winning team played the fast money round to win $25,000 for the deceased L.A. Lakers basketball player Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Mia foundation.


Pictured (l-r): Meghan Trainor, Tori Kelly

The second show had two POP singers battling it out.  It was Tori Kelly vs. Meghan Trainor.  Tori brought her husband, best friend (since babies), dad, and family friend who’s a music producer.

On Meghan’s side was her husband, oldest brother, mom, best friend, who won ‘sexiest TikToker,’ and her youngest brother who’s her songwriter and producer.   Before the start of her game, the production played one of Meghan’s songs which she started singing along to while standing near the “Celebrity Family Feud” podium, as she danced and recorded on her phone.

There was more than one “The Voice” connection on this episode because not only was Meghan Trainor a recent Advisor on the singing competition show, Tori Kelly was playing for former, and deceased “The Voice” contestant Christina Grimmie who was on Team Adam.  Kelly first gave a long speech and background story to the “Christina Grimmie Foundation” which producers told her to shorten up on another take. 

The celebrity family that won their game, won after a husband scored the very last eleven points needed during the fast money round!!


The most controversial question landed on the Pop singers game.  “Who’s the best rapper of all time?” was the survey question.  Meghan’s husband answered “Kanye West,” which wasn’t on the board (and later edited out with another answer).  He answered “Jay Cole” who was also not on the board. 

Steve Harvey joked, “who are these 100 people answering the survey?”  He asked, are they “like in the North East, like Rhode Island?”  He said because the cast did NOT agree with these answers, that included: Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, etc.. 

The answers that these music pros gave and weren’t on the board included: Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne.  Harvey said he couldn’t believe it and his son would be “very upset” that Lil Wayne wasn’t on the board!  In front of Meghan and Tori, Harvey was going on about how music is not what it used to be when people would write their own songs, etc…

Another question that stumped many players was ‘who would say, “you’ve got some explaining to do?”  Some example of answers were: spouse, doctor, parents.  “Boss” was not on the board. 

SPOILER!! “Ricky Ricardo” was!! Harvey asked, “who in the audience would have guessed that?”  A couple of younger audience members raised their hands.  Harvey asked how they knew about that?  One of them answered “Nick at Nite.”  Harvey asked her to repeat that.  Then said, “Oh, I thought you said something else!”  Everyone laughed.


Dysfunctional Celebrity Family Feud!

After the “Nick at Nite” comment, Harvey proceeded to do a comedy bit about how he never had to go to HR before until the warm-up guy, Rubin called him out for Harvey calling him a “short mother–$#.” 

During game play, when the producers told Harvey that the next move would be “Sudden Death,” Harvey said since when?  The producers answered the rules are different for “Celebrity Family Feud” than for “Family Feud.”  That’s when Harvey said he hates “Celebrity Family Feud.”  LOL!

Also, a little bit later, a cue card got shuffled incorrectly, and had Steve Harvey saying the game play in a different order. He called the producers out on it.  Producers told him that it was a mistake.  That cue card person was not seen later in the game. 

Harvey did get political at some point when he said he’s a Democrat and he has nothing against Conservatives.  But, he couldn’t believe the Republicans don’t have a better candidate than Trump.   Harvey pointed-out that at least Biden doesn’t have multiple indictments against him. 

Harvey went on, if you get an indictment, you don’t get promoted at your job… you don’t get to rule the country.

“The Celebrity Family Feud” season 10 premieres Tuesday, July 9, 2024 on ABC network.



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