Electric Ending – THE VOICE Live Shows Week Two Recap

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Electric Ending – THE VOICE Live Shows Week Two Recap

“The Voice” host Carson Daly reminded viewers that now that the Top Ten have been produced thanks to America’s Votes which eliminated T.J. Wilkins and Dani Moz last week by getting the least amount of votes, two more will be sent home tomorrow night leaving us with the Top Eight! Then swiftly, British boy band Rixton took it away by opening the show by singing “Me and My Broken Heart.” Yes, the bottom two by tomorrow night will indeed by broken hearted.

Blissfully, Perfect, Amazing!
Kat Perkins was the fist to perform for America’s votes to stay in the game. Graham Nash was brought in by Adam Levine to help mentor him with Kat’s performance of “Landslide” by Stevie Nicks. Adam said, “The song is about the struggle and come out form the other side of it.” Nash advised Kat to “be careful of those low notes. Hit them right.” Kat said she might cry in the moment during singing the song. Nash said, “If she believes in this song, they’ll believe in it too.”

Coaches Performance Comments:
After she held a very long note towards the end of the song, the judges began their comments. Blake pointed out that she was crying. He referred to her singing Stevie Nicks, “those are big shoes to fill. As a fan of yours, it’s really refreshing to see you break-down (crying) . To see that softer side is important. To show those other dimensions is important. You’re going to make me cry.”

Usher said, “You completely executed with precision. It was like a winding rode.” Shakira was impressed by Kat’s bravado that she said she didn’t know she had, and added, “I can see you’re inspired by her (Stevie Nicks). It was a great performance.” Coach Adam was over-the-top proud, “this time around this week, we talked about to hell with what we’re suppose to do. We’ll do in our hearts the best thing. It’s such a gorgeous, inspiring, bitter-sweet great song. You are a blissfully perfect amazing singer and I’m happy to have you on my team.”

Watch Kat Perkins Sing “Landslide” HERE http://hllywdjnkt.co/1fzy8O7


NOT screwing The Pooch!
Busbee helped Shakira Mentor Tess Boyer who America saved last week via Twitter votes “Instant Save”. The irony is that busbee wrote the song that Tess performed for her “save” song last week. Or maybe it’s coincidence? Maybe it’s intentional. Shakira reminded Tess to stay in the pocket of the song tonight which is “Aint It Fun”.

“I hear Tess as a Pop singer. She makes me think of Kelly Clakrson. I think that’s how Tess is,” said busbee. Tess said she’s going to show America that she’s a fighter!

Adam said “That was very, very well executed. We’re waiting to hear more of that. You also did that with skill. We got to hear a side of your voice that we’ve been missing. That’s good timing.”

Coaches Performance Comments:
Blake said, “as a singer and out of respect, I challenge any singer to find one moment that wasn’t dead-on pitch perfect. She never misses a note. A couple of times, I would have screwed the pooch.” Of course Adam couldn’t pass-up his opportunity to asking Blake about “screwing the pooch”.

Usher agreed with Blake, NOT about screwing the pooch, but that it was a pitch-perfect performance. Usher also noted that Tess was “comfortable in her skin, and “comfortable in the space.” He also told her that she finally took her chance to move on stage which is natural with her being a gymnist.

Shakira said her typical “killing it” and “nailing it” remarks – and “It was perfect. You were right in the pocket I felt that you were sassy, and confident. Your tone is so unique, you have a sexy tone. Your low register is so special,” she said because “everyone wants to sing high. I’m over the moon with your performance.”

ADAM LEVINE’S Personal Cell – was given out on Twitter by Blake! Adam said Blake did it because “He’s jealous and envious of everything about me.” Blake then confirmed that he tweeted Adam’s cell number. Adam answered his phone to an unknown caller. Suddenly, Adam knew Blake wasn’t joking.

Watch Tess Boyer Sing “Ain’t It Fun” HERE http://hllywdjnkt.co/1kuMq1u


World-Class Moment

Music Producer Scott Hendricks met with Blake to help Audra McLaughlin with tonight’s performance. Blake got Sisaundra and Audra guitars. This song, “You Lie Here” is going to showcase Audra’s range according to Blake. Blake said if this song doesn’t show America her range, “I don’t know what will”.

Coaches Performance Comments:
Usher said “It sucks that I can’t do that. You have an incredible voice. That took you to another plateau.”

Shakira was sure of Audra’s performance, “You’re not going anywhere. So much power, so much emotion. Wow, I’m convinced girl. That was beautiful,and amazing.” Adam said, “Today was you’re best performance by far. That was just a world-class vocal performance. That was as good as a vocal performance could be ever!”
Adam also added that “Blake has it coming” for giving out his cell number.

All Blake could say, “I’m so proud!” Then rubbed in the other coaches faces that he was the MOST excited about Audra’s voice “grabbing the other coaches and America and made them pay attention to you. You just had a moment that everyone on the show hopes they have this season.”

Watch Audra McLaughlin Sing “You Lie” HERE http://hllywdjnkt.co/1kuPwm5


A Voice For The Radio
Josh talks about how he misses his family and glad that they support his musical journey on “The Voice”. Usher announced to Josh that he is the top ten artist in all of the country. Usher gave him “This Is It” song by Kenny Loggins to perform. It’s a song that exercises every register of the voice said Usher, and that Josh has a great range for this song. Natural came to Team Usher to help guide Josh’s performance. Usher said “Josh should already be on the radio.”

Coaches Performance Comments:
Shakira thinks she knows his secret – “I think that these soulful renditions is your sweet spot. Really impressive you’ve done amazingly well.” Adam said, “I’m very angry still (referring to when Josh was dropped off his team) which is great news. You are so talented and you have such an incredibly unique and a powerful voice. You have what you cant’ teach – a tone that no one else has.”

Blake said it was like listening to the radio! “I would have sworn that I was listening to a record. It’s that good and that perfect. It would have taken me a week to make a recording like that.” Blake rubbed it again in Adam’s face the fact that he let Josh go – “You would have to be an absolute jackass to release an artist like that!”

Usher reacted with, “Your ability to be accurate and to be able to execute the notes of that song. Kenny (Loggins) has what Adam calls the girl parts of the voice. Adam is another artist like that.” Adam responded that he and Josh are “not afraid to embrace the feminine side!”

Watch Josh Kaufman Sing “This Is It” HERE http://hllywdjnkt.co/1jjc2im


From Singer To Artist!
Adam told Christina, “It’s time to find a contemporary song that you can claim ownership of it.” Adam introduced her other mentor Graham Nash from legendary folk-rock band “Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.”

“Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Drake is the song Adam gave her. “I want her to pick a unique song that no one else would pick and do it in a different way” said Adam. Nash said she’ll be able to convince people that she wrote it herself. “I’m amazed at the range, control and depth of her voice. At twenty years old, that’s insane” said Nash.

Coaches Performance Comments:
Blake said to Adam about how good Christina was, “I think you just got even with me for the phone number thing. You did the thing that we all hope we can accomplish as artists, you go from the moment of being a singer to being an artist. It sounded like it was your song and that you created it.”

Usher said, “the acoustic version is always more impressive. The fact that you made it your own is going to make Drake proud, but also earn you a spot on the finals.”   Shakira said it was the “best by far.   Your personality is starting to cut through and there’s so much of it You showed us another facade of your artistry.”    Adam told her  “I’m a fan because a 20 year old fearlessly doing something up here that she wanted to do.  It’s 100 percent her own.   This was a moment that gave me the goosebumps. There’s no ceiling of how proud I am of you.”

Watch Christina Grimmie Sing “Hold On, We’re Going Home” HERE http://hllywdjnkt.co/1n0eXj2


There’s Nothing Fake About Jake!
“It’s time to do some George Strait” Blake told Jake. He gave him “Run” to sing. “Run” by “King” George Strait said Jake. He’s the bomb and I hope I can do it justice said Jake. I didn’t think I’d be on iTunes he said and that they couldn’t have gotten an uglier picture of him. Scott Hendricks who produced 55 country music hits helped Jake with his performance. “The verses is where you really have to focus” said Hendricks to Jake.

Coaches Performance Comments:
Usher said “You come up here and have a great spirit about it.” Shakira said, “You are becoming a real contender. You didn’t make it past the first Blinds (Blind Auditions), and you’re still here. I’m so proud of you.” Adam said he’s observed about Jake, even backstage, that “he’s a pleasant, wonderful guy. You’re so confident and matter of fact about it. You do it so well. Shake and Blake!”

Blake reinforced Jake’s ability, “that was a solid, great performance. George Strait – I know he’s proud. Blake said Jake’s developed a huge fan base because Jake represents everybody in between New york and L.A. and that he’s a “real dude”, and there’s nothing fake about Jake.

ADAM’S Cell Phone Antics Continued –
How Is Adam going to get Blake back? Adam said, ” It involves a fork and an enclosed space and human poop!” Blake said “as long as it’s not a spoon!”

Watch Jake Worthington Sing “Run” HERE http://hllywdjnkt.co/PRNeCp


Staying Connected!
Bria said “The Voice” is a great way to be spending her Senior year. Usher said “Find that space and make me believe you in that performance.”
Natural has produced some of Usher’s songs. Usher gave Bria “I’m With You” by Avril Lavigne to perform. Bria said she is challenged by the emotion of the song because she’s not used to letting people in.

Coaches Performance Comments:
Shakira said, “I think it (the song) allowed you to challenge yourself at a whole different level. It showed that you really put your heart and soul into it.
Adam was not feeling her performance as much “I would like to be critical. You’re one of my favorites. I didn’t totally feel that you were totally connected with this song. I believe that there is more that we need to see from you.”

Blake said, “itwas like a completely different artist up there tonight. There were moments of the bluesy artist girl that we know.” Usher acknowledged Adam and Blake’s comments with “It was the type of performance that took you away of what your standard is. To thrive in this competition, you have to continue to grow, which you are growing. This was an opportunity to introduce something different. If you continue to stay connected, you’ll be great!”

Watch Bria Kelly Sing “I’m With You” HERE http://hllywdjnkt.co/1iBl5wj


Electric Ending!
Delvin said his dad was almost in tears last week when he dedicated “Unchained Melody” to his parents. Adam introduced Delvin to Nash who helped “Maroon 5″ by setting them up in a studio that they couldn’t afford” “The blues is very slow” Adam said. Adam gave him “Bright Lights” to sing. He said the song lies there unless Delvin takes the song and transforms it into something different. Nash told Delvin, “you should drill it home with the lyrics “you’re going to know my name.” Nash was impressed by Delvin’s voice.

The ending of Delvin’s song was a bit unpredictable. After a noted pause, host Carson Daly thought Delvin was done and rushed onto the stage where he got mixed-in with Delvin’s song collaborators who was “The Voice band.

Coaches Performance Comments:
Blake compliment Carson’s collaboration with Delvin when he came onto the stage before Delvin was done. Then told Delvin, “You just keep taking it to the next level.”

Usher said, “This was definitely a step outside of what you normally do. The soulful essence of who you are is over every performance you do. You bring out the gospel in every performance.” Adam said, “this was a risk because we want to do something that’s never been done before which is to use the audience and make them not know what’s going on. This was the most electric ending of any song.”

Watch Delvin Choice Sing “Bright Lights” HERE http://hllywdjnkt.co/1kuIgqz


Going For Emotion
Kristen triumphed last week over a microphone mishap when it went out on her in the middle of her performance. Kristen didn’t know who her other mentor, busbee, is. So, Shakira clarified his credentials. Shakira gave her “Passenger Let Her Go” song which is a folk song. Kristen said she’s ready to challenge herself. “It think Kristen is an incredible artist” said busbee. He also recommended to her “if you’re at a cross roads with emotion and technique, always go for emotion.”

Coaches Performance Comments:
Adam said, ” So happy the mic was on the entire time. It’s always the same from you. It’s always really good.” Blake said he was skeptical when he saw she wasn’t doing a country song, but said it was his favorite performance from her yet.

Shakira reacted, “I just loved what i just heard. I saw a true artist on stage. You’re like an onion just peeling layers off of you and seeing the real Kristen inside.” Shakira said if Jake Worthington represents the majority, then she thinks Kristen “represents the minorities in this country.”

Watch Kristen Merlin Sing “Let Her Go” HERE http://hllywdjnkt.co/1hf6Jw5


The Roof Is Gone!

Sisaundra said every week the pressure builds-up more and more. “I may be a singer, but I’m a parent first” Sisaundra said. Blake said “It’s time to rattle the cage” and he wants to do it with Sisaundra singing “Oh Sherrie” by Steve Perry from Journey. Blake said Sisaundra singing this song “It’s something you’d never expect from Sisaundra.” Hendricks told her to watch her bravado. Blake said, “America is going to see a mom on the stage rocking out.” During her performance, Sisaundra held out the last note in traditional Sisaundra “not from this Earth” fashion.

Coaches Performance Comments:
Usher said “you gave an incredible performance. Though it was a risk. It was worth it. It’s gong to definitely definitely benefit you.”

Adam’s reaction was he told everyone to look up, “See there used to be a roof in here, but it’s gone! We’re going to need a new roof. But thank you for blowing it off.” Blake said, “She sang the crap out of that song! Here’s the song. Here’s the crap coming out of the song. You make me look so smart, and no one has ever done that!”

America is left with these ten performances to base their votes on. The two artists receiving the least amount of votes will end their time in “The Voice” competition tomorrow night on Tuesday’s show which will give America their “Top 8”.

Watch Sisaundra Lewis Sing “Oh Sherrie” HERE http://hllywdjnkt.co/1mf4mRI



Watch THE VOICE season 6 episode 22 “Live Top 10 Performances” first aired by NBC on Monday, April 28, 2014. This full episode is now available at HOLLYWOOD JUNKET until 06/19/14 courtesy of NBC. ENJOY!



THE VOICE Season 6 Live Shows Week 2

Team Usher opened Tuesday night’s “The Voice” elimination show by performing Lenny Kravitz’s “Always on the Run.” After that, it was time for host Carson Daly to announce which artists would be the first week’s saves by getting the most of America’s votes last night.
Safe: Christina Grimmie (Team Adam), Sisaundra Lewis (Team Blake).

Daly asked Adam what’s important for his team at this stage in the game. Adam responded, “to listen to my team. The most valuable thing is my ears.” Shakira lost an artist last week when Dani Moz was sent home. She said, “It pains me so much to see one of my artists leave last week.”

Usher said about his artists who were in the bottom, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going. If they make it, I know that they’ll never slip-up again.” Daly asked Blake how important song choice is. Blake said, “song choice is everything. The worst thing you can do is play it safe. It’s crucial to make the right moves with your song choice,” which they will see tonight as more votes are revealed.

The remaining eight artist came out onto the stage for Daly to announce the next two artists who are safe and moving on to next week’s live show.
Safe: Kristen Merlin (Team Shakira), Josh Kaufman (Team Usher)

After the break, Team Shakira performed her hit song “The One Thing.”
The six remaining artists came out onto the stage to see who would be America’s next two saves.
Safe: Audra McLaughlin (Team Blake), Delvin Choice (Team Adam)
Safe: Jake Worthington (Team Blake)


Tess Boyer, Kat Perkins, and Bria Kelly were left with the fewest votes. Only one artist will be moving-on and two will be leaving the competition. But first, they must perform for “Instant Save” votes from America via Twitter. Bria Kelly sang “Crazy On You” by Heart for her save song. Blake said he always thinks that Bria is amazing. Her coach Usher said he always felt great about Bria and her performance “that’s what it takes there.” He also told her she is “not defined by others and you’re amazing because you say you are.”

After Tess performed her save song, Adam said, “This is so bizarre because you are an amazing singer. It’s strange to find yourself in this position. I don’t want anyone to go home.” Former coach Usher said “It’s great that you’ve been able to grow here and it was a great performance.” Her coach Shakira said, “I’m devastated to see you up there again. You have one of the most unique voices in the competition. You are a fighter and you just proved that to us.”

Kat Perkins sang Grace Potter and the Nocturnals’ song “Paris (Ooh La La)” . After the audience was done screaming, Blake said “if that doesn’t buy you next week, I don’t know what the hell will.” Usher reacted, “You didn’t give anything short of that. It is somewhat of a popularity contest, and skill. Great performance.” Adam told the voters, “if you guys save this girl, she’s going to finally beat the odds that someone in the bottom three the week after is going to go all the way to the end.”


America saved Kat Perkins for next week’s live shows. Bria Kelly and Tess Boyer will not continue in the competition.



Watch THE VOICE season 6 episode 23 “Live Top 10 Eliminations” first aired by NBC on Tuesday, April 29, 2014. This full episode is now available at HOLLYWOOD JUNKET until 06/19/14 courtesy of NBC. ENJOY!


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