Ed Sheeran’s Throwback Reveal on THE VOICE 21 Knockouts Week 1 Recap

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Ed Sheeran’s Throwback Reveal on THE VOICE 21 Knockouts Week 1 Recap

Pictured: (l-r) Kelly Clarkson, Ed Sheeran -- Photo by: Michael Becker/NBC

“The Voice” season 21 coaches had to round up their aritsts to prep them for the Knockout round.  In this round, artists had the help of their coaches, and also a Mega Mentor.  This season, that Megea Mentor is Pop sensation Ed Sheeran who in Tuesday’s episode revealed that at age 14, he could not sing very well.  He played a video to prove it.  The lesson he was teaching to 15-year-old Team Kelly’s Hailey Mia and The Cunningham Sisters, was that if he could make music his career, they surely can as well especially since their talent far outweighs where he was at, at that same age.

Ed said he’s never done mentoring before.  In the Knockouts, the coaches – Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Ariana Grande, had no Saves to use.  Only their Steals which allows them to gain a new aritst from another coach’s Team.

The first Knockout of Monday’s episode was Team Blake’s Wendy Moten who is a Nashville singer, paired with Jonathan Mouton.


Wendy was excited because Ed Sheeran is Nashville and Soul.  She told Blake that she’s been a member of the Grammy Award winning band, The Time Jumpers for two years.  She said they are some of the biggest musical artists in the industry.  Wendy chose “Ain’t No Way,”  by Aretha Franklin. She said she grew up watching Hee Haw and Soul Train.  Bake said so did he.  Wendy said she remembers listening to Aretha at 8 years old and didn’t know what she was saying but understood the feeling.  And that’s what she wants to do  Ed’s only advice was “to put the microphone down and not hold them.
Blake Stole Jonathan from Team Legend in the Battles.  Jonathan picked the song “I Can See Clearly Now”  Jonathan said his mom said this song to him when he was on the chemo bed while he was battling Stage 4 cancer.  He said he couldn’t see well at that time.  But, he owes his cancer victory to his Mom.  Ed advised Jonathan that he doesn’t necessarily do all the runs right away  Blake tlek him that “you always want to have one ace up your sleeve.”  Blake said this Knockout here “is actually stupid.”  These are his power house vocalists.  He wants to see who’s “going to blow the roof off this place”, said Blake.
Ariana reacted, “Wendy, are you okay?”  She told her how you honor an Aretha Franklin song, “you just blew it out of the water” and went with Wedny  John said he loved the a cappella part in Jonathan’s opening. He called Wendy’s big notes  “tour de force.”  Kelly told Wendy that she’s one of the vocalists is the reason why she’s there.  She gave it to Wendy.  Blake paired Jonathan with Wendy to see what he’s made of.  Blake said he’s so happy for Wendy and what comes after the show.
KNOCKOUT WINNER: Wendy Moten. Blake said Jonathan blew him away.  The only problem is that “Wendy blew the building away.”
Mega Mentor, Ed Sheeran has red hair.  Ariana said she met Ed,  when she had red hair.  Ed said he and Ariana have worked together on songs in the past.  They both caught-up with each other and noted that they are both married now.


Katie chose the song “Hold on to Me” by Lauren Dagle.  She said it’s dedicated to her husband and three-year-old son.  Ariana advised Katie to bring her falsetto down and chest voice up.  Raquel chose the “Valerie” song.  It’s about missing a friend that you haven’t seen for a long time.  She said her mom is her number one supporter and “it’s sad that we don’t live in the same city anymore.”  Raquel said they text each other every day.
John told Katie that she had so much connection with the song and liked Raquel’s “cool little runs.”  He went with Raquel.  Kelly told Kaite that her tone “is magical” and her favorite tone on the show.  Kelly told Raquel that she’s sassy but in a great way.  She leaned towards Kaite.  Blake said with Katie it was an emotional performance.  Raquel had a fun performance that lit up the room.  He went with Raquel.  Ariana told Katie that with her tone and strength she left a “huge piece of her soul on the stage.”  She told Raquel that the voice gymnastics she did “was beautiful.”
KNOCKOUT WINNER: Raquel Trinadad.  Ariana said “it’s a bit of pressure” getting the Team ready for the Lives.  She wants to explore with Raquel on what else her voice can do.
STEAL: Kelly Stole Katie because she doesn’t have anyone else like her on her Team and has wanted her since the Blinds.
Kelly said the benefits he Team will get from working with Ed Sheern is incredible.  Ed said he loves Kelly as a human,

GYMANI vs. KINSEY (Team Kelly)

THE VOICE — Pictured: Gymani — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Ed shared with Gymania and Kinsey that he and Kelly used to be neighbors in Nashville.
“Pilowtalk” by Zanye.  She said it’s about how deep love can go.  She’s very hopeful of finding that kind of love.  Gymani’s Karaoke song is “Positions” by Ariana Grande.  Gymani said Ed Sheeran is an “all around artist.”  He told Gymnia that she reminds him of Captain Sullivan.  Every coach tried to get Kinsey on their Team in the Blinds.  Her grandpa passed away and one of the last songs he saw her perform was “Strawberry Wine.”  That’s the song she chose for her Knockout.  Ed said she has a voice that makes you feel “warm and fuzzy inside.”
Blake said they couldn’t be any more different.  He told Gymani that she’s an incredible singer and performer.  He went with her.  Ariana said Kinsey has a distinctive voice.  But so does Gymani.  John said Kinsey sounds like she should be making a record and Gymani is a great performer. Kelly said she was nervous when she saw the song Gymani sang.  But, ‘that’s how you do it, (not make it linear.)
KNOCKOUT WINNER:  Gymani.  Kelly said it’s because she’s the better competitor.  Kelly said Gymani is here to win.
Blake didn’t use his Steal because he’s trying to narrow it down to one great Country singer on his Team.
Ed Sheeran said John Legend was one of the first people he met in America.


Sabrina played the guitar and drums.  Sabrina chose the song “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran. She used to sing the song “Photograph” to her wife all the time.  Ed said he’s never been present while someone is singing his song and said he got the chills.  He said he hadn’t heard or sang the song in two years.  Then Ed sang the song with Sabrina.  Joshua chose “Falling” by Harry Styles.  He said back home, he had given up thinking that all he might be is a worship leader singer.  Ed told Joshua not to “over complicate” it with too many runs. John said Joshua has such a dramatic flair and no one sounds like him.
Kelly reacted “Joshua, what in the world with your tone!”  She said how he navigates between it is so effortless  She said Joshua won in the sense of showcasing his voice the most.  Blake said Sabrina is so impressive in how dialed into her voice she is.  Joshua was swinging from the fence and he voted for Joshua.  Ariana said Sabrina brought out 72 instruments and her voice didn’t take a back street.  John said Sabrina doesn’t shrink from any challenge.  It’s amazing.  and Joshua makes the audience feel every single note.
KNOCKOUT WINNER:  Joshua Vacanti.  John said he loves the Knockouts because they get down to the best of the best. Joshua’s voice is so powerful.


Hailey sang “God’s Country” by Blake Shelton.  Ed said whenever other people sing his songs, he finds that it’s better, and thought Hailey did a great job with Blake’s song.   Libiance chose the song “Everything I Wanted” by Billie Eilish.  Libianca said she wants people to know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.  She started crying in the rehearsal.  Ed advised that when she feels that coming on, to think about something else.  Ed said “whatever happens on this show, do not stop.”  Blake said it will come down to whoever can spill their guts and yet give a solid performance.  Ed reacted that, that’s why Blake’s won eight times.

Pictured: (l-r) Hailey Green, Libianca — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Ariana reacted that it was brave for Hailey to sing that song in front of Blake Shelton.  She voted for Libiance.  John said Hailey filled up the room with energy. Libianca followed with a Master Class in vocals.  She had him at the edge of his seat and went with Libianca.  He went with her.  Kelly leaned more towards Hailey because no one on the show is doing that.  Blake said he lost years off his life trying to get through that vocal, and she did it.  He was like “oh my God.”  He said seeing Libanca get through that was great.

KNOCKOUT WINNER:  Libianca.  Blake said there was no way in hell he was going to see Libianca go home.


They were excited to see Ed Sheeran.  Holly sang the “SuperStar” song by Delany & Bonnie.  She said she sings the song to her kids.  Holly wants to show her soulful side with the song  “The reason I’m here is to inspire my daughter and my son” and if you work hard enough you can reach your dreams, said Holly.  Ed said “nerves are healthy.   Girl Named Tom chose “Wichita Lineman.”  They chose the song because of their dad who was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Ed said he and his brother did “Perfect” song because when his grandmother was dying, she said she wanted to see them work together.   His brother does classical and that was the first time they worked together.

Blake reacted “that was incredible” to watch and it was tasteful.  He told Girl Named Tom it was one single vocal event.  Ariana said Girl Named Tom is consistent and it was a performance that you would see on an award show.  She gave it to Holly  John saiad Holly, that was just perfect singing.  When you do it right, it tugs at the heart strings. He didn’t pick one.  Kelly said Girl Named Tom makes everything so special.  John had never heard of hitting three notes at once.  Kelly said Holly is beautiful and edgy

KNOCKOUT WINNER: Girl Named Tom.  She said they sound amazing together, and can hold their own.

Pictured: Holly Forbes — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

STEAL:  John and Ariana pushed their Steals.  She said she used her Block on John initially.  She sang to Holly to come onto her Team.  John said Ariana denied them the opprougutin to work together before. Then he also sang to Holly.  “I would love to coach you Holly,” sang John.

Coach – Holly chose Ariana Grande.  Ariana said Holly adds so much value to her Team.  Blake told John “burn..burn..”



The second night of the Knockouts marked the 500th episode of the ten years that “The Voice” has been on the air.  Host Carson Daly announced that it’s the most watched show of the decade.  They celebrated with a cake.  Going into the second night of Knockouts, John and Blake both had their Steals.



John said they both have great raspy voices with tone.  “This Part” by H.E.R. and Daniel Caesar.  She said it’s the type of music that she wants to create. A bridge between the gospel world and secular world.  John said “think about what you’d say to someone up close and not in the rafters.”  Brittany said “it was mind blowing” getting to work with Ed Sheeran.  “Bruises” by Leo Capldi  He struggled with self worth knowing he was adopted.  Ed recommended Samuel to “keep his verses chill.” Ed also advised that it’s more about getting the feeling behind it than hitting every note perfectly.

Kelly said Brittany has her game face on and she did such a great job  Samuel sang a song that he connects with where he feels every word.  She said maybe Brittany did better. Blake reacted that “Samuel just had a moment” and made him feel it and the rest of the audience.  He went with Samuel  Ariana said she never knows where Brittany is going to go.  Samuel it sounds like his voice has been through a lot  But, he never loses control.  She went with Samuel.  John said with Samuel it felt like he was thoroughly connected with the song and his best performance.  He thought Brittanybree did a really great job.

KNOCKOUT WINNER:  Samuel Harness.  John said Samuel has this authenticity and is excited about what he’s going to do next going to the Lives.



Pictured: (l-r) Kelly Clarkson, Ed Sheeran — Photo by: Michael Becker/NBC

Hailey said her and her Dad sing “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran.  They were all super excited to be working with their Mega Mentor Ed Sheeran.  Haily Mia selected the song “Arcade” by Duncan Laurance.  Hailey said although she has’t experienced the heartbreak in this song, she’s an old soul.  Ed advised her to take a moment, and she’s got this.  Ed said what she brought was confidence and stage presence.   Hailey said it doesn’t matter how old you are.  If you want something, you have to work for it.  The Cunningham Sisters picked the song “Oceans” (Where Feet May Fail), they said, that represents who they are.  Ed told them that they “have this great chemistry.”  He advised them to acknowledge each other more to show that chemistry off.  Ed said he loves the Cunningham Sisters and couldn’t sing like that at that age.
Blake reacted that it’s the cutest thing that he’s ever seen. Hailey, “holy crap!” She gave it a Knockout worthy performance.  Ariana said it’s always a pleasure to hear the Cunningham Sisters.  She told Haily that it was so stunning and to see her growth  She’s obsessed with the three of them.  John said the way Haily gave the angst that made it seem like she knew.  It was so compelling  Kelly was surprised by Hailey’s huge voice.
KNOCKOUT WINNER: Hailey Mia.  Kelly said Hailey just really came alive and reminded her of “The Cranberries.”  John has his Steal and is waiting for someone that makes him feel that passion and feel like he NEEDS them on his Team.


Pictured: Ryleigh Plank — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

David chose “Lose You To Love Me” by Slena Gomez.  He said he went through a tough breakup a few years ago.  He said he connects more with female artists in the way they write.  More so than male artists.  Ed said he “geeked-out for a second.  I am a fan” of David’s.  He loved how David changed the song.  Ed also said he was captivated and wished he had notes to give him but didn’t.  Ryleigh sang “Midnight Sky”.by Miley Cyrus.   She’s inspired by Miley’s determination while being ridiculed by others for simply being herself.
John said the way David set up that song by starting it acoustically, it soared.  Kelly said they are both very different and free spirited.  She said David playing the guitar enhanced the song.  She said with Ryleigh, record label’s just done.  She’s the whole package.   Kelly leaned towards Ryleigh.  Blake said David put his stamp all over it.  He said he’s never had the confidence to fix his hair while playing the guitar like David did.  Blake said Ryleigh has undeniable star power and went with Ryleigh.  Ariana said what David did today is so special and let them know him in a new way.  Ryleigh has the vocals of all the greats of every genre  “It’s special to see you be you.”

Pictured: (l-r) David Vogel, Carson Daly — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

KNOCKOUT WINNER:  Ryleigh Plank.  Ariana said she’s one in a billion.
STEAL: John stole David. He said David has something different that no one on Team Legend has.



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