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Edginess of Ashton Kutcher on SHARK TANK Season 7 Premiere

Posted on September 25 2015 by Editor

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Edginess of Ashton Kutcher on SHARK TANK Season 7 Premiere

ABC’s business reality show, “Shark Tank” where entrepreneurs bring their businesses in front of big wig- investors with hopes of sealing a deal with them in order to grow their companies to the earning power of, sometimes, millions.

“I smell the death of your deal” – Kevin O’Leary

Produced by Mark Burnett (The Voice), “Shark Tank” opens season 7 with a new twist, they’ve added “cutting-edge Sharks” to join the veteran Sharks: Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, Daymond John (absent in premiere episode), Barbara Corcoran, and Robert Herjavec.

These cutting-edge sharks include: Chris Sacca, a Silicon Valley venture investor, Troy Carter from the music world who’s a music manager and founder and CEO of Atom Factory, and venture capitalist Ashton Kutcher who sits-in on the premiere episode and at one point, looses it on Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’Leary), who, isn’t so wonderful. All of the guest Sharks this season will give their own business-savvy advice and input, and perhaps even close a deal or two themselves.


Shark Tank, s07ep01, Beebo

Owner: Martin Hill

It’s a baby product that helps parents and babies to better feed. The product’s catchphrase is “Multi task while you feed.” When Lori asked him how he came-up with the name “Beebo”, Martin replied that he originally called it “booby!” But, his wife wasn’t having it. Hence the name change – “Beebo”.

Memorable Quotes From the Sharks:

“I’m pretty sure my baby is NOT an on-camera baby.” – Ashton Kutcher

“In my baby feeding days, I really had a lot of trouble with the whole deal, with the bottle.” – Mr. Wonderful


Shark Tank, s07ep01, Acton

Owner: Peter Treadway

His customers are college students and younger. His product is roller-type skates, which were difficult for Robert to skate on. The price of the skates are on the upper side of $300! Ouch! Lori wrapped it up best by saying she didn’t think that Peter is “really dying for a deal” with the Sharks. He seemed to be lacking in preparation and was way too confident.

Memorable Quotes From the Sharks:

“Prime-time national TV Bozo” – Mr. Wonderful

“How long do you think it’s going to take for someone to get proficient where they don’t need to be held-up and look like they’re on the way to a retirement home?” – Mr. Wonderful

“It’s a pretty accurate answer” – Peter Treadway to Mark Cuban

“It doesn’t make me feel as wonderful as I know I really am” – Mr. Wonderful

“If your price is right, you may be in” – Ashton to Kevin O’Leary

“You’re dead to me, skate out of here!” – Kevin O’Leary

During a behind-the-scenes “Shark Tank” segment, viewers get an update from some investments Shark,Barbara Corcoran spun deals on the show. She took two of her investments – “Pip Corn”, and “Scratch and Grain” to the food convention trade show called “Fancy Food Show” where buyers like Costco and Whole Foods are to make deals.


Shark Tank, s07ep01, McClary

Owner: Jess Sanchez-McClary & husband

They started this business after their publishing company went under. Their organic natural vinegars are an alternative to mixing drinks with soda. Also, for some people, an alternative to drinking soda. Jess started the company out of culinary school.

Memorable Quotes From the Sharks:

“You’re not the only palette” – Ashton to Kevin

“You’re belittling people and that’s not okay” Aston to Kevin


Shark Tank, s07ep01, Signal Vault

Owner: Chris Gilpin

His company is a tech invention for protecting people’s credit cads. “Signal Vault” sends a signal that makes credit card information invisible while inside the wallet. It’s a component that masks the credit card information. Owner, Chris, said it’s power is charged when someone walks past you and your wallet! What? No one questioned the difference between this and just housing your cards in a metal wallet.

Memorable Quotes From the Sharks:

“I’ve invested $1 in this company.” – Chris Gilpin

“The longer I listen, the less interested I get.” – Kevin O’Leary

“I smell the death of your deal” – Kevin O’Leary

“You could do it all, but I will do it the best.” – Lori Greiner


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