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Entourage For Women, FAMOUS IN LOVE Sneak Preview

Posted on April 17 2017 by Editor

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Entourage For Women, FAMOUS IN LOVE Sneak Preview

“Pretty Little Liars” fans get ready for a new FreeForm addiction in “Famous in Love,” written and produced by Marlene King (PLL) based on the book by the same title.

“Famous in Love” stars Bella Thorne who plays Paige Townsen (without the “d”), a college student whose life is thrown into a world wind after landing the lead role of “August Roch” in a movie adaptation of a popular book series “Locked” (ie: “Twilight”, “Harry Potter”). The viewers can imagine this telling of the story of a real-life Kristen Stewart type actress as she navigates her sudden blast into famedom and learning the ropes as she goes. It also doesn’t help that she has real chemistry with her male lead co-star, Rainer Devon (portrayed by Carter Jenkins), son of the movie’s producer Nina Devon. But, also has equal chemistry with her roommate and best friend Jake (Charlie DePew). This, along with juggling her new life as a movie star makes things complicated, and throwing-in some college papers and classes to complete doesn’t even top it off!

This is just the beginning. There’s also a rivalry happening between her co-stars Rainer and Jordan (Keith Powers) over a love triangle with pop star, soon-to-be triple threat Tangey Turner (Pepi Sonuga). Things get especially messy with the help of a thirsty entertainment reporter trying to make a national name for himself.

Paige also has to navigate between potential enemies and fellow actresses Alexis (Niki Koss) and Dakota (Ana Mulvoy Ten) who were also competing for the part of “August Roch” in Locked. In a scene, Alexis threatened Paige “the part’s not really yours until the cameras start rolling.”

The unpeeling of layers, upon layers of character back-stories, connections, and surprises are sure to keep viewers glued to this new and exciting FreeForm series.

BELLA THORNE Shaking it Up

Famous in Love Bella Thorne as Paige Townsen

Bella Thorne as “Paige Townsen”

In a FreeForm interview, Thorne stated that the the “Locked” story has changed quite a bit especially than what it is in the books. She said they switch through different time periods in “Locked” such as the 1940’s, and 1970’s. Thorne said she learned a lot about those periods including the acting styles.

It was Thorne who first thought of developing “Famous in Love”. She said, “I put a quote on the book when I was on my way out of ‘Shake it Up’.” She said it took a while and when they decided to make it into a television series, Marlene King was brought onto the project. Thorne stated “the first episode was dope!”


Famous in Love, Bella Thorne, Carter Jenkins

Rainer Devon (Carter Jenkins), Paige Townsen (Bella Thorne)

Producer and screen-writer Marlene King, who also gave us “Pretty Little Liars” stated that it’s “the story of a high school girl in the book who becomes famous over night. But, in the TV show, we decided it would be fun to make her college age, and age-up the world. So, it’s a bit more edgier and more grown-up. We got to go sexier. There’s a lot of twists and turns. In some ways, it’s ‘Entourage’ for women.”

In fact, the cast includes one former member from the HBO hit series “Entourage”. Perrey Reeves, who plays Nina Devon, an intimidating and powerful Hollywood producer, also portrayed Ari Gold’s wife in “Entourage.”

King said Bella was the one that found the book (“Famous in Love”) and loved it. “We met and she’s such a fun person. I thought I want to work with this young dynomo.”


King said true of “Pretty Little Liars”, fans are drawn to the characters and the relationships. She said it’s what’s going to bring people back to “Famous in Love.”

It’s similar to PLL, “in the sense that you’ve got this core group of friendships – these three friends. Then another set of friends. You have these great friendships that will be put to the test. We get to see the glamorous side of Hollywood. The show is very glamorous. We also get to see what goes on behind the scenes. These are regular people who have regular problems just like the rest of us.”

Actress Perrey Reeves (Nina Devon) said PLL audience is going to love the show because “Marlene’s signature is all over it.” She said “viewers will be held in suspense on who’s doing what to who, and how is that happening.” As for her character, viewers will have to wait to see what Nina is really up to. Reeves said when viewers find out, they will not be disappointed!

How FAMOUS IN LOVE Is Different:

King said this is a show she’d be hooked on. “We live in such uncertain times now. I want to watch a show where I can sit back and have fun and get lost. This is one of those shows.” She promises “lots of twists and turns,” with at least one surprise in every episode (sometimes multiple surprises). King said the characters’ decisions are sometimes for the greater good. Sometimes they make mistakes.

Reeves pointed-out the uniqueness of “Famous in Love” – “you’re really seeing it from the eyes of a girl. That’s different. This movie [“Locked”] is about a young woman. We’re going to see this woman in her personal life and go through the things she goes through.”

How FAMOUS IN LOVE Book Came To Be:

“Famous in Love” book author Rebecca Serle said as a pre-teen, she was obsessed with CW show “Dawson’s Creek”. When she discovered that lead actors Joshua Jackson (who played Pacey) and Katie Holmes (who played Joey) were dating in real life, it really intrigued her. Serle said the ‚Äústory line of them falling in love really took hold of me. That idea of fantasy and reality how the two merge, and we saw that in a big way with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. I thought I want to tell that story. That looks like a fun story to tell.”

Serle promises, although there have been changes made to the television series different from the books, “we have both of those things in the television show as in the books. The heart of what fans really love about the books. We are going to take you on the same ride of wish-fulfillment and adventure and what the underbelly of what Hollywood is really like.” She said she thinks fans will have a lot of fun with it.

“Famous in Love” premieres on the FreeForm network on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 9 pm, after “Pretty Little Liars”. Viewers will be able to watch all ten episodes on the Freeform app,, On Demand and Hulu.


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