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Extra on SYTYCD Season 16 Top 4 Perform Live Show Week 5 Recap

Posted on September 09 2019 by Editor

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Extra on SYTYCD Season 16 Top 4 Perform Live Show Week 5 Recap

FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance” (SYTYCD) season 16 opened it’s fifth Live Studio Show with an impressive number that included All-Stars and the Top 4.  It was a sampling of the new movie “Cats” opening later this year.

Pictured: SYTYCD All-Stars performing Cats / FOX Copyright

Host Cat Deeley, announced that the beautiful routine that opened the show, danced by the SYTYCD Top 4 and All-Stars Comfort Fedoke, Robert Roldan, Melanie Moore, Gaby Diaz, Cyrus, and more, was choreographed by  Mandy Moore.  “Cats” stars Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, and some of the world’s greatest dancers.  “Cats” opens December 20, 2019.

The rest of the show included the Top 4 who took to the stage with an All-Star, a routine with their partners, and another routine with different partners. They also delivered their last solos.  The Top 4 performance show had no eliminations. Thus, no one went home.  The votes from this week are combined with votes from last week for the finale show winner.  Sophie and Gino were up first with a Ray Leeper Jazz routine.

GINO & SOPHIE (Jazz / Ray Leeper)

The theme was about attraction, and getting closer and dancing the whole night. Ray said “there’s definitely chemistry there,” in regards to Gino and Sophie.  Judges’ Comments:  Dtrix said the only thing was when Gino went in for the kiss and Sophie gave him her check.  Cat asked her about it and Sophie had no comment!  Laurieann stated to them, “I felt your hunger and I understand that you want it.”   Nigel said they have a primitive chemistry and they set themselves up very well for the first routine and people will definitely vote for them. He complimented their technique.  

BAILEY & MARIAH (Smooth Jazz / Jonathan Redavid)

Bailey and Mariah said they were glad that Laurieann told them they were the couple to beat last week.  This week’s smooth jazz dance,  the concept is that Mariah is Bailey’s dream girl and he looks at a photo of her every night. Then the photo comes to life.  Bailey said in real life, Mariah is his “dream partner” and he is so happy that she came into his life.  

Judges’ Comments: Dtrix said he’s blown away and can’t think of one week where they didn’t do amazing and he doesn’t get it because Bailey, a B-boy, shouldn’t be able to do that.  Laurieann said Bailey’s transformation is tremendous.  She called Mariah “unstoppable” and to let go and trust in her ability.  Nigel said what Bailey may lack in technique doesn’t matter because he puts a smile on his face and lifts his spirit.  Mary said Mariah is “amazing to watch.” She’s full of sophistication and soul when she dances. She said Bailey “gets to” her every time.  Cat commented that “there’s something about this partnership that is truly magical.”

GINO’S SOLO – The first solo of the night was by Gino.  Gino said he grew-up in a dance family and both his brother and sister are dancers.  He graduated from high school and he went straight to audition for SYTYCD.  

SOPHIE & All-Star MARKO GERMAR (Comtemporary / Talia Favia)

Sophie said she can relate to the routine because in her personal life she recently left her family to move out to Los Angeles for the show.  She said she’s definitely been pushed past her limits.   Judges’ Comments: Laurieann thanked Talia for giving Sophie the ability to find her strength.  She said SYTYCD is here as a platform to “takeover and to be heard and seen.”  Nigel said dancers need strength, but tonight “you needed strength to do the routine and strength to believe in their partner.  He finished by stating that Sophie proved that women dancers are just as strong as men.  Mary said there was a passion with true purpose.  “You were truly remarkable tonight and peeking at the right time.”  Dtrix called it Sophie’s best performance on the show this season and commended her for learning the routine is a short amount of time.  

Sophie is from a small town.  In a video package shown, her parents said they are proud of the person Sophie has become and thankful for her being a good role model for her little sister Brinkley.

BAILEY & All-Star COMFORT FEDOKE (Hip-Hop / Luther Brown)

Bailey said getting to dance with Comfort is a dream come true.  celebrating Bailey’s journey.  Comfort pointed-out that Bailey is the only Hip Hop dancer who’s made it to the Top 4.  Luther Brown said seeing Bailey get emotional and cry during rehearsal gave him chills.  The duo got a standing ovation from the judges and the audience were cheering “Bailey…Bailey…Bailey!!”

Judges’ Comments:  Nigel called Luther Brown a genius.  Nigel said nothing to be sorted out with “Comfort and Mr. Comfortable.”  Mary reacted that Bailey nailed it and couldn’t get further down into the pocket unless he breaks-down into those trousers!  Dtrix said it’s so tough to bring that Bay area style to the stage and told Bailey “well-done.”  Laurieann said “Bailey is the Bay area and it’s world wide”  Laurieann said she’s giving Bailey “boom cat bragging rights…own it, own it!”  

Bailey’s parents said Bailey has always been the “goofiest kid ever” who would practice his dance anywhere.  His dad said them having front-row seats at SYTYCD is more than that can ask for from Bailey. 

SOPHIE’S SOLO – Before Sophie’s final solo, a video package played recapping her journey, narrated by Sophie.  She said the journey on SYTYCD has changed her life forever.  Sophie said making her sister proud is more than she can ask for.  Her audition made her nervous because it was the first time performing in front of an audience.  Sophie said the Academy is the toughest thing she’s ever been through and “it’s not like back at home.”  She said the judges saw something in her that she didn’t necessarily see in herself.  She called getting Gino as a partner a blessing in disguise because their connection is “undeniable.”  

MARIAH & GINO  (Quick Step / Sharna Burgess & Artem Chigvintsev)

Mariah and Gino performed the quick step choreographed by “Dancing with the Stars” choreographers Sharna Burgess and Artem Chigvintsev.  Shana said it will challenge them in ways that they have not been challenged yet.  Gino called Mariah a “fierce competitor and she is not playing.”  He said he’s been working for this competition and can’t let it slip away.  Judges’ Comments: Mary called it one of the “most fierce dances on this show.”  She said of course there are things to improve on because it takes “a seasoned pro.”  But they did “a respectable job.”  Dtrix said no one wanted that dance.  But, “great job.”  Laurieann said she loved them together and they had “great chemistry.”  Nigel said it was clever choreography.  He called it “uplifting.”  

BAILEY & SOPHIE (Bollywood)

Choreographer said with the Bollywood routine, it’s character driven.  Sophie and Bailey have an “almost kiss” in the routine.  Sophie said it’s crazy dancing with Bailey since he’s her biggest competition.    Judges’ Comments:  Dtrix said this routine took so much stamina, and great job.  Laurieann said it set the stage for something extraordinary and it fell short.  Nigel said he’s seen them both dance better than this routine.  He commented that with the hip flexes, they both must have been in pain but it didn’t’ show.  Mary said she’s never seen anyone dance like that where she’s from or they would be arrested.  The tough work that they did to get through it was “amazing.”  

MARIAH SOLO – Mariah’s video package played.  She was raised by a single mom while her Dad is in jail.  Mariah said after seeing Laurieann get emotional over her, it validated what she was feeling inside and knew she had a chance of being on the show.  Mariah stated that Ballroom was the toughest part of the Academy.  Making it to the Top 10 has been a dream come true.  Her connection with Bailey came right away. They are the best of friends and Mariah stated that she wouldn’t want to do the competition with anyone else.  Another plus is that the show has brought her closer to her Dad who calls her each week from prison after seeing her on the show.

GINO & All-Star MELANIE MOORE (Contemporary)

Gino said he’s always had an issue with having walls up.  But the dancers and choreographers on the show have knocked them down and he’s grateful for being on SYTYCD.   Judges’ Comments: Laurieann told Gino to not look back because after letting the walls fall, it’s limitless.  Nigel said Gino has broken through and it’s such a joy to watch.  The audience can see it, and “that’s what counts.”  Mary said no matter what happens in the competition, “you are the lucky one.”  And “there really is no life if there’s no passion in it.”   Dtrix said when he first saw Gino, the word “perfection” came up.  But, for the  show to allow him to let go, “that’s a win. And you just won right now.”

Gino’s mom sent him a personal video message wishing him luck.

BAILEY’S SOLO – Bailey said he was born premature at 4 lbs, 4 oz and was fighting for his life.  He said auditioning for the SYTYCD judges is something he’ll never forget and what Dtrix said to him met the world to him.  Bailey said the Academy was the hardest thing he’s ever done.  Bailey said he was excited to find out that Mariah was his partner and never danced with a girl before.  Bailey also finally admitted to having a crush on Mariah!  He still gives her flowers each week.  He said he never knew all the things he can do because he is so small.  But, being on that stage, he said he feels seven feet tall.  
A choked-up Cat introduced the final solo of the night by Bailey Munoz.  The audience cheered “Bailey…Bailey…Bailey!!” 

MARIAH & All-Star ROBERT ROLDAN (Contemporary / Mandy Moore)

Pictured (l-r): Mariah Russell, Robert Roldan / FOX Copyright

Moore stated that the routine is about life’s journey.  Robert represents the path of life and Mariah is on that journey.  Moore advised Mariah to go to that vulnerable place because that’s what the routine is about.  In tears, Mariah said she had to “dig down” and let it show on the stage.  Judges’ Comments:  Nigel said Mandy Moore always manages to find lifts that are impossible. He added that Robert brings out the best in his partners. Nigel added that Mariah has an amazing talent for technique and personality and he’s had the privilege of watching her all season.  Mary said Mariah was floating up there what she considers dance heaven.  Mary was crying as she said Mariah is the epitome of a “beautiful strong dancer.”  Dtrix said “that was a beautiful moment for yourself” and he’s glad that he’s there to watch it.  Her dad will be proud.   Laurieann said she sees Mariah’s fight and her victory.  If she could tell her younger self to see it, own it and know that she deserves it.  Mariah sad she’s worked very hard to be there.  

Mariah got a special video message from her Mom and her Mom’s fiance telling her how proud they are of her and to “keep working hard.”  

GINO & BAILEY (Jazz / Al Blackstone)

The scenario is that Gino and Bailey are fighting for the same girl in this Al Blackstone routine.  Judges’ Comments: Nigel said for him it’s the best Top 4 that’s managed to do everything that’s asked of them “ever!”  He said it was his favorite routine of the series.  Nigel said this will be the routine he’ll choose for next week as his favorite.  Mary was screaming with excitement and put the two on the Hot Tamale train!  Dtrix said “great job”and thanked them for always delivering.  Laurieann said her favorite movie was “White Knights” starring Gregory Hines and Mikhail  Baryshnikov, and told them that they have stepped in a line of legacy and congratulated them. 

MARIAH & SOPHIE (Hip Hop  / Luther Brown)

The routine is about Mariah and Sophie being frenemies who are fighting for the win.  The two girls are best friends in real life.   Sophie said it’s great to dance with her best friend but sucks that she’s her competitor.   Judges’ Comments: Laurieann said “the shade!”   Nigel said America has a real problem because this was a great hip hop routine by Luther Brown.  He stressed that America needs to vote.  Mary said this is a first on SYTYCD two beautiful women from Tennessee.  She talked about the 5 year old girl that went viral who said she was “extra.”  Mary said they were more than extra and tore the whole house down.  

NEXT WEEK: It’s the SYTYCD season 16 finale show with favorite routines, the return of the Top 10, and America’s favorite dancer will be revealed! “So You Think You Dance” season 16 two-hour finale show airs Monday, September 16th at 8 pm PT on FOX.


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