Fairy Tales and a Psycho Therapist on THE BACHELOR Season 16 Week 7 Recap

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Fairy Tales and a Psycho Therapist on THE BACHELOR Season 16 Week 7 Recap

Photo: CLAYTON, GENEVIEVE. Photo: ABC/Screenshot

It’s now week seven of “The Bachelor,” and this episode picked back up with the end of Sarah’s SECOND one-on-one date with Clayton in Hvar, Croatia.  This was after Clayton questioned her about whether or not she was ready for an engagement.  In her confessional, Sarah was upset that someone attacked her “name and character,” and stated that “It was a bitch ass move.”

Back at the hotel, while the women awaited for Sarah’s possible return, Mara pointed out how there were still three women who had not gotten one-on-one dates with Clayton.  The women were hating on Sarah a bit.   This was also after Mara went to Clayton and slammed him for his choices in going for younger girls who are not ready to be engaged.  Gabby said she hoped that Sarah didn’t come back!

Once Sarah walked in, she was heated and was firing off on all cylinders.  She told the women that Clayton came to her with deep concern and asked her if she was ready for an engagement.  She basically spouted off her annoyance with the women in a way that came off like she was chastising them.   Mara fessed-up to what she told Clayton and said she was looking out for the best interest for Clayton.  Sarah called it “a last ditch effort by someone who feels like they’re going home.”   After that, in her confessional, Sarah bragged about how she thought Mara would be the next one being eliminated.


Only nine women remained and it’s getting serious with Hometowns around the corner.  Clayton arrived and said the week exceeded all expectations and he made a toast with the women.  He pulled Serene first to talk to her in private.  And, it was something really special he had set-up for her.

When he last spoke to Serene,  she told Clayton about her cousin who recently passed away.  So, Clayton brought some jars to her with fire flies in honor of her cousin which she shared a favorite memory with from her childhood.  He said there are fire flies in Croatia.  Serene said it was “really special” and no one has done anything like that for her before.  In her confessional, Serene said she thinks she’s falling in love with Clayton.

Susie was next.  Last week, Susie told Clayton that she’s falling in love with him.  Clayton said there’s no hesitation with her going forward and he’s all in as well.  Clayton stated that he’s at the point where he has a strong connection with the majority of the women there.   Teddi and Rachel also shared some alone time with Clayton.

Back to the women:  Mara pulled Sarah to talk in private outside.  Mara addressed the “last ditch effort” comment that Sarah made as being “insensitive” and “arrogant.”  She told her that the other girls see it too.  “Your’e acting ling Clayton is a trophy to be won” Mara told her.   The other women watched the confrontation from inside.  Mara continued with Sarah telling her that confidence is great.  Overconfidence is “not cute,” and she’s getting overly confident.  She advised Sarah to take a step-back from making her manipulative comments to the other women.   Sarah tried her best to downplay it, but failed.


Clayton said he knows that he’s going to be “in love at the end of this.”  He told them that if they do not receive a rose, “thank you for the experience and the time we shared in this journey.”  He gave a rose to Susie first.

Women already with roses:  Teddi, Sarah, Rachel.

Roses went to:  Susie, Serene, Gabby, Genevieve.

Pictured: MARA, “The Bachelor” rose ceremony. Photo: ABC/Screenshot

That meant that Mara and Liza went home.  In her exit interview, Mara said it’s scary and sad that she’s going home and Sarah is still there.  She predicated that it will all come back on Sarah to bite her in the ass.

Sarah made a toast with the women and Clayton.  Later, in her confessional, Sara said with Mara gone, that confirms that Clayton is on her side, and happy to be with her.  “Moving on.”

The group arrived to Vienna, Austria for their next adventure.  Gabby called Vienna truly “magical’ and like a fairy tale.  It’s the last stop before the hometown dates.

Soon after the women arrived to their hotel, the first date card arrived which read:  “Susie, falling in love with you feels like a fairy tale.  Love Clayton.”  Genevieve reacted that she was “jealous” and really wanted that one-on-one date in hopes of getting to the hometowns.


Susie arrived to Clayton outside with an old style Rolls Royce.  Clayton said Vienna is the perfect place for him and Susie to have their second one-on-one date.  Their first stop was in downtown Vienna which permitted for a “Pretty Woman” kind of moment when Susie got to shop for whatever she wanted at a local boutique.  Then, they went to a fashion designer’s private gallery where Susie got to pick-out a gown to wear for the night portion of the date.

Susie reacted “what is my life right now,” and it felt like “something out of a movie and I am living it.”  After that, the two shared some champagne and Susie got emotional.  She called it the “most incredible experience of her life.” She felt grateful to spend the time with Clayton and to get to know him more.

When Susie arrived back at the hotel with all the bags, the women were so shocked and of course envious.  To make it worse, the concierge brought the most beautiful red gown up to the hotel room for Susie.  The women were dying.  Serene pointed-out that red is Clayton’s favorite color.  They were all dead!!

The gown also came with a note from Clayton that read, “I can’t wait to see you tonight.  Love Clayton.”  The women’s jaws were on the floor when Susie walked out of her room with that red gown on.

Picture: SUSIE, CLAYTON. Photo: ABC/Screenshot

Susie met Clayton for dinner.  Clayton said he couldn’t believe that it was real  “it feels so magical.”  He told her that he loves how humble she is and in how she carries herself.   Susie revealed that the date felt like a fairy tale and almost made her uncomfortable.  “No man has ever wanted to do something like that for me.”  Clayton asked if she’s almost pushing it away.  Susie explained that she came from a very humble upbringing.  She told him that she hoped to bring Clayton home to meet her family.  Her dad’s advice for “the Bachelor” was for her to just be herself and any man would fall in love with her.

Then, Clayton pulled out the date rose and told her he would like to meet her family.  Then the two were serenaded by Chris de Burgh who sang “Lady in Red” while they slow-danced.   Clayton said he couldn’t be more ready to make that next step with Susie in his confessional.  She also added that when he kisses Susie, he really forgets about everything else.  He feels like he’s in a fairy tale and has NEVER felt that way in his life. Clayton said it feels “natural.”

Back at the hotel:  The women were speculating that Susie would get the rose, and they realized how harder it’s getting.  Then the next date card arrived.  It read:  Sarah, Teddi, Genevieve, Rachel, Gabby, how bold one gets when one is sure of being loved. – Sigmund Freud.”   That meant that Serene was getting a second one-on-one date.  Genevieve was very anxious about not getting a one-on-one.


The date card referred to couple’s therapy.  The group of women and Clayton arrived to a psycho analysis.  She explained how it was the hometown of modern psycho therapy and Sigmund Freud was born there.  She would explore with them unveiling deepest layers of fears, emotions, and anxieties.  With hometowns coming-up she called it the perfect moment to reveal what they’re all feeling about Clayton.

Clayton went off with the therapist to talk in private beforehand.  She observed how intimated the women were in their reactions.  Clayton said his fear is not choosing the right person.

Gabby was up first.  Gabby said it’s her chance to step it up and be the most raw that she’s ever been.  Gabby admitted to being very emotional, and she “feels very deep.”  Gabby said growing-up she had a misunderstanding of  what love was and the conditions of it.  She discussed her relationships with her mother and father.  She said her dad was always supportive.  The therapist suggested that Gabby needs a very stable relationship and secured feeling of love.  Clayton said he could give that to Gabby.

Clayton liked having the women open-up because that’s what he was looking for.  Teddi told Clayton that she’s feeling stronger feelings for him.  He said he’s drawn closer to her because of her vulnerability.  When Genevieve sat down with Clayton and the therapist she said she was nervous and didn’t like talking about her feelings.  when the therapist pushed her to express her feelings, Genevieve had trouble doing that.

The therapist explained that if Clayton couldn’t see what’s going on inside of her, then it will be difficult for the relationship work.  Clayton expressed that he wanted to get through and understand Genevieve.  then said he didn’t want to put pressure on her.  HELLO, the therapy session is the pinnacle of pressure!  Clayton pulled Genevieve outside to talk in private.  He said in his confessional that if she can’t tare her walls down, then they can’t move forward.

Photo: CLAYTON, GENEVIEVE. Photo: ABC/Screenshot

When Clayton asked to speak to Genevieve in private, didn’t think he was sending her home.  But, that’s exactly what he did!  Clayton explained that it would be hard to see her family if she is keeping her walls up.  He said it came down to them running out of time.  He thanked her for being her and making the journey fun, then walked her out.

Clayton told the women that he takes this “very seriously,” and he has to “find clarity.” He found clarity with Genevieve and unfortunately had to send her home.  That was a major bomb that he dropped on the group of women.  The women who were left – Rachel, and Sarah were even more nervous.

Rachel explained that at times she wasn’t sure if she could continue “doing it” and being there.  She trusts that Clayton would make the best decisions.  Clayton was worried knowing that Rachel was starting to question everything and doesn’t want her to go there.

Before Sarah went, she told the other girls that she loves therapy because she likes talking about her problems.  When she sat down with the the therapist she told her that therapy is “a huge part of her life.”  Sarah explained how with her being the first girl in the house getting two one-on-one dates, she became a target and “that was really, really hard.”   Clayton backed Sarah on her comments.  Not suspecting anything wrong about Sarah whatsoever.

At the end, the therapist revealed her conclusions.  She said some were honest, and some were not honest.  “They were performative.”  Of course Clayton was shocked.  The women immediately had a hunch on who she was talking about.

Rachel was ready to tell Clayton the truth about Sarah.


Clayton had no clue who was “being performative” and was racking his brain trying to figure it out.  So, he had many questions for all the women.  While the women waited for Clayton, they talked about how surprising it was what the therapist said.  Sarah reacted that she was shocked and couldn’t imagine who it was.  The other women looked at her in silence.  Lol.

Clayton arrived to the After Party and sat down with the women.  He told them “to think that someone is putting on an act is very scary at this point in the journey.  “I thought we were beyond that.”   Clayton asked if any of them knew anything to please tell him.  Clayton called Rachel to talk to first.

He know it wasn’t Rachel.  But, asked her about why she questioned about needing validation.  She said it was because of Sarah.  After her one-on-one date, Sarah told her and Teddi a lot of details of their date.  It made Rachel think that she wouldn’t be able to get there with Clayton.  He was shocked and said there was no truth to it.  The other women backed it during their alone time with Clayton.

Clayton was blown away because he thought that he could trust Sarah.  Teddi told him that she also thought about leaving because of Sarah’s comments.  Then Clayton pulled Sarah to talk to her in private.  He wad direct with her.  Immediately, Sarah tried to bring-on the tears.  She told him he didn’t say any of those things and she’s been “thrown under the bus.”

Clayton watched her in disbelief (finally).  This time, he wasn’t buying what Sarah was telling him.  He told her that it felt like she was “fake crying” and “it didn’t feel real at all.”  Sarah said she had no tears left.  Clayton told her that it’s frustrating to know that Sarah was manipulating the women so much to the point where “everyone almost walked out.”  Hes was done and walked her out.

They had to walk past the women to exit, which was funny!  Sarah tried to bargaining with Clayton when saying their relationship is separate from the drama happening with the women.

Pictured: SARAH, CLAYTON. Photo: ABC/Screenshot

When Clayton sat back down with the women, he told them that he could not give out the date rose due to the fact that he needed to take more time to make the right decision.


Serene asked how Clayton was doing and told him that she wouldn’t let someone like Sarah get in her head to cause her to doubt her relationship with Clayton.  While dancing with the locals, Serene revealed in her confessional that she was falling in love with Clayton.  Then they went to a private dinner.

Serene told Clayton that she doesn’t really date a lot.  The last time she brought a guy home, she was in high school.  Suddenly, Serene told Clayton that she doesn’t want him to have to question what’s in her head, and told her that she is falling in love with him.  Clayton responded that he was so happy to hear that and it was unexpected to hear her saying that.  She told Clayton that he makes it so easy.    After they kissed, Clayton told Serene that he is so happy to meet her family and gave her the date rose.


The women who already had roses:  Susie, Serene

There were only two more roses to give out.  Clayton told the women that this week has proven to him again that “this journey does work.”  He said there was a point where he cold see a future with all of them.  When handing out the roses, Clayton said he’s following his heart.

Roses went to:  Rachel, Gabby.

Teddi went home.  The final four women are:  Serene, Susie, Rachel, Gabby.

Teddi reacted that she was not expecting that and didn’t know what changed in the last week.  She thought it was her, or their last conversation.  Teddi didn’t get any closure upon leaving.  She didn’t understand why she was “coming up short.”

NEXT WEEK:  Serene and Clayton go bungee jumping  Clayton meets the women’s family.  Rachel lost her voice and is hoarse.  Serene has s serous conversation with her brother.  Seems that Rachel is also going to have a serious conversation with either her brother or a best friend.  Rachel’s father was apprehensive about Clayton and said,  “people always have to prove themselves to me.”


A sneak-peek is shown of Clayton talking with his parents and his dad tells him that he put himself in that situation .  “You screwed the pooch,” dad tells him.  Clayton said he wished that he had never fallen in love.



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