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Final Judgement – AMERICAN IDOL Season 13 Top 30 Revealed Night Two

Posted on February 18 2014 by Editor

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Final Judgement – AMERICAN IDOL Season 13 Top 30 Revealed Night Two

The second night of American Idol’s “Final Judgement” where judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban continue either break bad news the the contestants gently and quickly, or tease the ones who’ve made it while elongating the process. At the end, only the Top 30 talents will remain in the competition.

Casey vs. C.J.- Continued:

After Harry told the boys that “It’s very, very hard” to choose between the two. C.J. was the first one to perform a cappella in front of the judges to fight for his spot in the Top 30. When Casey took his turn to sing, it seemed that the judges saw something special, then Harry confirmed it when he told Casey that he was going through to the Top 15 guys. Harry then told C.J. was also included in the Top 15 guys.

Caleb Johnson from “American Idol” season 11 faced final judgement after sing his solo song “Radio Active” by Imagine Dragons. Keith told Caleb “We’re trying to find people that have that intangible quality.” Harry said, “one thing that crossed our mind is are you relative today,” and “do you belong in this competition.” Harry said yes he does and told him he’s part of the Top 30.

Brandy Neelly and Briana Oakley:
Briana appeared on “American Idol” during Season 12, and Brandy has also auditioned for ‘Idol before.
Keith told them “We have to narrow it down. We have to have the best in there and that’s why you are both going to the Top 15.” The no feels so bad and the ‘yes feels so good

Sandie Lee vs. Austin Wolfe:
The final two girls were Austin Wolf and Sandie Lee
“You two young women are special,” said Harry. Keith said “you both have something extraordinary, and we can only take one of you through right now.” He told Sandie the bad new that she didn’t make it, and Austin is the last girl to make it to the Top 15.

Intangible Talent:
Savion Wright told the judges that he wants to be an original. He performed with an original song during his first audition for the judges. Keith commended him on doing his original song and that he loved the writing. “We are looking for people that have that intangible quality and make the connection.” Keith told Savion that he didn’t make it through. Jennifer said she really wants to see him comeback next year.

Jena Asciutto performed an original song. Harry told her she made it to the Top 15. Harry said she is the season’s “sleeper” which means that she will explode and others won’t even expect it.

Marrialle Sellars performed Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” for her solo performance. Harry told her “We’ve gone back and forth with you so much” he said because she is inconsistent. He then told her that she is going through to the Top 30.

Retail worker, Ethan Harris sang a Keith Urban song at his Detroit audition. He said that his solo round was the best round for him. The judges said he made a “crap song choice”. Jennifer said she was said about the people that they’ve had to turn away but he was not one of those people because he’s going through to the Top 30.

Something Wicked:
Fifteen-year-old Briston Maroney said, “I try to follow the motto of putting everything that I have into it and making sure that it counts.” Harry explained to Briston that being fifteen is very young and that “it’s a long way” from his hometown in Tennessee. Harry then told him he made it to the Top 30. Briston replied “You are a wicked man.”

Jennifer review Kenzie Hall’s stay with them during her Hollywood Week journey before telling her that she would be staying with them through the competition because she made it to the Top 30.

Majesty Rose York originally auditioned in Atlanta. While in the judgement room in front of the judges waiting to hear her fate, Harry told her, “Rarely are we so enthusiastic about a talent,” followed by him telling her that she made it to the Top 30. Jennifer followed it by saying, “We have high hopes for you Majesty.”

SuperVote – The Last Two

Ben Briley and Neco Starr were the last two remaining contestants. They went into the judgement room together. Keith said they couldn’t decide because they are so different. Jennifer told them America has to decide on the fifteenth spot. So, America has to “SuperVote” for either Ben or Neco.

Next week:
The Top 30 contestants will enter a “Idol workshop” lead by former “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson. They will also have some training from former ‘Idol contestants Adam Lambert (season 8 runner-up), and Chris Daughtry (season 5 fourth place runner-up).

Contestants Going to the Top 30: Austin Wolfe, Ben Briley, Brandy Neelly, Briana Oakley, Briston Maroney, Caleb Johnson, Ethan Harris, Jena Asciutto, Kenzie Hall, Marrialle Sellars, Neco Starr, Sandie Lee, Savion Wright, Casey Thrasher, Majesty Rose York…MORE:


American Idol Season 13 Top 15 girls

AMERICAN IDOL Season 13 Top 15 Girls


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