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Energy and Disco Fever on SYTYCD Top 10 Perform Live Show Week 2 Recap

Posted on August 17 2018 by Editor

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Energy and Disco Fever on SYTYCD Top 10 Perform Live Show Week 2 Recap

The popular summer show “So You Think You Can Dance” on FOX network, deservingly picked-up the Teen Choice Award for “Choice Summer Show” at this year’s ceremony.

On Monday night, SYTYCD season 15 Top 10 dancers took the stage with their previous partners (from the week before) to perform two duets outside their own dance genres.

Host Cat Deeley said “anything could happen in the live show!” Two dancers went home at the end of this week’s episode, leaving us with the Top 8. On the bright side of things, the Top 10 wil be reunited for a SYTYCD National Tour later this year.



The duo Magna and Darius got raves reviews in their Top 10 live performance last week. So, this week, the pressure was on for them to keep up expectations. They got a Bollywood routine choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan. The theme is a cat and mouse chase where Magda is the “cat” and Darius is the “mouse.”

Nigel said “it’s going to be a great night tonight” and thought their routine was “incredible.” He said it was “like a Vegas Buffet” and called it “fabulous.” Vanessa loved how “joyous” their performance was. Twitch said it was so “celebratory,” and loved how they kept their energy up. Mary said “thanks for getting the party started” and told them they “nailed it!”


Evan and Chelsea got a Lyrical Hip-Hop routine choreographed by Christopher Scott. They had to dance with props and be connected. Chelsea was worried about going home since they didn’t get great feedback last week.

Vanessa enjoyed it and said they gave a “decent” amount of emotion and thought that each one brought something new. Twitch reacted that “it was in and out” as far as their connection goes and wasn’t as believable. Mary said “not bad” but needed more from them. She added that it was better than last week’s performance. Nigel said it was the most that he’s seen them connected.


Choreographer Joe Brown gave Hannahlei and Cole a step routine about two kids on a city block battling it out with their sound (boom boxes) and stepping.

SYTYCD 15 Top 10 Live Show 2, Cole and Hannahlei

Pictured (l-r): Cole Mills, Hannahlei Cabnilla / Photo: FOX Network

Twitch said it was awesome to have Joe Brown there. Because stepping is heavily based in rhythm, there were parts with Cole that he “just didn’t believe” and Hannahlei raised his level. Mary thought they lived up to it and agreed with Twitch that Hannahei threw herself in 110%. Mary said it looked like Hannahlei had been doing stepping her whole life. Nigel said Cole needed to bring his personality out in it and told him to keep working at it. Vanessa agreed with everyone that Cole sat on top of it and not in it.


Jensen and Jay Jay danced a routine by Jaci Royal where Jensen was trying to win back Jay Jay. Jaci said in order for this piece to work, they have to completely trust each other.

SYTYCD 15 Top 10 Live Show 2, Jay Jay and Jensen

Pictured (l-r): Jay Jay Dixonbey, Jensen Arnold / Photo: FOX Network

Mary said thier performance was filled with so much love and emotion. She called it “an honest performance with amazing technique.” Mary, who was tearing-up, loved it and it was her favorite. Nigel said it was very beautiful, and can always tell when an emotional dance worked because Mary and Vanessa will be crying. He called Jensen a “powerhouse” of a dancer and what also makes her powerful is beacause she knew Jay Jay would be there. Vanessa said she felt that she was watching something so intimate that she shouldn’t be watching and it made her cry. Twitch said nothing but praises.


Last week, Genessy got overwhelmed by the first live show. But, Slavik comforted her. Their Jazz routine was of Slavik trying to impress Genessy. Slavik said maybe if he’s lucky he’ll get the date in real life! Sharna Burgess choreographed the routine.

Nigel thanked “Dancing with the Stars” show for sending Sharna Burgess . He called it a “fabulous routine” that gave them character. Nigel commented that he can’t believe that Slavik is a hip-hop dancer and loves how this couple is working-out. He hopes Slavik gets the date Vanessa called it “amazing” and it looked like they had been doing the jive forever. She said dance is in Slavik’s soul! Twitch said the chemistry is there! He said it’s a beautiful picture to look at. Mary agreed with Twitch that Slavik did NOT let his partner down and the determination that he puts in, it makes her cry.



They did Jazz with choreographer Mandy Moore. Mandy told the duo that this Jazz is about class, elegance and style. Darius had to dance in a suit which he said was a big challenge. Magda said everything Mandy is asking her to do is the exact opposite of what she’s used to.

Vanessa thanked Mandy Moore for that routine. She called them “phenomenal” and it was “so sexy”, she loved it! Twitch said ‘the power of sultry is something from the inside-out and wishes he was them. Mary said it wasn’t overdone, it was just perfect. They put hot sauce all over the routine. Nigel said he’s not recognizing Darius because he’s becoming a cool and elegant dancer. It’s the style that Nigel said he himself trained in early in his career.


They revealed that they both sing outside of dancing. Evan has always wanted to be on Broadway to show-off both his singing and dancing skills. Evan and Chelsea had to learn a Contemporary number by Travis Wall about “waking up.” Wall said what’s important is them finding a way to connect. Evan said he’s going to think of Chelsea as if she’s “So You Think You Can Dance.”

SYTYCD 15 Top 10 Live Show 2, Evan and Chelsea

Pictured (l-r): Evan DeBenedetto, Chelsea Hough / Photo: FOX Network

Twitch said it was the best time that they saw them emotionally connect. He told them this is the connection that the judges have been talking about and to stay in that lane. Mary told them that they just found their chemistry together. “It was beautiful and strong.” Nigel was glad that Travis Wall got that out of them and brought them together. He said they have found the courage to be with each other. Vanessa told them they did a fantastic job and created some beautiful lines. She said she didn’t feel as much as she wanted to.


Cole revealed that he fences and Hannah said she’s OCD about cleaning and tidiness. They got a disco piece choreographed by Doriana Sanchez who said it’s a love story and it “dazzels.” Hannahlei said her middle name is “Dazzel”!

Mary gave them a standing ovation and said “the queen of disco (Sanchez) is back! She said Cole did an amazing job with the hustle on this and Hannahlei is sensational. Nigel reacted that he doesn’t know where they get the energy from. Vanassa called it “amazing” and they brought the disco to another level. She said Cole was an amazing partner for Hannahlei. Twitch commented that this time Cole really brought the energy.


Jay Jay showed-off his hundreds of trophies. Jensen revealed that she’s taking-up boxing. She said it makes her feel like a “Bad-A.” They got African Jazz choreographed by Sean Cheeseman

Cat Deeley called them two “Bad-A’s.” Nigel reacted “that’s nobody’s style” because there were moves that you’d never do again in your life. He called them the “strongest dance couple on the show.” Vanessa agreed with Nigel and called it “dumbfounding.” She said they did it with such ease and power and it was “astonishing.” Twitch said “levels” and to re-watch the routine to see how often they were down and up…which is hard to do. Mary called it definitely the “best number of the night.” Both of them were just stars, she said they “annihilated it!”

Before the final duet performance of the night, Cat Deeley gave audiences the first of more reveals to come of the night from the voting results. She announced that Hannahlei and Jay Jay were safe to move on to the Top 8. Next, the final duet came from Genessy and Slavik.


Vanessa said they told a story. Twitch said it was a beautiful thing to watch and them as a couple makes him smile. Mary, who was crying, said if she could, she’d give them a Tony for this performance. She stated that Slavik took such good care of Genessy who was so stunning and amazing technique. Nigel said it’s lovely to see “young love” and the fun that Slavik brought with it was “chiverless.”



Next, the remaining contestants came back on stage for more results. The four dancers who were called to step forward were: Genessy, Slavik, Jensen, and Darius who were all announced as safe.

Chelsea, Magda, Evan and Cole were in the bottom and in danger of leaving the show. It would be one guy and one girl who depended on the judges votes to remain on the show.

After the commercial break, Nigel talked to Chelsea and Magda first. He told Chelsea that the tapping from last week sort of messed her up. She didn’t know how to tap. But, told the SYTYCD show producers that she did. Nigel said that he doesn’t know why Magda was there in the bottom. But, somebody has to be. Next, it was the guys turn. Nigel said they haven’t had a chance to see Evan do what he’s great at. Cole has had difficulty connecting with his partner which results in difficulty connecting with the audience. Cole and Magda were announced as saved and moving on to the Top 8.

That meant Evan and Chelsea were sent home. “So You Think You Can Dance” airs Mondays at 8/7 pm c on FOX.


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