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Crushing It and Parting Hair on THE VOICE Final Knockouts Recap

Posted on November 02 2015 by Editor

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Crushing It and Parting Hair on THE VOICE Final Knockouts Recap

Only one steal left and Pharrell has it!

James Dupre vs. Shelby Brown

The Voice Knockouts James Dupre, Shelby Brown

“Jesus Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood. It’s her first Country song on “The Voice”. She picked this song to showcase her range. Adam said Shelby’s biggest opponent on “The Voice” is Shelby. Former EMT James Dupre is pursuing music full time and was a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show. He chose Blake Shelton Country song “Sure Be Cool If You Did”.

Blake said it’s weird to see contestants singing country and it’s not his team and “it’s not right!” He said he loved James’ song for the obvious reason that it’s his song. Blake complimented Shelby’s versus, then finally told Adam to “figure it out”. Gwen said Shelby’s performance was mind-blowing, and James is a perfect Country artist being so controlled on stage. Pharrell called James flawless and that Shelby was swinging her sword and chopping heads off. Coach Adam said he heard a nervous 17-year-old girl in the beginning of the song, but ended up “crushing” the song. He complimented James’ composure on stage, but said Shelby had a dramatic flare to her song that helped her. He chose Shelby as the winner.


The Voice season 9 Team Adam

Adam’s Live Playoffs Team: Keith Semple, Shelby Brown, Blaine Mitchell, Amy Vachal, Jordan Smith

Siahna Im vs. Mark Hood

The Voice Knockouts, Mark Hood, Siahna Im

Mark chose “Stand By Me Song”. Siahna chose to sing “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse. Pharrell said it’s a “tall order for her”, and it shows just how fearless she is.

Gwen told Siahna she’s off the chart. Adam said Mark knows how to entertain and is great. but with Siahna there’s a beast that comes out with claws and teeth and she’s a “one-off”. Blake said Mark is not capable of keeping still, and Siahna is so mature in the way she performs. Pharrell said they both have showmanship and did very well. Mark was entertaining and Siahna charmed the room. He picked Mark as the winner.


Jeffery Austin vs. Kota Wade

The Voice, Jeffery Austin, Kota Wade

Jeffery said working with Rihanna is a dream come true. He’s a former PR agent from New York who gave up the job for “The Voice”. He chose “Turning Tables” by Adele because he can relate to the emotional song. Riahnna said he’ll make people melt with his voice. Kota works at her parents music store.

Originality in the tone of his voice, and said Kota chose the hardest vocal and he respects that. He chose Jeffery. Blake said to Jeffery it’s impressive when someone strips it down and shows what they’re made of. He said Kota lacked dynamics. Pharrell applauded Kota for taking a huge risk. Coach Gwen said he was shocked that Kota chose that song but her personality comes through in the song. She said Jeffery showed everyone who he is and said his tone is “magic”. The winner is Jeffery,.

KNOCKOUT WINNER – Jeffery Austin

Emily Ann Roberts vs. Nadjah Nicole

The Voice Knockouts Emily Ann, Nadjah Nicole

Emily Ann chose “Cowboy Take Me Away”.
Rihanna said Emily Ann can do amazing things with her voice and can be a star. Blake said with Emily’s delicate voice, she’s cut out a big challenge. Nadjah, a personal banker, chose “A Woman’s Worth” by Alicia Keys. She’s the only Pop/R&B artist on Blake’s team.

Said Emily was fighting in a good way. Gwen Said Nadjah is mesmerizing to watch and Emily Ann has a lot of intuition and confidence and is really good. Adam said Emily is crazy good, but Nadjah has a lot other other things that he hasn’t heard yet and wants to hear more. Coach Blake said Nadjah blew people away with her falsetto. Emily Ann fits into blue grass and mainstream. He said she has the potential of being around for 20 years with the right music. The winner was Emily Ann. Blake said he chose her because she’s going to be played on radio.

KNOCKOUT WINNER – Emily Ann Roberts

A Team Blake Knockout that was not aired was Chris Crump vs. Zach Seabaugh. The KNOCKOUT WINNER was Zach Seabaugh!

The Voice Team Blake Zach Seabaugh

Pictured above: Zach Seabaugh

The Voice season 9 Team Blake

Blake’s Live Playoffs Team: Barrett Baber, Morgan Frazier, Ivonne Acero, Emily Ann Roberts, Zach Seabaugh

Evan McKeel vs. Tim Atlas

The Voice Knockouts, Evan McKeel, Tim Atals

Evan chose to sing “Dare you To Move” by Switchfoot. Tim chose “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia. Pharrell advised Tim to engage. Riahnna love Tim for his voice that can do different things.

Gwen told Tim that The first half was magic, but the rest needed to be worked out. SHe said Evan isn’t holding anything back and his vocal is really strong. Blake called Evan a great vocalist, and called Tim the most unique out of them, but there’s too many spices that makes it weird. He called Pharrell the king of weird. Coach Pharrell said Evan gave it his all, and there’s a different sense of freedom. Pharrell agreed that Tim has a different voice that can either be special or not if he doesn’t use it right.


Regina Love vs. Riley Biederer

The Voice Knockouts, Regina Love, Riley Biederer

Gwen stole Regina from Team Adam, and stole Riley from Team Pharrell. Regina was the most overtly excited to see Rihanna! She chose to sing “Midnight Train to Georgia” by Gladys Knight and the Pips. Riley picked “XO” song by Beyonce.

Adam said he misses Regina even more and she just crushed it. But Riley killed it too and he was impressed “tremendously” by both women. Blake said they both blew the roof off. Riley was unique, but Regina parted his hair. Pharrell said Regina really took it to church. Coach Gwen called Riley incredible and her voice is unique with so much potential. She said Regina brought her to tears and they both should be on the show. The winner is Regina. Gwen said because Regina moved the whole room, that could not be ignored.

The Voice Knockouts Riley Biederer steal

KNOCKOUT WINNER – Regina Love STOLEN – Riley by Team Pharrell

The Voice season 9 Team Gwen

Gwen’s Live Playoffs Team: Viktor Kiraly, Braiden Sunshine, Regina Love, Jeffery Austin, Korin Bukowski

The Voice season 9 Team Pharrell

Pharrell’s Live Playoffs Team: Darius Scott, Riley Biederer, Madi Davis, Evan McKeel, Mark Hood


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