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FACE OFF: Season 2 Finale Voting Twist!

Posted on March 13 2012 by Editor

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FACE OFF: Season 2 Finale Voting Twist!

"Face Off" season 2 finale - judges won't be the only ones voting a winner.

HOLLYWOOD JUNKET talked to season one winner, Conor McCullagh of Syfy’s original reality competition
show, “Face Off” where VFX artists compete for the chance to win the grand prize of $100,000. Already picked-up for a third season, “Face Off” will be airing the finale show this Wednesday March 14th at 10 pm ET/PT.

As for competition on the show goes and each artist trying to stand-out in their particular way, we asked McCullagh to name the number one test that displays the talent and ability of a VFX artist. We also asked him about what was the toughest challenge while working on “The Hunger Games”. Listen to our audio video below:

This season’s finale will have the remaining contestants displaying their makeup skills in a challenge where they have to create three looks: Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy on three different models. In this challenge, the models will participate in a dance routine. The competitors makeup must hold-up in the dancing portion. Different from last season, the final challenge is judged in a room full of audience members. The twist this year is that there is the audience watching get to vote on their favorite VFX artist based on their makeup done in this challenge and select the genre they liked best from each group: Sci-Fi, Horror, or Fantasy.

Whether or not, the show will take into consideration the votes from the audience is something the producers did not tell audience members. Once every one of the contestants’ models had come out and judges had made their notations, the audience was allowed to vote on their favorites as they were leaving the Alex theatre in Glendale, Ca where the finale episode was filmed. Audiences dropped off their ballots into a drop box on their way out which was soon after the last contestant’s work was shown. As to not leak spoilers because this finale episode was filmed well in advance, audiences were asked to leave before the judging started to determine a season 2 winner.


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