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Dream a Little on THE VOICE season 17 Blind Auditions Sneak-Peek!

Posted on September 20 2019 by Editor

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Dream a Little on THE VOICE season 17 Blind Auditions Sneak-Peek!

During Hollywood Junket’s set visit to the set of NBC’s “The Voice” season 17, we got the lowdown to what viewers can expect. Before heading into the morning show taping, audience members are offered-up a bevy of lunch options from a studio lot food truck at $14 a pop just for a sandwich!  Want chili and bacon cheese fries?  That’ll cost you $18!  Needless to say, we recommend grabbing a meal before arriving to “The Voice” show taping.  Because you’ll be heading in for a five to six hour long day, or evening depending of which show taping you choose.

While waiting in line, a true ‘Voice fan and audience wrangler chatted the audience up about the show, and sprinkled-in the name of past contestant Melanie Martinez, whom he mentioned, has an actual post-show singing career.

After taking our seats, first order of business noted, the chair order of coaches has been changed.  Blake Shelton is now seated next to John Legend, who is seated next to Gwen Stefani, and in Adam’s chair now sits Kelly Clarkson.  Second order of business, touch-ups on the coaches by hair & makeup.  Then, the first singer to audition stepped onto the stage.  Another side note, the day of our show taping was only day two of season 17’s Blind Auditions, and we kept hearing some of the coaches (John Legend, Kelly Clarkson) state to contestants that their teams were already “filling-up.”

First up was a singer by the name of Celia Lee who made the mistake of choosing the wrong song for her voice which was a Meaghan Trainor song.  John told her it was “too choppy” and he needed to hear more of what her voice could do.  The rest of the coaches agreed.

Next was Country singer Jay Could.  The only coach to turn was Kelly.  Blake said he thought he saw Kelly Block him.  Kelly swore that she didn’t.  Blake also told Jay that “Kelly loves Country” but doesn’t know it.  Jay was visibly a big guy.  When Kelly asked how talk he was, he said 6’6″, one inch taller than Blake Shelton.

Royce came out singing Ska-Reggae.  He was high-energy, with a distinctive voice and stage presence.  Gwen turned right away, followed by Blake Shelton.  His turn was more to annoy Gwen than to realistically aim to snag Royce who is from Tallahassee, Florida.  Kelly stated that her team was filling-up which was why she didn’t turn for him. In Blake efforts to fight (not really) for Royce, he comically said he has a playlist of Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffet, etc..

Rose is from Texas and boldly showcased her powerhouse voice by belting-out one of John Legend’s songs.   Kelly and Gwen both turned.  Kelly got excited and said she’s from the exact same place in Texas.  The other coaches laughed this off because Kelly always tries to latch-on to something relate able to win over singers.  John said he didn’t turn partly because he couldn’t hear the beginning of the song which threw him off.  He also added that  because he’s especially more critical when it’s one of his songs.  But he told Rose not to be discouraged and not to feel bad because he also didn’t turn for another singer who sang his song last season.  Kelly went off on a rant about how powerful Rose’s voice was and that she could annihilate the original artist of any song and KILL it!  But wait, in saying that, Kelly had unintentionally put John down, then ran over to lay down next to his chair.  John joked back “I’m dead.” 

Then, there was Preston C. Howell!  Wow, what a voice!  This 14-year-old commanded the stage like a 30-year-old and with such raw talent.  His singing style was comparable to Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra as he crooned “Dream a Little Dream” song in it’s original format.  He was a four-chair-turn and after his audition, all of the coaches gave him a standing ovation.  They were truly blown-away that he is 14 years old.  Blake told Preston that he has a God-given talent and tried to win him over by bragging about not only working with Michael Buble, but also being friends with him.  

John’s fight was that he just recorded a song similar to that with last season winner, his contestant, Maelyn Jarmon and Natlie Cole.   John then said that he always let his team members make their decisions and that if Maelyn was there, she would tell him to chose him as a coach.  Well…actually, Maelyn was there , and she DID come out onto the stage to co hearse Preston to choose John.  Not really fair game play to the other coaches there though.  They thought so too.

Next, the coaches heard from a singing duo – Chelsea and Mila who are 14 and 13-years-old.  Not sisters, but friends whose group name is “Hello Sunday” changed from “Hello Sunday Comma.”  They  said they were inspired by an open letter which is why the comma was in the name.  Then, decided to change it to reference the beginning of each week. Hence, “Hello Sunday.”  Kelly was the only chair turned and said she noticed some pitch issues with them.  She was confident that with her past experience singing in choirs, she could work with them to become seamless.  

Jesse Lawrence – He’s 31-years-old and was like a bright light of energy on the stage.  Jesse is from New Jersey and won with Gwen who was the only coach to turn.  After talking with Jesse, it was clear she had chosen a gem.  A diamond in the rough.  Gwen explained that she was drawn-in to Jesse’s “raw” and “street” voice.  Blake commented that he wasn’t surprised that Gwen turned because she’s obsessed with ’80s ballads.  Gwen fessed-up “yes” and told Jesse that she wants him to sing 80s ballads on the show.

Mary Beth Byrd was evidently, quite talented because she got chair turns from within the first few seconds of opening her mouth.  She sang a Bonnie Raitt song. and by the end of her audition received a four-chair-turn.  The real kicker was that somewhere, somehow, Gwen Stefani’s song “Don’t Speak” kept playing whenever Kelly would try to make her argument to win-over Mary Beth.  Kelly, incidentally, Blocked Blake from Mary Beth.  Blake was not thrilled by this at all.  Gwen rubbed it in by pointing-out Byrd is Blake’s grandmother’s last name!   John told Mary Beth that he had Maelyn sing an Adele song at the beginning of last season and could see her singing Adele too.  Then, Mary Beth lit-up responding that she LOVES Adele!  

The show was filled-in with a lot of talent coming-out to perform who walked away without any chair turns.  In every scenario, each coach took time to go over what went wrong with their audition.  This seemed to be very helpful advice for the contestants. 

As in every season, age did come into play. It seems that the show is trying not to stress it so much this season by not having every singer who comes out and introducing themselves by included their ages. However, there were times when age could not be helped such as with the very young singers who were blowing the coaches away. One singer – Marie Angelinia sang “Warrior” song and did not get a chair turn. All the coaches brought-up age. Kelly stressed that she didn’t turn because there were some serious pitch issues. She brought-up that because she couldn’t tell if she was very young, or more mature. The pitch issues are more problematic for a singer who is say like around 30 years old, stated Kelly. Every coach after that also said they thought she was on the younger side. But, ultimately her pitchiness was definitely the deciding factor of why they didn’t turn. This was also the reason for why most singers didn’t get a chair turn.


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