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DANCING WITH THE STARS Says Good-bye To Bristol Palin And Karina Slips

Posted on October 16 2012 by Editor

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DANCING WITH THE STARS Says Good-bye To Bristol Palin And Karina Slips

Tonight, Bristol Palin and her partner, Mark Ballas were eliminated from the All Star competition of “Dancing With The Stars.”

Pictured: Bristol Palin with partner Mark Ballas

On Monday night, the twosome danced to At The Hop, a classic 1950’s jam. Bristol donned a 1950’s red poodle skirt, a head band and white blouse. She definitely looked the part however she lacked enthusiasm in her performance. She looked as if she did not want to be there. When she was eliminated, she took the news well and wished the remaining competitors good luck!

Pictured: Kirstie Alley with partner Maks Chmerkovskiy

Funny woman, Kirstie Alley and her partner, Maks Chmerkovskiy found themselves in the bottom of the competition. The pair earned a total of 26 for their performance; all of the judges including guest judge, Paula Abdul gave them a 7.5. Kirstie did an amazing job performing. She was recently injured and still managed to do a cartwheel in the midst of the performance. She was also able to pick her partner up for one of the final dance moves.

Pictured (right) Guest judge Paula Abdul.

After their routine was finished, Len Goodman told them “You turned Monday into a fun day”. Paula Abdul told Kirstie “You are a joy to watch”. Kirstie and Maks are a great team; as an audience member, it is easy to see Kirstie is a hard worker and Maks is a perfectionist. It will be interesting to see what they come up with for next week’s show.

Pictured: Karina Smirnoff encounters a slip-up with partner Apolo Anton.

Apolo Anton and Karina Smirnoff released their inner hip hop; the dance routine was on key however Karina slipped at the very end. She seemed a bit distraught and disappointed in herself. She told Carrie Ann “I am sorry, I didn’t get hurt, I slipped and feel like I messed up the whole routine”. Carrie Ann told her, “Karina the beauty about tonight is everyone was out of their comfort zones, you were outside of your comfort zone, we know that and applaud you all”. The couple received a score of 34.5.

The All Star Competition is down one more couple, We can not wait to tune in next week, to see who else gets the boot.
-Written by: Jaclyn Ashley


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