Fake Shanae Tears on THE BACHELOR Season 26 Week 5 Recap

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January 31, 2022
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February 14, 2022
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Fake Shanae Tears on THE BACHELOR Season 26 Week 5 Recap

Pictured (l-r): MARA, TEDDI, SARAH, RACHEL / Photo: ABC/John Medland

“The Bachelor” season 26 episode four last week left off with Shanae shenanigans again when she invaded the Group Date’s winning Team After Party.  Then she threw a fit which ended in her tossing their trophy into a pond.  Apparently, Clayton heard all about it because he addressed the event at the Cocktail Party this week!

At the start of episode five, the group of women were reacting to Shanae crashing their group date.  They said when she threw their trophy in the pond, she was literally acting like a child.  “This is a real turning point,” Jill said.  They hoped that Clayton’s one-on-one date with Serene would put him in a good head space.


Serene and Clayton spent some time on the Santa Monica Pier all to themselves, riding the rides and hanging out.  Serene said she loves amusement parks and Fairs.  So, this date was perfect for her.  She said from the start, things felt “organic and natural” with Clayton.  “It was really nice to have this time today.”

Clayton revealed to Serene that he used to work at the “Fun Factory” at Magic Mountain when he was younger.  When they kissed, Serene said she could feel that they have a good connection.  Clayton was very optimistic about the rest of their date.

During dinner, Serene opened-up to Clayton about some information from her past.  She said she grew up in a family that didn’t talk about emotions.  Clayton said he grew up in a family that was the same.   Serene told Clayton that she’s had a lot of loss in the past two years.   She lost her grandmother, and more recently, her cousin.   Clayton gave her the date rose.

Serene said she did not anticipate the night going as well as it did, and called it “perfect.”  She added that “it’s becoming real to me that he could be my husband,” and “it’s the best date.”  Serene said in her confessional that she’s falling in love with Clayton.


While they awaited Clayton’s arrival, Jill told Shanae that the fact that she thought she deserved to be at the After Party, and they didn’t, hurt.  Sierra asked why Shanae came to their After Party.  Before she could answer,  Clayton arrived.  He said being the Bachelor has not been easy,  and there’s been a lot of challenges.  So, he asked the winning Team from his Group Date to go talk with him.

He said to the women on the winning Team, “I want to get to the bottom of this.  To do that I have to get the full story.”  Sierra told Clayton what went down when Shanae interrupted their After Party and threw their trophy in the pond.  While Shanae waited with the losing Team, Lyndsey warned her that “they’re probably digging your grave right now.”

Clayton reacted that he didn’t know that Shanae tossed the trophy.  He was going to talk to Shanae next.  He said “it’s really hard for me to defend those actions,” and he wasn’t sure if he can have a connection with someone who acts like that.  Clayton pulled Shanae to talk in private.  The women expected that Shanae would be going home.


Shanae told Clayton that she was “still heated” at the moment because she was tired of hearing her name (the women gossiping about her).  Clayton said it’s creating “turmoil” in the house and he doesn’t want it to be a hostile environment.  He told her that if she continues this, “I don’t know how we can move forward.”   He asked Shanae if she feels “apologic” for her actions.  Shanae told Clayton that she hoped he would accept her apology and said she’d apologize to the girls.  Clayton was fine with that.

Then Shanae rejoined the women and pulled out the fake tears to apologize to all the women.  “I know that this has been going on way too far…I am really sorry and hope we can get past all this.”  She added that she wants to be able to confide in them and be there for them.  “I’m truly sorry.”  She told them that she’s regretting her actions.  Marlena told her she accepted her apology.  Susie also did and said that’s what they were all looking for.

Shanae went back to Clayton to let him know that she apologized to the women and Clayton was happy.  The two proceeded to make-out.

Then…(yep, here it is) in her confessional video, Shanae said it was the hardest thing she had to do in her life which was to apologize to the people she didn’t feel sorry for.  “Fake it ’til you make it!” She said it was a Meryl Streep performance.  Shanae said she didn’t know she’d have to compete this much for a man.  “I’m a hot blonde bombshell.”

Genevieve wasn’t convinced that Shanae’s apology was sincere.  She said she hopes that she’s going home.  Sierra felt the same way.


Clayton thanked the women for being “open and honest” with him and hoped that everyone felt “seen and heard.”  Clayton told them that if they don’t receive a rose, “I will feel forever grateful for you,  for knowing you and spending the time that we did have together.”

Mara predicted that there would be “an uproar” and the shit will hit the fan if Shanae stays.

Women who already had roses: Serene, Teddi, Rachel

Women who got roses:  Sarah, Marlena, Genevieve, Mara, Gabby, Susie, Eliza, Hunter, Shanae

The women were shocked when Clayton gave the last rose to Shanae.

Women who went home: Lyndsey, Sierra, Jill

Clayton said it’s time that they “step it up a bit and take it international.”  They were going to Toronto, Canada.  Shanae was reveling in the fact that she sent home “two bitches” back to back, referring to Sierra this week, and Elizabeth last week.

Upon arriving in Toronto, Canada, Clayton said it’s a beautiful place to fall in love.  He hoped that the drama with Shanae was now squashed.

Soon after the women got settled-in, the first date card arrived.  The card read, “Gabby.  Love is on the horizon.”  Then Clayton came to pick up Gabby for their date.


Pictured: CLAYTON ECHARD, GABBY. /Photo: ABC/John Medland

Clayton said the best way to see Toronto is to explore it from above.  They went on a helicopter ride.  Clayton said Gabby was someone that went under the radar.   But, now he can’t stop thinking about her.  After their helicopter ride, they played some hockey.  Then went to eat a fried dough pastry.

Clayton told Gabby that he loves the jokester side of her and humor is big.  Gabby reacted in her confessional that she felt like she was in the “Notebook.” Gabby planned to take their relationship to the next level later that night by telling him she’s falling for him.

Pictured: GABBY, CLAYTON ECHARD / Photo: ABC/John Medland

Back at the hotel:  Shanae told the women that she was hoping for a one-on-one date.  Then, the next date card arrived which read: “Rachel, Sarah, Serene, Marlena, Susie, Hunter, Eliza, Teddi, Mara.  Can you take the heat?  Love Clayton.”

Shanae and Genevieve weren’t on the card.  They concluded that they would be on a two-on-one date.  The women felt bad for Genevieve who would have to go up against Shanae.

Back to Clayton & Gabby:  That night, Gabby said in her confessional that she’s on her way to falling for Clayton.  They had dinner in front of a beautiful night view of the city.  Gabby said since it’s an “expedited process” she wanted to lay it all out for him.  She said in the past, she’s been insecure and typically it takes her a while to open-up.  Gabby explained that she can give love easily, but it’s difficult for her to receive love.  That was because she felt undeserving.   “A feeling of unworthiness.” Gabby said she worked on it a lot (in therapy) and it is not like that any more.

Gabby said she realized that it was from past actions from her mom taking back her love.  Right now she doesn’t have a relationship with her mother.  Clayton asked Gabby about it.  She said she’s still working through it and expects that one day her mom will be back in her life.  Clayton said this was an eye-opener and it does explain why Gabby is the way she is.  He was so thankful that Gabby feels that she’s able to talk to him.  He said and now he understands more who she is and it opens a “whole new path” for them.  Clayton gave Gabby the date rose.

Gabby reacted that it feels that they grew so much on this date and she was excited to see what the future holds.  The two took a romantic dip in the pool.  Clayton said he was blind-sided but in the best possible way and “she could be my future wife.”


Host Jesse Palmer greeted the women.  He told them that he was born there in Toronto and spent much of his childhood there.  Then, Russell Peters (comedian/actor) unexpectedly joined them.  He started roasting Jesse and Clayton.  Russell said “comedy and love go together.”  Their challenge was to roast Clayton and each other.  “The meaner, the funnier.”  Clayton said comedy is important to him and they’re in a perfect environment to express that.

Pictured: BACHELOR episode 5 Group Date / Photo: ABC/John Medland

Marlena said she loves roasting people and she was confident of getting the group date rose.  Next, the women had to perform the roasts they all worked hard on in front of an audience.  Russell opened the show, and said Jesse and Clayton are both failed football players, and not from injuries.  They were just bad!

Marlena was up first and said although Shanae wasn’t there, she was going to get her anyway and compared her to a herpes outbreak.  Susie threw in a good one on Clayton that he’s good at warming-up the bench.   Sarah and Mara got each other.  Sarah included in her roast that Mara was a “cougar.”  Then Mara called Sarah a 13-year-old.  She ended it by stating that Sarah’s a “desperate bitch.”

Hunter compared Shanae to Jeffrey Dahmer and she claims to be the victim.  Serene also included Shanae in her roast.

Pictured (l-r): MARA, TEDDI, SARAH, RACHEL /
Photo: ABC/John Medland


Clayton told the women that the roast was “awesome” and “so funny.”  He liked that they really did come at him.  Susie was the first woman to pull him in private.  She brought a microphone because it was time to share what she likes about him.  That included his dimples, and his compassion.  Susie said she learns something new about him every time.  She said she really cares about Clayton and that he makes everyone feel seen, which is really important for her in a man.

Clayton poured Marlena a drink and said he thought last week was her week, but this week is hers  and she has a career in comedy.  Marlena expressed that she gives it her all.

Back at the hotel:  Gabby was stuck at the hotel with Shanae and Geneieve.  Then, their date card arrived which read:  “Shanae and Genevieve into the falls your journey goes.  Only one comes out with a rose.  – Clayton.”   Gabby told them that they’re definitely going to Niagara Falls.

Back to the After Party:  Clayton was spending time with Rachel who said she keeps getting pushed more and more out of her comfort zone.  Because she’s typically scared to get in front of crowds of people.  Clayton said in his confessional that he’s getting closer to Rachel and she’s on his mind a lot of days.
Clayton said he didn’t realize that he would have connections with so many women.  After Sarah talked to Clayton, she said she was confident and wouldn’t be surprised if she got the group date rose.

Clayton told the group of women that he’s giving the date rose to the woman who continues to make him feel safe with every interaction that they have.  He gave the rose to Rachel.   Marlena and Susie were disappointed the most in not getting the group date rose.


Genevieve and Shanae met Clayton at Niagara Falls.  Clayton said it’s better under the fall.  So, they got into a boat from there.

Clayton said this two-on-one will be the most important rose that he’s given out.  Ultimately, “I have to follow my heart.”  Shanae was feeling confident that she would be successful in sending Genevieve home.  Genevieve in the meantime was feeling nervous and thought that the situation was strange.

Back at the hotel:  The women said they’d take their relationships with Clayton less serious if Shanae stays.

NEXT WEEK:  Shanae told Clayton that Genevieve wanted to pack her bags and go home the night before.  Clayton was sure that one of the women was lying to him and was having a hard time deciding who to give the date rose to.  After that, we got a more extended version of the teaser where Clayton tells two women that he was intimate with them both.  Also, more revelations were added when it seems to show who Clayton says he loves.



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